Forecaster predicts ‘cold and showery winter storm’ Tuesday, Wednesday

Sunday, Feb. 17—A winter storm could drop snow at low elevations of the region Tuesday evening and Wednesday, the National Weather Service warns.

The storm will be hit-and-miss, much like the storm last week that hit some mountain locations with more than two feet of snow and left others with mere dustings, said meteorologist Rich Thompson at the National Weather Service.

Winter storm watches were posted by San Diego forecasters, warning about snow in the higher points of the Inland Empire and San Diego County.

Snow levels will start at 6,000 feet Tuesday afternoon, and then drop to 2,000 feet by Wednesday morning as cold reinforcing air comes in from the Aleutian islands, the NWS said.

Pine Valley and Julian might see 4 to 8 inches.

Interstate 8 in East County could be expected to be snow-covered Tuesday night into Wednesday, the statement said. Snow might freeze on the freeway from Alpine into Imperial County.

Coastal and valley locations can expect between a third of an inch to one inch of rain on Tuesday night and Wednesday, Thompson said.

Thunderstorms and thunder-snow storms could develop Wednesday.

“These could deliver a dusting on one mountain, and 10 to 15 inches of snow on the other,” Thompson said. “This will just be one of those cold and showery winter storms.”

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3 Comments for “Forecaster predicts ‘cold and showery winter storm’ Tuesday, Wednesday”

  1. CA Smith

    It's a good thing we have global warming. Just think how cold we might get without it.

  2. Estates Guy

    The planet has been heating and cooling for 4.5 billion years. We've been tracking temperature for what, 150 years, tops? And we think we know what's happening and why? Global warming? My wallet wishes so…that last propane bill hurt!

  3. Mike

    And how many of those 4.5 billion years has man been having an impact on the environment? I find the comment about the price of propane quite ironic when the author burning the propane to keep warm is essentially denying that he has an impact on the environment. I suggest googling "greenhouse has emmissions" and then taking a drive through L.A..

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