Judge sentences Ramona man, 56, to 10 years for daycare molestation

By Neal Putnam

A Ramona man received 10 years in state prison March 7 for molesting a 6-year-old girl who was in his wife’s home daycare program in 2007.

Thomas Duane Ochenduszko, 56, said nothing before El Cajon Superior Court Judge Charles Ervin sentenced him after hearing from the girl’s mother and grandfather.

“A 50-year-old man and a 6-year-old kid — that’s messed up,” said the grandfather to the judge. “A grown man should know better.”

“I cannot wait for this to be over,” said the girl’s mother as she denounced Ochenduszko as someone who “helped himself to my child.”

“He has earned every day of a 10-year sentence,” said Deputy District Attorney Danielle Hickman. “What he did was wrong, was calculated, and completely reprehensible.”

Hickman said Ochenduszko was “a friend of the (victim’s) family.” She said the molestation involved “very horrendous acts.”

The grandfather said the girl didn’t understand what happened to her until she was older. She underwent therapy, and the grandfather praised her for bringing out the truth.

He said the girl did not want to hurt Ochenduszko’s wife as she wasn’t home at the time. She was interviewed in April 2012 by a sheriff’s deputy and said Ochenduszko performed oral sex acts with her after he showed her a pornographic movie and several other times without the movie.

Ochenduszko admitted to a deputy he showed a pornographic movie to the girl while his wife was at a doctor’s appointment. He denied molesting the girl, but on Jan. 31 he pleaded guilty to committing a lewd act on a minor and to showing harmful matter to a child with the intent of seduction.

He had been free on $250,000 bond since Sept. 1, 2012, after spending several days in jail. He was remanded into custody immediately and Ervin ordered him to register as a sex offender.

“He took advantage of a position of trust,” said Ervin.

Ervin ordered him to pay $4,159 to the victim’s family for therapy, child care, lost wages, and other expenses. He fined Ochenduszko $5,394 and ordered him to pay $420 to the sheriff’s department for investigation costs.

A bailiff gave tissues to the victim’s mother and the defendant’s wife, who were both crying.

Ochenduszko’s attorney, William Wolfe, asked Ervin to impose an 8-year term, noting Ochenduszko had no prior record.

He said Ochenduszko had “taken responsibility” by pleading guilty. Probation was ruled out when he pleaded guilty to two charges. Ervin dismissed three other molestation counts.

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3 Comments for “Judge sentences Ramona man, 56, to 10 years for daycare molestation”

  1. Concerned citizen

    This sick F#@%! needs to get zapped in the chair.
    Too many of these people get re-released than are free to scare the public.
    Any bodys child is an easy target, they are children!
    Crimes against children should carry a sentence that includes the maiming of those who would procure a crime tlike that against a child or disabled person/elderly.
    Chop him to pieces!

    • Disgraceful

      This man still has a family and if any person in your own family did this, I’m sure your opinion would change. Think before you say things and realize people make horrible mistakes sometimes. He will serve his time and nobody deserves the death penalty. People shouldn’t be allowed to decide who dies and who doesn’t. Your statement is pure ****.

  2. Annette

    I read the note from the person who said, "Thomas Ochenduszko has a family and that people make horrible mistakes sometimes." This is more than a horrible mistake, this is a man who destroyed many people's lives. A very young girl (at the time, 6-yrs old) her life will forever be altered and warped. The young girls parents lives (how utterly devastating to her parents), who's life's will forever be altered, as well as other family members of this young child. This is much more and much bigger than a mistake. This is a life altering and extremely sick behavior. There is no death penalty for this man, however, it was like a death sentence to the young girl and her parents and family. His time in prison is well deserved…

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