Misdirected and unhelpful perspectives

OK, so the Ramona Sentinel publishes a reader’s opinion, “A Modest Proposal for Ramona Unified School District & Citizens of Ramona.”

This premise of imaginary social malaise is such a misdirected and unhelpful perspective about the future of Ramona’s educational system. Are the current financial, labor, and physical conditions of our schools a joke to you? Yes, the commentary briefly addresses the flagrant, reckless, and possible fraudulent behavior of a previous superintendent. Along with his accomplice “rubber-stamp” school board members, they took out an unsecured conventional loan; under the noses of every Ramona citizen; to build and remodel two schools without any approval from the teachers — RTA, or PTA parents. Maybe they got a kickback? Ha ha

I feel your editorial staff has disrespected and diminishes the hourly, weekly, and often weekend efforts for excellence that every Ramona teacher puts forth every day. After reaching 20 years of serving our children in public education, I do not appreciate your editorial license to publish such tongue-in-cheek sarcasm about our children’s future. So, I must offer this tempered response, on behalf of my students and families.

It is disappointing and disillusioning to witness the slanted, censored flavor of reporting which the Sentinel appears to exercise regarding our administration’s performance with regards to better informing the public about the seriousness of the district’s management over its financial, property management, security and labor issues.

Here’s an African adage to remember — “It only takes two people to create a child, but it takes an entire village to raise them.” Whose kid is going to be the next one who goes insane and takes it out on innocent children? A teacher will be standing there.

Then, alongside ”Modest Proposal,” you print the letter, “Let’s discuss school security,” which is based upon such an inaccurate survey approach to suggest that society can now tell teachers to maintain weapons at school – without talking to us teachers first? Ludicrous and offensive information. I will also forward copy of my concerns to the Ramona Teachers Association, so they’ll know that more and more teachers are getting fed up with misinformed local citizens.

Daniel Wise

Barnett Elementary School

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2 Comments for “Misdirected and unhelpful perspectives”

  1. Dwayne

    Do you feel better that you got that off your chest? How did that help our situation?

    I’m sure you care about the children, but I’m sure you care more about your paycheck and what actions the school has planned to reduce their costs.

    So back to reality and think of a solution or move out of this district and see if you can get another job in California as a teacher with all our states problems.

  2. Concerned in Ramona

    I also did not appreciate Dr. Tanaka's letter. It was self-indulgent and should have been kept private for her own catharsis. Truly serious is the district's current proposal. If it is imposed, it will indeed result in losing many of Ramona's excellent teachers. How many will follow former school board member Dr. Lopez' example and leave? This town is reasonably upset due to the ridiculous teachers lay-offs when first grade classes are reaching the mid-30s; classified staff furlough days where many require subs…and many subs must also take the furlough days; and threats towards teachers. Yes, teachers have felt threatened and bullied for voicing concerns. If the district imposes, and teachers don't strike, then any teacher could be fired for an unfounded accusation. It will be in the contract. As a parent and member of this community, I'm extremely alarmed.

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