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Music Fest thanks

The 6th Annual Music Fest was a huge success in no small part to the volunteers and club members who worked so hard to put it on. To each and every one of them, I thank you.

The wrestling team from Ramona High School, your labor to haul the tables and chairs from the trailers to each of the pavilions and hanging the sound proofing boards was invaluable. David Baker, it was like watching a conductor in a symphony the way you had the wrestling team choreographed to hang those boards. Members of both clubs who worked the raffles, food booth, admission table and auctions, you made every effort to make sure all our attendees were welcome. Thank you members who worked so hard before the event to make sure all was ordered, set up and scheduled to make all run smooth at the event.

Our sponsors and donors, thank you for the valuable donations of cash and items for our auctions and raffles. A special thanks has to be given to Jane Tanaka MD, Riviera Oaks and Ramona Terrace Estates for their cash donations. Jon Hasz of the Ramona Music Store who pulled all the bands together. Stone Brewer for their generous donation.

Because of all of the above, both Kiwanis and Rotary can continue with scholarships and the special community projects both clubs are known for.

Craig Jung, Music Fest VI Chair

Children’s Health and Safety Fair thanks

Vista Hill SmartCare would like to thank the families of Ramona for attending our first Children’s Health & Safety Fair on Saturday, May 4.

It was an amazing event, filled with many activities in support of wellness, including bike safety, healing art, mindfulness, substance abuse prevention, children’s yoga and more!

Thank you to our community partners who brought their expertise: North County Health Services, Cal Fire, Mental Health Systems North Inland Community Prevention Program, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, Indian Health Council, Ramona del Sol Folklorico Ballet, CA WIC, CAP Head Start, Ramona Boys & Girls Club, Ramona Martial Arts, McAlister Center, Ramona Art Guild and Green Ray Yoga.

And many thanks for the generosity of our sponsors for contributing awesome opportunity drawing prizes: Indian Health Council Spirit of Family, Ramona Valley Grill, The Yogurt Barn, Quizno’s, Nickel City, Friends of Vista Hill, Rubios & Care 1st.

Pamela Sachs Bryson, Vista Hill SmartCare

Spaghetti dinner success benefits band program

The evening of April 26 found the Performing Arts Center of Olive Peirce Middle School packed with band students and their families from the Royal Alliance Elementary and honor bands, led by Karl Lampe, for the annual Spaghetti Dinner Concert and Fundraiser.

The pasta was flowing, spirits were high, and music was abundant as family and friends dined together, listened to the musicians, bid on silent auctions, and participated in opportunity drawings.

Trophies went to the two elementary band students, Allison Piña and Julia Plantz, who have been with the program for the maximum time possible: three years.

With already limited funding being reduced by Sacramento, fundraising is more important than ever for this diverse group, which truly encompasses the entire district. The Royal Alliance Elementary and Honor Bands, comprised of honor band students from all six RUSD elementary schools, as well as Intermediate, Advanced, and Jazz Band students from Olive Peirce Middle School, is preparing for the upcoming Orange County Music Festival. Under Mr. Lampe’s direction, the group has received unanimous Superior ratings from the OCMF in years past.

In addition to the expense of the Orange County Music Festival, the funds raised contribute to the music festivals the Olive Peirce Advanced and Jazz bands participate in throughout the year, as well as the care and maintenance of the district-owned instruments, which are loaned to the students at no cost to them.

Mr. Lampe and the parent volunteers who planned and ran the event wish to extend a tremendous thank you to the businesses who, through the donation of goods and services, helped to make the dinner a huge success! They include: Ramona Fitness Center, Jerry’s B Street Express Car Wash & Detailing, Yogurt Barn, Cold Stone, Bisher’s Meat, Amici’s, KD Donuts, Rubio’s, Quizno’s, Dreamy Nails, The Ramirez Farmers Insurance Agency, San Vicente Inn and Golf Club, The Oaks Grille, Ramona Oaks Diamond Resort, Ramona Chamber of Commerce, Neighborhood CrossFit, The Blinds Spot, Albertsons, Dr. Lee & Associates, and Bernardo Heights Dental Group.

Best of luck to Mr. Lampe and the Royal Alliance Elementary and Honor Bands at the Orange County Music Festival on May 17.

Joy Plantz, Ramona

Are you a politician or a resident?

Funny thing, firefighting pilots didn’t want the Ramona air traffic control tower. They said it would make them have to wait their turn to land and take off, and would increase traffic congestion resulting in delayed fire response.

I know this because while gathering petition signatures to oppose the Ramona airport expansion, a group of men/firefighters suggested I ask their captain for a letter.  I did. I got it. But his action, although truthful was not politically correct, and eventually a retraction was extorted.

Anyone can find the letter in the expansion’s EIR. In it he wrote, “The general consensus among our highly experienced firefighting pilots is that the cost of constructing and staffing an FAA control tower would not justify the benefits. They feel the addition of a control tower would hinder and delay the response times to and from wildfires, thereby increasing the hazardous conditions and risk at the fire scene.”

Air traffic control towers are an attractant. Please consider how much air traffic increases the potential of an accident, and how many times firefighting air operations have already left airports that have become traffic impacted, along with the reality that many accidents (including mechanical failures) are not avoided by a tower.

Who benefits from moving air traffic to Ramona?  Who loses—fire protection, property value, peace and quiet, safety, air quality and raptors? Who are you—a politician or a resident?

Janine Moniot, Ramona

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