‘Virtual president’ tackles today’s U.S. at Ramona Tea’d Forum

By Darrell Beck

On Saturday, Jan. 26, Bill Whittle of “Afterburner” captivated about 180 people who attended the first Ramona Tea’d Forum for 2013.
Following the 2012 election wherein President Obama was re-elected to a second term, Whittle asked, ”Where do we go from here?” After speaking about the current state of affairs and presenting his solutions, Whittle posed as “the virtual president of the USA” by forcefully addressing some harsh questions from the audience.

Bill Whittle talks to a group of about 180 people at the first Ramona Tea'd Forum of the year on Jan. 26. Photo/Dr. Gary Myers, OD

Mr. Whittle commented on the federal government in Washington, D.C., illustrating how it’s just a matter of time before it collapses of its own weight because of irresponsible spending and unsustainable debt. He explained how the federal government is operating a welfare state by ignoring Congress and the Constitution.
For the past four years the government has been administered without a budget through continuing resolutions by Congress and executive orders by the president. Thus we are being ruled by decree and the people are completely being left out of the process while the government continues growing larger and larger, making the citizen smaller and smaller.
Mr. Whittle gave an inspirational speech wherein he introduced an interesting proposal, suggesting how those citizens who are producing the products, jobs and taxes necessary to support the government and the welfare state may be able to create a “parallel structure” to government and perhaps save America. This does not mean the people should resist participating in the current gargantuan government; nor does it mean that we are against government as authorized under the Constitution, as we must pay all taxes and obey all laws. However, within this parallel structure citizens could create private structures in competition with government, specifically in regards to failing government schools and in competition with the “mainstream media” that’s strongly allied with government.
Mr. Whittle said: “It’s us against the government. The government structure is too big to defeat outright.” We can’t compete against that degree of power, corruption and incompetence, therefore we should ignore it.
He identified several areas where a parallel structure could work to the advantage of the people. “We have lost one or two generations due to the failed federal education system.” We must recapture the education system. In a parallel structure we could homeschool using online courses, or tap the experience and wisdom of retired persons as teachers and by other means. This won’t be easy, but it could be done. Government schools of today would eventually fade away once faced with competition.
This parallel structure could also create its own form of media and entertainment industry, wherein the truth would be present counteracting the current media propaganda and muck being broadcast by the mainstream media. In addition, this parallel structure would encourage citizen participation in Congress on a one-term basis, supported by term limits.
Mr. Whittle reminded us of the difficult ordeals faced by General Washington, President Lincoln and English Prime Minister Churchill during their darkest days and how they were able to overcome their fears of uncertainty and failure and win the day. Although our nation today is in a moral and economic decline and there is much indecision at this time in history, especially due to weak or irresponsible leadership, he assured us that we can overcome this by faith and by taking action to make that change and regain the America that once was.

Darrell Beck is a Ramona resident.

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