Flickers: What’s new at the movies?

Box Office Leaders

Oblivion PG13 After Earth’s destruction, a strategic repairman encounters alien forces, a stranger from space, and the truth.

Pain and Gain R Trio of personal trainers venture into extortion and kidnapping in 1990s Miami. The Rock/Mark Wahlberg

42 PG13 Jackie Robinson became the first black baseball player in the major leagues with the help of Branch Rickey.

The Big Wedding R All of the typical drama and comedy surround a young couple’s marriage. Katherine Heigl/Robert DeNiro

The Croods PG An earthquake forces a caveman’s family to relocate, and their new encounters test their family. Animated

The Place beyond the Pines R Stuntman robs banks to provide for his lover and newborn. Ryan Gosling/Bradley Cooper

G. I. Joe: Retaliation PG13 The battle resumes with the G.I.s fighting Cobra and enemies within their own government.

Scary Movie 5 PG13 A young couple must fight evil demons after returning from the hospital with their newborn. Spoof!

Olympus Has Fallen R As the White House is seized by a terrorist; a trapped guard is the only hope to save the president.

Oz the Great and the Powerful PG Via tornado, a circus magician ends up in the Land of Oz and is mistaken for the Wizard.

Evil Dead R In this 1981 remake, five friends spending the night in a cabin summon up demons with the Book of the Dead.

Jurassic Park 3-D PG13 Spielberg’s 1993 adventure comes to 3-D as the cloned dinosaurs escape and wreak havoc.

***Also Playing in Theaters***

Admission, The Call, The Company You Keep, Filly Brown, Girl Rising, The Host, The Lords of Salem, Mud, Quartet, Side Effects, Tattoo Nation, Trance

New in Theaters – May 03

Iron Man 3 PG13 Tony Stark must use his creative mind to fight the enemy as his personal world is destroyed. R. Downey, Jr.

Also Playing: Generation Um… – Greetings from Tim Buckley – The Iceman – Kiss of the Damned – Love Is all You Need – Something in the Air – What Maisie Knew – Desperate Acts of Magic

New on DVD – May 07

Jack Reacher PG13 Homicide detective is searching for a trained military sniper who killed five people. w/Tom Cruise

Safe Haven PG13 A young woman finds acceptance in a small town but is soon confronted by her past. w/Josh Duhamel

Mama PG13 Two young sisters are found in a cabin after a 5-year search, but are they actually alone? J. Chastain

Foreign, Classics, Documentaries, and more

Upstream Color, In the Hive, Mark 2: Redemption, Strawberry Summer, Steel Magnolias, The Oranges, Barrymore, The Telephone Book, Great Gatsby: Midnight in Manhattan, The Exorcist in the 21st Century, Starlet, The Rabbi’s Cat, Revenge for Jolly, Another Country, The Dungeon of Harrow, Death by Invitation, Mighty Fine, Man Who Will Come, Clandestine Childhood, Hayride, Citizen Hearst

Anime — Superman: Unbound, Kids on the Slope, Foodfight!

TV Series on DVD

Fringe s5, Flashpoint s5, Private Practice s6, 30 Rock s7, Rookie Blue s3, Royal Pains s4, Gunsmoke s8v1, Have Gun Will Travel s6, Felicity s3, Gold Rush s2

Film 101 – Cinema Greats 23: Greta Garbo

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, on Sept. 18, 1905

Birth Name: Greta Lovisa Gustafsson Ht. 5’ 7½’’ Died: 15 April, 1990

Greta Garbo’s father died when she was only 14 which caused her to seek work to help her mother and siblings. She worked in a department store and was used in ads and a film commercial. Her appearance caught the attention of director Erik Petschler who used her in a short comedy. From here, Garbo enrolled in The Royal Dramatic Theatre’s Acting School and was soon signed by Mauritz Stiller for The Saga of Gosta Berling (1924). The following year she starred in G.W. Pabst’s German film The Joyless Street. Louis B. Mayer saw the potential of Garbo and signed her for The Temptress (1926) which led to many more films with MGM. Her first talkie Anna Christie (1930) gained her the first of four Academy Award nominations. As her star rose, ‘Garbomania’ struck at her premieres with throngs of fans waiting to see her films. Her final film was Two-Faced Woman (1941) directed by George Cukor. She retired in 1949 at the age of 44 and became a U.S. citizen in 1950. She never married but was romantically involved with John Gilbert, her co-star in four films. Garbo had wisely invested in the stock market and had an art collection worth millions. She lived the rest of her life out of the public eye but socialized with her closest friends until her death.

Must See Movies:

Gosta Berlings Saga 1924

The Joyless Street 1925

Torrent 1926

The Temptress 1926

Flesh and the Devil 1927

Love 1927

The Divine Woman 1928

The Mysterious Lady 1928

A Woman of Affairs 1928

Wild Orchids 1929

The Single Standard 1929

The Kiss 1929

Anna Christie 1930

Mata Hari 1931

Grand Hotel 1932

Queen Christina 1933

Anna Karenina 1935

Camille 1936

Ninotchka 1939

These movies can be found at: Kensington Video – San Diego

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