Letter to the Editor: Brace yourself for higher speed

Regardless if you don’t like the San Vicente Road project, SANDAG will ram this project down your throat. Too much money involved here.

San Vicente Road is a good 40 to 45 mph road. What is the hurry to drive fast?

All this road needs is a resurface and applicable shoulder work to accommodate a flat tire, bicycle, etc. The road project will not solve the problem of idiot people driving fast.

Remember the pain of the pavement when you crash your car, motorcycle, bicycle, or pick up cans the disgusting public leave behind.

Brace yourself for higher speed and associated damage.

Paul Nichols


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2 Comments for “Letter to the Editor: Brace yourself for higher speed”

  1. Joe Cahak

    SANDAG is not ramming this down our throat. We, the community, worked for 15 years to get this here. Now that we finally succeed at getting a road plan and the funds for it, a select few prejudiced and ignorant , wish to kill the project. You can not just add a bike lane or trail to the road. There is not the shoulder width to even be safe at reasonable speeds, much less support any pathway. You should try educating yourself on the realities of road engineering and safety, instead of speaking false information and personal prejudiced worthless opinion..

    • Herve Auch-Roy

      Joe, I understand your point, and I'm sure that a lot of smart people got involved in the decision, and worked on it for many years.

      My concern is that the easier we make roads, the more we let drivers believe that all roads will be that way, no matter where they go.
      I was lucky to learn to drive where I was exposed to unexpected dangerous curves, and I was educated to anticipate and get ready for the worst. I was taught to look at the path that trees or phone poles follow ahead of me, giving me an idea of how treacherous the coming road curve may be. I was taught that tree leaves can be slippery any time of the year, and that even the slightest moist in the air could turn any road into an ice rink.
      I believe we should put money into better drivers' education, for young drivers, and sometimes to older ones as well. One day, it might save their life … and ours too.

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