There they go!

By Maureen Robertson

Like a flash they came — and road — through Ramona today.

The leader crosses the sprint line. Sentinel photo/Nancy Stegon

People lined Main Street in pockets, with most across from Town Hall in the 700 block of Main, where the theme from “Chariots of Fire” played from a loudspeaker.

Knowing the cyclists have to slow a bit before taking a turn, a pocket of people waited patiently at 10th and Main until the riders coming up State Route 78 made it.

A group of four came through just after noon, with the rest about 5 minutes behind.

An announcer said that three of the first four were Americans. One rode across the sprint line in front of Town Hall first.

Rounding the corner at 10th and Main. Sentinel photo/Maureen Robertson

The eight-day, nearly 750-mile Amgen Tour of California, which started at Broadway and Grand in Escondido at 11:15 a.m., whipped through Ramona’s downtown Main Street to Third, on to Old Julian Highway to SR-78 and Santa Ysabel, up to Palomar Mountain and back to Escondido.

The Escondido to Escondido stretch is 102.6 miles and includes approximately 11,000 feet of climbing.

Monday’s second stage goes from Murrieta to Hemet, down the curvy and spectacular Highway 74 into Palm Desert before finishing at the base station of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

The race is set to conclude next Sunday in Santa Rosa.

Lead riders cross the sprint line in front of Town Hall. Sentinel photo/Nancy Stegon

Sentinel photo/Maureen Robertson

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10 Comments for “There they go!”

  1. hal9000

    Stopping traffic and shutting down Main St for a bike race is ridiculous. WHO CARES. The resources spent on closing down roads and diverting traffic is wasteful. Take your sport to the track not the streets. We pay taxes to the county and registration fees to the state to use these roads. It amazes me that it was ok to shut down Main Street for a bike race but when we want to have our community parade, a big fat NO. I was there at 10th & Main. There were more boos than cheers and the tone of the crowd was incredulous. Get your head screwed on straight County of SD. I hope everyone who is dismayed by this calls in to complain.

    • Native Ramonan

      Typical. Ramona has just become a town of whiners. A minor inconvenience and "I'm going to complain to my elected officials". I knew well in advance of this event to make arrangements to take care of business before the event went through town. Wasnt to hard to do. Joe below has it right. I've lived her over 60 years and I'm just getting sick and tired of all of the complaining over the stupidest stuff. As Joe says, "get a grip"!!!!!!!!! Oh and by the way. Who cares? Probably the 150 k to 200k spectators who went to the event and watched it plus the numerous countries around the world it was televised to, that's who!

      • guest

        A "minor inconvenience" is waiting a few minutes for one lane of traffic to pass on San Vicente due to the new project. Closing down 78/Main street for hours at a time is a HUGE inconvenience. To be clear, don't misinterpret my comments as "whining"… it's a complaint….but I won't be complaining to any state officials so calm yourself down.

        Had I known it was a complete SHUT DOWN, clearly I also would have "made arrangements to take care of business before the event…"… guess I wasn't as informed as you were.

        RE: the 150-200k spectators… hope they enjoyed the show… must have been watching from tv as it didn't appear to be anywhere near that volume lining the streets of Ramona.

        Just out of curiosity, who gave the OK to run the course through Ramona? and was there a monetary compensation tied to the decision? Perhaps if there was compensation, it could be directed to the schools…. just a thought… all the kids in Ramona will be out next week… for snow days? nope… CHRISTMAS… nope… something called FURLOUGH days… ugh… but we're talking about a bicycle race here… never mind….

        • Native Ramonan


          Don't interpret the 150-200k as to Ramona. I don't believe you are but wanted to clarify that was for the whole route. In Escondido they estimated between 60-80k alone.

          As for your last question I can not answer that for you. I would suggest talking with the Ramona Chamber of Commerece. Maybe they can answer your question.

      • Sandy

        I've lived here over 40 years. Who cares about that either. I'm talking about the here and now. It's not closing down Main St. It's about the resources spent on a very small percentage of people interested in this "sport". I could care less about people in Escondido or around the world for that matter who want to watch bicycle racing. If they want to close down Main St for a Ramona parade, I'm all for it (and if you've been here that long, you know the grief we've gotten from the county and caltrans.) One lane of traffic would have been fine. I spoke to alot of folks that have lived here for years or are "native ramonan's" and they felt the same way. It's typical. We'll blow money and resources on sports instead of putting it to better uses in the community. That's not whining sir, It's being fed up with the screwed up priorities and nobody doing damn thing about it and going with the status quo.

  2. Joe Cahak

    I disagree. This is a big deal and wonderful event to draw attention to Ramona. This was planned and posted closure notices for 2 weeks prior. The road was only closed for 1.5 hour max and open shortly after the peloton wisked through. Get a grip. This isn't just about you. Ramona got this attention for no cost. The crowd by the sprint line all cheered and even cheered CH1 the CHP command vehicle. We all loved seeing it come thru our town.

  3. kbb

    Complain!? About a minor inconvenience?! There are many people out there (just drive down the course prior to the racers coming through) sporting their jubilant faces, waiving at all and very happy to witness something that just doesn't come through this town….oh, ever…. The race showed we all have different sports we enjoy, and I was pleased to see all the spectators on the course as we were the last vehicle/horse trailer up the highway before the riders came through!! Way to go Ramona!

    • guest

      Minor inconvenience? wow… guess you missed the point… It's NICE that everyone got to see Ramona… it's NICE that everyone had such a fun time/experience in our small town….. I just think alternate routes should have been provided or a clearer warning as to the extent of the CLOSURES would have been a nice plan… perhaps then I would have had the opportunity to reschedule my day to observe this assumingly monumental event…

    • Sandy

      You still don't get the point. You don't shove your sport down others throats. You want to watch bike racing…great. Have at it. That's the same problem with the school district. Always an emphasis on sports and less on education. Shut down the football and baseball fields and spend the money educating these kids first. I graduated from Ramona High and went to UCSD as a bio-chemistry major. I am not impressed with the kids that come out of sport programs. The few who excel don't warrant the resources spent. If you want your kids to go into sports or as an adult want to see sports in the streets, then pay for it yourselves. If the time and energy spent on sporting was put into education we wouldn't have the problems we have today. Overpaid, spoiled professional athletes, doping scandals in pro and amatuer sports. It;s ridiculous. No wonder the US is so far down as standards go. We are a nation of mediocre citizens.

  4. Joe Cahak

    Many of us wanted this to come through. You did get 2 weeks notice prominently posted at all highways into Ramona weeks ahead of time. For giving up 2-3 hours maximum of inconvenience for international and national promotion of our town and area. Many communities fight to get this event to come through their areas. We should be grateful we got it for free. As typical, Ramona folks just like to complain about everything.

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