McGee, five others plead not guilty to selling drugs to undercover deputies

Skylor McGee, 20, of Ramona and five other defendants accused of selling marijuana, heroin and other drugs to undercover sheriff’s deputies posing as students at or near Ramona and two other area high schools pleaded not guilty Wednesday to felony charges, including selling and possession for sale of narcotics.

McGee, Johny Nguyen, 18, Philip Silva, 25, Ramon Kelly, 45, Edwin Sanchez, 19, Skylor McGee, 20, and Erik Johnson, 18, face between four and six years in state prison if convicted, said Deputy District Attorney Jorge del Portillo.

During a yearlong probe — dubbed Operation A Team — youthful-looking deputies posing as students at Ramona, Abraxas, Mission Hills, and Poway high schools were able to buy narcotics at all but the Abraxas campuses, according to sheriff’s officials. The types of illicit substances purchased included heroin, cocaine, marijuana, oxycodone and hydrocodone.

As a result of the investigation, deputies and agents with the Narcotics Task Force and North County Regional Gang Task Force served 19 arrest warrants on Tuesday ­— nine for current and former students at the four schools, and 10 to adults who allegedly sold drugs to the plainclothes personnel, del Portillo said.

“The goal of the operation was to identify who’s selling what drugs and how available these drugs are to students, and I think the goal was accomplished in that respect,” the prosecutor said outside court.

In addition to disrupting narcotics sales at the campuses, the investigation “provided intelligence on larger drug suppliers in the area,” Sheriff Bill Gore said Tuesday.

“The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and NTF are pursuing these leads and will continue the investigation,’’ he said. “The take-away from today is this — if you want to buy illegal drugs, you very well could be talking to a deputy sheriff.”

In addition to the six adults arraigned Wednesday, seven others will be arraigned at a later date. Two are Ramona residents.

Six minors, including one Ramona girl, will be charged in Juvenile Court.

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12 Comments for “McGee, five others plead not guilty to selling drugs to undercover deputies”

  1. Andrea

    To think while investigating, these officers knew kids were actively using these drugs and still allowed the drug sales until they had enough information to make a larger arrest kinda makes me sick. So let's say the kid or any of his customers dies of an overdose before the pending warrants being served.Not even one childs' life is worth risking in the pursuit of busting a drug operation. I think this is using our youth to get to the real criminals…this is sad.


      Are you joking??? Please tell me you are!!! Law Enforcement is battling this issue EVERY DAY in EVERY CITY. How about the parents knowing where their kids are…who they are hanging out with…and what they are doing????? I guess its the teachers problem too. I have a 15 and 16 year old and I know who they are with and what they are doing MOST of the time and if they are hanging out with undesireables…ITS MY JOB to get rid of them. Parents need to parent NOT THE POLICE.

    • Dick Buttkiss

      Oarents don't let yur babies grow up to be Cow……….Dealers

  2. guest

    1. If they weren't using/dealing on campus/around Ramona there wouldn't have been a need for an investigation

    2. Did anyone die?

    3. If your kid isn't doing drugs then you have nothing to be upset about…

    4. If your kid IS doing drugs… aren't you happy their supplier(s) are out of business?

    Although I agree with the value of a childs life, I must applaud the law enforcement for cleaning up the garbage.

    • Local

      Lock up your House and your Kids, STUPIDS bailed Skylor McGee out of Jail. Family is as DUMB as he is. I guess the Apple does not fall far from the Tree.

      Lock up your House and your Kids, STUPIDS bailed Skylor McGee out of Jail. Family is as DUMB as he is. I guess the Apple does not fall far from the Tree.

      Lock up your House and your Kids, STUPIDS bailed Skylor McGee out of Jail. Family is as DUMB as he is. I guess the Apple does not fall far from the Tree.

    • Andrea

      Number one, there is never a need to sit and record juveniles buying heroine, letting them do it, then wait a whole year before their dealer goes to jail. To number two, many have died this last year of drug overdoses, two in Ramona that I personally heard about.. Just no big articles on their death. To number three, I care about all lives, not just my children. To number four, this isn't about my kid. I just happen to cherish every life. Find another way to get to the big guys. To allow the drugs to be sold for any time when they know it's being done just to gather intelligence….not with our juveniles. Arrest them immediately, get them help.

      • Resident

        Sure let's yell at law enforcement for a job well done….
        If the parents of those kids using were more involved their kid's life, they might have suspected something. I mean if your kid takes heroin you have to see signs right??? Plus they don't go from zero to heroin overnight, there must have been a trail of drug (and alcohol) use.
        Stop looking at your kid with pink fairy tale glasses on, a not-MY-kid is not helping them. You are not there to be there best friend, if you are a parent, act like one.

  3. Jennifer

    Andrea…if you know so much…what is YOUR plan to get the drugs out of schools??? With your idealolgy, having loss prevention posing as shoppers in stores isn't FAIR either because if they see someone is going to steal something they should stop them before so they dont get caught and in trouble….Come On get your head out of the clouds. Parents NEED to PARENT!!! Plain and simple. If you use drugs or break the law your going to eventually get caught and put in the slammer where you belong.

  4. Andrea

    Jennifer, I never stated I knew so much…nor am I insulting our police.i just don't like these deadly drugs being dealt with lightly. If a cop knows he should arrest immediately!! All I am saying. Just like the shoplifter. Parents do need to parent, but sometimes it takes a village… Especially nowadays!!! My head is not in the clouds. I have been very involved in our youth. I have to say, your wrong about breaking the law and doing drugs. Many people never make it to the slammer…they die first. It's a fact. So don't think I am against law enforcement. I will help them any way I can. And I have helped them!! Sorry if I gave wrong idea somehow. Its just these kids are,so young…they don't have a chance because their parents aren't parenting them.

  5. Jennifer

    Well your post seemed to direct fault with the police department for doing their job. Sometimes you do have to sacrafice to get to the bigger root of the tree. Parents need to be plugged in and not bury their heads and be self involved that they dont know what their children are doing? Where are these kids getting the money to buy these drugs??? My kids are kept POOR. They want a soda…..they need to come to me. Yes, am I a crazy controlling parent…possibly. But I can put my head on my pillow knowing I am doing my job. They are involved in sports and then home for homework and sleep. I just can't stand when people get on soap boxes with the police department and criticize them for doing their job. Like I said if you know a better way to get the drugs off the street and out of our schools….PLEASE ADVISE.

  6. Jennifer

    Another thing…arresting a sick, unhealthy user over the supplier….does absoultely NOTHING!!!! Think about what you are saying…. Yes, I hate to see lives lost to drugs and alcohol addiction. I have seen it first hand. Locking up a user for 10 days or getting the dealer and his supplier……which is better???? Get the scumbag who is giving the poison to our children.

  7. andrea

    Drugs in our schools will be very difficult to get rid of. Simply not enough funds to do what needs to be done . Those dealers that were arrested have already been replaced by more kids who have no supervision… Best we all try to reach out to some underpriveledged kids and give them some self worth. Give them hope. Report suspicious activities wherever you see them. The problem lies in the parenting, but we have no way of forcing parents to do better. We can only do what WE can do. Thank you for your time. Your kids are blessed to have you.

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