Widen San Vicente Road? What are they thinking?

By Connie Bull

Thank you, Betsy Bargo, school bus driver, Sentinel letter April 18: “Let’s Rethink San Vicente Road Project.”

I, too, must speak up as I have lived in San Diego Country Estates since 1989 and I fear for my community’s safety during proposed plan. You can NOT make roads safe for unsafe drivers.

When SDCE project for 3,451 residences was approved by San Diego County supervisors for build out in 1972, San Diego County required developer Ray Watt to bring in a second road — Vista Ramona — for SAFETY reasons.

Made sense then, more sense now, as the Estates is a handful short of total build out of those 3,451 residences. Not to mention the homes back in Four Corner’s Area whose only outlet is through SDCE & Ryland Homes, which abut SDCE on the west.  A combined population of about 15,000 to 20,000 people plus pets, including horses, who require their own road space, in case of any emergency. There is no other way out!

We need both roads/four lanes/two lanes going OUT in an emergency like ‘03 & ‘07 fires. Not one lane out, both lanes out/both roads.

Now, the wisdom of San Diego County is to widen San Vicente, spending $40 million, to make it safe (??), cutting down many of our beautiful oak trees, disturbing the habitat/while ignoring pot holes, the weeds growing up the middle of Ramona Oaks, and other places, plus poorly patched road repairs throughout.

What about the countless fatal and serious injury accidents that happen within SDCE on straight roads? What does the wisdom of SD County plan to do to make those straight roads safer?

Answer:  You can NOT make roads safe for unsafe drivers.

We have had two catastrophic fires, ‘03 and ‘07, where residences were evacuated via both roads. How would we have managed with one road/Vista Ramona, and perhaps, just perhaps, one lane of San Vicente during the expected 1.5 to 2 years of construction time to widen San Vicente? We have a diversity of residents: Senior citizens, elderly with special medical equipment needs during transporting, heart patients with high blood pressure already, terminally ill residents, physically handicapped persons,  pregnant mommies.

What is SD County thinking? Residents should use Rancho Santa Fe as the example of a maintained two-lane, curvy, road going through their entire community.  Many deadly accidents as well in RSF, yet it remains a two-lane road through a lovely area of trees, homes, village, etc., and the residents have fought against widening many times and won! They already know, it would become a racetrack just like San Vicente will become, and still not be safe. What is SD County thinking?

Why would SDCE residents be willing to allow SD County to subject us to UNSAFE living conditions for 1.5 to 2 years, given our high risk/history, for fire alone? Many of us have spoken to road expert professionals who tell us there are other options for curve corrections that don’t require $40 million or 1.5 to 2 years of time.

Now if WE can find this out, why can’t SD County?

Who truly benefits from the letting of this contract under the cover of “safe road?” Hmmmm.

People, speak up and be heard.  Silence is approval.

Shame  on SD County for knowingly subjecting all 15,000 to 20,000 residents, into an unsafe living environment for 1.5 to 2 years. The uncertainty of our safety during that time is stress enough much less we would have to face an emergency evacuation itself.

You can NOT make roads safe for unsafe drivers.

Law enforcement testified to that, but SD County didn’t listen.

Do we say Highway 67, Supervisor Jacob and others? Your first obligation is to our community Safety.  You have failed with this plan . We will not be safe.

I too, along with others, ask that SD County revamp/redo this project to minimal road repair, or be held solely responsible for the stress of unsafe living conditions, and subsequent consequences, if this plan goes through as is.

It is in everyone’s best interest that SD County reconsider our community safety, cut your costs and put remaining money toward long overdue road repairs within the community.

People, speak up and be heard.  Your silence is approval.

Connie Bull is a Ramona resident.

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11 Comments for “Widen San Vicente Road? What are they thinking?”

  1. Herve' Auch-Roy

    Connie, I cannot agree more with you, and I've spoken up several time, only to infuriate long time Estates residents who support the widening of San Vicente Road.
    Unfortunately, we moved in the Estates only a couple of years ago, and even worse, I was not even born in the US (although now a proud US Citizen) – so "who am I to dare giving an advice"?
    Several times, I brought up my 37 years experience as a road warrior, 2 millions plus miles of driving 125cc to 1,200cc motorcycles, sedan cars, SUV, pick-up and light trucks, on all sorts of paved and dirt roads, both in the USA, in western and eastern Europe, pointing out that "Roads don't kill people. Only stupid and irresponsible drivers do." (sounds familiar to what we hear about guns, eh?).
    I do believe that education is key, and when I see $40 millions thrown at this project while our schools are being denied the budget to maintain quality education, that, by the way, could include future driver's education as well (like teaching our kids to anticipate and to adapt their behavior to the road conditions), I can't help but strongly oppose the widening and straightening of the San Vicente Road.
    This project is very likely to make matter worse, by increasing the speed difference between the drivers who respect the 50MPH speed limit and adapt to the road conditions, and those who drive as fast as they think the road allows.
    Even is this project does reduce the number of accidents (again, which I doubt), it will send the wrong message to our young drivers, i.e., that all the roads that they will ever encounter in their driving career will be safe, and that they can behave as they please on any road, anywhere. Sooner or later these young drivers will end up somewhere else on a winding and narrow road, where they'll lose their life because we didn't teach them enough to anticipate and to adapt to the road conditions.
    Unfortunately, I believe that there are other forces beyond our reach that drive this project, other than safety: jobs, maybe, or big money, or both.
    If safety were the real target, then we'll be doing something to have drivers respect the 25MPH and 45MPH speed limits across the Estates; yesterday again a 6 year old girl on her bicycle was almost run over by a speeder on Wikiup Road (25MPH), under our horrified eyes. I've asked several times our Sheriff to send an officer with a mobile radar gun, to no avail. It maybe time to install speed bumps all over the Estates, or hire our own traffic officer to patrol the Estates and pull over speeders. The $40 millions wrongfully assigned to the San Vicente Road Project would do a lot of good in the Estates on many useful projects.

  2. Oliver woods

    Ask the sheriff to enforce traffic in the Estates and the response will be "it's the responsibility of the CHP."

    So, when the CHP is asked, the request is ignored and the response from a CHP Captain read in the Journal a few months back was "the road is too narrow for traffic enforcement."

    If anyone questions this, then ask yourself when was the last time you saw any level of traffic enforcement on San Vicente Road or in the Estates, anywhere?

    Just say in'.

  3. Mike Loranger

    All of you are way behind the power curve; all these issues have been adressed and readdressed ad nauseam. San Vicente Road has been declared unsafe; unless one of you is a traffic engineer with knowledge of the California Department of Transportation road standards, you should probably neither state nor infer that this road is safe. As Samuel Clemens so eloquently stated "Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt."

  4. Oliver woods

    Hey, Mike, who are you referring to as "you?"

  5. Carey Stock

    I suppose it would be irresponsible of me to mention the fact that a lot of these issues would be addressed and/or eliminated by incorporating Ramona???? Most of your wishes fall on deaf ears when the decision making politicians live elsewhere. I moved from Ramona (San Diego Country Estates) in early 1986 and settled in an area in Arizona that had just incorporated to escape county control. Many years later some people (old geezers, like me) still complain about city regulations, police presence and the like but when they need something as necessary as traffic enforcement and it is a simple phone call away, they suddenly welcome the presence of local control. They are presently suffering the same fate in Laughlin, NV. Good Luck.

    • No Bull

      I can see it didn't take long for the "bull" to fly. Incorporate? Really? We can't even agree on funding our schools, how are we going to afford police protection and everything else that being incorporated entails? And can we quit stating the obvious that we can't make roads safer for unsafe drivers? No kidding? Are you sure?
      Wider straighter roads are safer roads. Are they idiot proof? Nope, neither are blogs.

  6. San Vic Rd resident

    I live off San Vicente Rd and widening it sounds wonderful! You have no idea how many times myself and my teenage driver have almost been rear ended just trying to turn on to our street. To have a passing lane would certainly help!

  7. Joe Cahak

    Connie thank you for expressing your opinion. Now we know with certainty just why our roads are in such poor condition and fail to meet any road safety standards. You pinhead leaders fail to see the issue and fail to represent our best welfare interests. So much concern for the golf course and par lounge, yet who cares about our road safety and risk? Certainly not our community leaders. Just look to Perry Jones and Doug Kafka, who called to kill the project. This is madness. The only way we can properly address this is to require our leaders to state their position prior to election and hold them to addressing our real community needs.

    I see Mrs Bull conveniently forgot to mention that we pay millions per year for liability coverage on the road due to lawsuits for accidents. Our road fails all road safety standards, making San Vicente Road a tort lawyers dream come true. Virtually every accident on the road is leading to lawsuits against the county for it's failure to provide a road that meets safety standard and being part of the "accident cause". So contrary to Mrs. Bull, we already pay our tax money for this road, we just don't get anything constructive out of the cost. I have in on first hand knowledge that this liability money for lawsuits comes directly out of the DPW general funds that are used for road improvements and maintenance. So do we get our money's worth? We sure won't if it i left up to Connie Bull Perry Jones and Doug Kafka.

    Connie do me a favor, never ask me for my vote to you ever again. I will never give you another. Now we know why we have the problems with safe roads that we do. Thank you for making your part in that travesty clear.

  8. SD Native

    Widen San Vicente? Yes – Bring it on.
    There my voice is also approval.

  9. SD Native

    Widen San Vicente? Yes – Bring it on.

  10. Guest

    How long we keepin this article posted? Good grief!

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