Urban development knocks at rural door

Ramona be advised. The Cumming Ranch Urban Development is knocking at our rural door. On Aug. 17, 2012, at the Department of Planning & Land Use (DPLU), the County Planning Commission voted, 6 yea 1 nay, to advise the decision makers, the County Board of Supervisors, to have Ramona present an urban development urban development at its historic panoramic entrance to our rural valley.

However, on Jan. 30, 2013, the County Board of Supervisors can make its own decision. They can protect Ramona’s rural character by not amending the 2020 General Plan. They can decide, at last, to discard the old and ill advised 1978/1987 Ramona Community Plan and preserve Ramona’s rural character within the constraints of the GP 2020.

At the San Diego County Administration Building on beautiful Harbor Drive, deep in the core of “Urbanhood,” Ramona will again feel the pressure of what old thinking and wrong leadership have done and will continue to do to our already overburdened community. Paradise Lost and Paved over for what good reason? NONE. Agriculture eliminated slowly. Rural life, compromised.

We the people of our Ramona community can be betrayed utterly by our elected officials or honored by our resolve to protect our community. Show up at this historic meeting. Show up now or languish forever in that long line headed down the hill for a job only to return to the same urban core that you fled when you first moved to this rural heavenly valley.

We resist or we are ruined.

Vivian Osborn


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4 Comments for “Urban development knocks at rural door”

  1. Jim

    This is a wonderful subdivision planned with lots of green space. It does not have an urban feel to it at all.

  2. Really?

    Silly Jim, that doesn't matter. The only "smart growth" is NO GROWTH. Stagnate tax base be damned. We'll see…

  3. Herve Auch-Roy

    Jim, we already have a natural "wonderful subdivision with lots of green space" as it is: it's called "mother nature", it's well balanced, and it has worked well for millions of years.
    By making Ramona more urban, you will only attract more drug trafficking and more crime.
    If you want to spend money improving Ramona, then spend it on fixing our schools, and on educating drivers to adapt their driving to the road conditions: it'll save their life and that of others one day.

    Unfortunately, the already visible move towards a more urban Ramona is already under way with the San Vicente Road widening project that will remove a lot of the current rural road charm and attractiveness.
    Supporters of the project say that "the current road kills people". Along the 2 millions miles that I've been driving around the world over 35 years, I've never seen any road killing anyone, but I've seen a lot of stupid drivers killing themselves and others on all sorts of roads.
    Bear in mind that the budget for this project just got cranked up to $45 millions, all on our taxes and water bill, and by the time the project is completed (two years from now), I bet that we'll be close to $60 millions.
    But 1,507 people petitioning were not enough to stop it, against the 12 people who supported and wrapped up the project during the last meeting.

    Soon, we'll see heavy pickup trucks and SUVs rushing onto the new San Vicente Road at speeds up to 80MPH and even more, as they already do on the four lanes stretch in the Estates. "Faster AND Safer"? I don't think so.

  4. Really?

    Hey Herve

    "If you want to spend money improving Ramona, then spend it on fixing our schools,"

    How did you vote on the school bond?

    Fact: If they don't spend the road money on our road, the'll spend it on someone else's road. Same amount came out of my pocket, your pocket, and the guy's pocket who lives in El Cajon.

    Fact: More than 12 people support the road improvement.

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