CHP opens one lane on Wildcat Canyon Road; closure causes SR-67 traffic back-up

California Highway Patrol opened one lane on Wildcat Canyon Road around 7:40 a.m. Monday and estimates that both lanes will open around early Monday afternoon, according to CHP.

The closure was due to power poles that were knocked down, leaving live wires on the road, following an accident early Sunday morning at Wildcat Canyon and Willow Roads in Lakeside.

As a result of the closure, traffic on State Route 67 heading west out of Ramona, was backed-up Monday morning, said CHP.

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7 Comments for “CHP opens one lane on Wildcat Canyon Road; closure causes SR-67 traffic back-up”

  1. John

    The signage for this closing was totally pathetic! There should have been clear indications that the road was closed beyond the casino at the intersection of San Vicente and Wildcat Canyon. Normally they won't hesitate to block the road there, this time you didn't know until well after you turned the corner. San Diego County and the CHP fell flat on their face with this one.

  2. guest

    It was disgusting today, when traffic was backed up on Dye Road all the the way to San Vicente. Why was the media notified. I listened to the radio for over 30 minutes and was late for work. When will someone let us know.

    • Ehrich

      I agree fully with the inadequacy of how problems are handled. Sheriff’s have a lot of work dor the future safety of all residents.

  3. Guest

    What was disgusting was the attitude of ALOT of the drivers as they drove through our neighborhoods (specifically Ramona St.). Passing in the turn lanes at high speeds in school zones through intersection at Rowley and Ramona with kids/pedestrians present, passing on the right side of the roadway into the bike lanes and jumping the curbs on Ramona St, etc. What a bunch of bozos. I do agree the notification was lacking as well was law enforcement. Law enforcement could have done traffic control. We walked in the morning and on several occasions deputies were just standing around (11th & Main) having coffee, and then in parking lot at Grace Church. Could have done something to try to help the situation.

  4. Helen Cawyer

    This is another good reason why Ramona Street should be opened all the way to Dye Road if possible. Traffic backs up so badly because there are no roads that go all the way through. Time to change this; we are not "country" any longer. That has been blocked by residents and so have the improvements along San Vicente. Dumb moves by a lot of folks who never have to drive those areas. The fire in 2007 should have been enough of a warning. We only have ONE road to San Diego, ONE small road to El Cajon, and ONE road east to Julian. When those are blocked we are just stuck!

  5. Helen Cawyer

    Sounds like the Sheriff's Dept. needs to be reorganized again. The manhunt in Big Bear probably got all their attention, but that does not excuse this dumb behavior. They should have been all along Hanson and Warnock as well as out on San Vicente at the light there on Wildcat to show the road was closed.

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