Results of Ramona teachers’ strike authorization vote expected today

Wednesday, May 8—The community should know the results of the Ramona Teachers Association strike authorization vote by late this afternoon or early this evening.

Teachers started voting yesterday afternoon at a general membership meeting, but because some members had duties that prevented their participation then — including coaches with games — members not able to vote yesterday will have the opportunity to do so during the day today at their school sites, said Bill Guy, communications consultant with the California Teachers Association.

Donna Braye-Romero, president of the Ramona Teachers Association, talks to teachers, parents and students who attended a rally outside the school district office before the school board's April meeting. Sentinel photo/Maureen Robertson

All of the votes will be counted today, beginning around 4 p.m., and results are expected to be available by 7 p.m. at the latest.

The majority of teachers voting is needed for strike authorization passage. This does not mean teachers will strike, RTA representatives said. It means they give the RTA executive board the authority to call for a strike.

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6 Comments for “Results of Ramona teachers’ strike authorization vote expected today”

  1. Hal Grumman

    Is the State of California taking over the RUSD still an option? I think it might not be all bad, It is my understanding they can void contracts and rengotiate the RUSD loan. Sounds like an option that would make this a less angry discussion and it does not seem all bad to me? I just would like to have this be over and not become more ugly.

  2. Maria Stanley

    Let them strike and get over it!!! Next news story…

  3. Jane Tanaka MD

    I know there are teachers who dont want a strike. They do not feel that the CTA is guiding the RTA well and certainly are not representing their wishes. They are intimidated by their colleagues and their CTA reps who are pressuring them to vote yes for a strike authorization. They have been discouraged from holding meetings with other teachers who feel likewise. They have been beseaching the RTA to allow them to vote on mandating their reps to go back to the School Board, and to reopen talks. They want to accept the FFR the way it was originally presented, only with clearer restoration language. If the District gets more money, then salary and health benefits would be partially restored, close to what the RTA has been fighting for., and approximately $150/ month less than what a mid career teacher is paid currently.

  4. Jane Tanaka MD

    The RTA filing a law suit against the district , only increases the risk to our students, because the school district will go broke trying to defend itself legally. The CTA, who would pay for the RTA lawyer, has extremely deep pockets. Planning to strike in September when school reopens hurts all of us, bringing the district closer to Insolvency, and also will hugely disillusion the students and parents in this community. I wrote to the Board more than once pleading with them to reverse the Imposition and go back to the Fact Finding Recommendations. I've heard that some Board members have put it in writing they will do this. NOT TOO LATE, RENEGOTIATE!

  5. big daddy

    Just saw the lady who I guess leads the teacher's union on Channel 7 news. She was snidely commenting that the district is spending money hiring a strike consultant when they claim they don't have money to pay teachers.

    That was the most assinine comment I've ever heard. You are voting to strike, lady! You are threatening to strike! What is the district supposed to do, sit on its butt and not prepare? You are spending your own money (union dues) on hired strike consultants, too – they are your hired guns from the CTA. You are soley responsible for the district having to spend money to prepare.

    I don't know the superintendent, but in his soundbite he came across as controlled and poised. I tell you, the district is flanking the union on PR every single time, and this lady is an embarrasement. Someone needs to take over as the union mouthpiece before she alienates everyone who might be on the fence about who to support

  6. big bird

    is the ballot secret, or subject to CTA scrutiny?

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