Reasons for petition campaign against San Vicente Road project

By Perry Jones

This is in response to the Letter to the Editor in the Ramona Sentinel of Dec. 27 by Mike and Debbie Cannone and others who may have some questions regarding the San Diego Country Estates Association Board’s Petition Campaign to stop the relocation and straightening of San Vicente Road between Warnock and Wildcat Canyon roads.

I can well understand that with the first thoughts, some would consider the straightening of San Vicente to be a big safety improvement. The SDCEA Board members are likewise concerned with the accidents that have taken place on this road over the years. But we also know that there have been many serious accidents on San Vicente Road where it is divided and with four lanes. In this four-lane area every day many drivers are going 70 to 80+ mph and that is in a 45 mph zone.

In SDCE we have many law enforcement officers both active and retired who live here. All of those who have talked to us are against the road relocation and feel that many drivers will drive even faster on a straightened road and therefore make it less safe (for the three reasons stated below).

We feel that the following items are major considerations:

• The proposed new road would still have just two lanes and the same speed limit of 50 mph, but adding a bike path and horse trail.

• The road would not eliminate the major causes of accidents: excessive speed, driving under the influence, and inexperienced drivers

• Being a straighter road, it would encourage many drivers to drive even faster

• Horseback riders would not ride on a trail a few feet from 50+ mph traffic

• The construction cost will be $40 million for the project ($10 million per mile)

• An additional cost of about $5,182,000+ will be needed to move a Ramona Municipal Water District water pipe, which will be paid for by the RMWD water ratepayers (this means YOU)

• The current rural natural tree lined road is enjoyed by many

• The project would require the removal of 145 old native California Live Oaks and Engelmann Oak trees

• The construction is scheduled to begin in 2013 and will last over two years which will cause many delays and increase commute times for everyone leaving or returning to SDCE

• During the two-year construction period, should an evacuation or other emergency take place, traffic on San Vicente Road, at times, would be limited to one lane for both directions

•A  bike lane could be added to the current road

The SDCE Management and Board have elected to oppose the proposed project of relocating and straightening of San Vicente Road and have therefore started the petition to stop this project. So far the response to this petition has been overwhelming having received several hundred signatures in support and having heard from only three who disagree.

We encourage all SDCE residents, who agree, to sign the petition so that we will have as many signatures as possible to present to Dianne Jacob, county supervisor, when we meet with her later this month.

Should you have any questions regarding, or need additional copies of this petition, please call 1-760-789-3260 for a recorded message and the number to leave a message.

Perry Jones serves as treasurer on the SDCEA Board of Directors.

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8 Comments for “Reasons for petition campaign against San Vicente Road project”

  1. SDCE Resident

    These reasons are all weak and not sufficient as reasons to stop a much needed safety improvement to our community. Do you really think any road can stop speeding?
    I find it hard to believe that the SDCEA is wasting our precious dues on such a campaign. We need this road improvement desperately! Mr. Jones should be run out of office as he does not represent the majority of the community.

  2. big bird

    "and having heard from only three who disagree."

    how many have you heard from now?

  3. Joe Cahak

    Mr Jones, I suggest you stop padding your facts to make your case. it is very easy to debate and defeat all your arguments with the engineering and safety facts. I must say for all your feigned "knowledge" about this road and road safety, you'd think you would have been more involved with US in this road effort, which was a community effort, pulled together by me for 15 years. I am insulted by your fecklessness and reckless nature of your leadership and management. You may think you represent us, but you are failing to represent the full community. Also please note that a couple hundred signatures gotten using your incorrect and clearly prejudiced opinions is reckless leadership that will come back to bit you and in my opine does not represent to true full support in this community. Rest assured that us homeowners will hold you accountable and responsible for your vote and petition and not representing the best interests and general welfare of the community. We will see this is brought up every election for you from now to eternity. You can count on that sir.

  4. Chris

    It takes less than a couple hundred signatures to recall the SDCEA board. That ought to take about 15 minutes.

  5. Joe Cahak

    I think we can easily do that after this. I'd like to add that in my discussions with concerned fellow citizens in support and the DPW staff, it is my understanding they looking in possible violations of law that may have occurred. I'd like to also add that Jim Piva and Carl Hickman of RCPG and T&T chair have informed me that T&T and RCPG will have DPW staff come up and give us the final design review prior to Supervisor Jacob's representing our request from 15 years of community support. So the Board has an opportunity, that they cannot deny notice of, to review the plan. Their only option is to work with county staff to improve the plan. Killing this project is not an option anymore. Thank you RCPG leaders Jim Piva, Dennis Sprong and Carl Hickman, who have continued the road safety leadership my friends and community partners started 15 years ago. I thank you.

  6. Herve Auch-Roy

    If you believe that "roads kill people", then go ahead and spend the $40 millions (and more) needed for that project, and tell our school children to take a hike and forget about the much needed school repairs and investments.
    But if you believe that "people kill people", then leave that road alone, educate the drivers to be responsible, and teach then to adapt their driving to the road conditions, like common sense suggests, and put the money where it's really needed.
    Widening and straightening that stretch of the road will only increase speed and make crashes more deadly when the road is wet, slippery or foggy, or when drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or on the phone, or texting, which is known to be most of the cases.

    • big bird

      you appear to be educated, but your position is ludicrous. honestly, you sound like you would support funding to increase curves on 67! i challenge you to provide any evidence of a case where a similar road improvement increased injuries or fatalities.

  7. DezertTrails

    Enforcement of current speed laws from the 67 to the estates. I believe would be money better spent. Also a decrease in the speed limit from 50mph to 45mph with increased signage, and warnings, would also assist in safety efforts. I don't understand how the 67 has a speed limit of 55mph and San Vicente has a speed limit of 5mph less through Residences, and Dangerous curves. We all need to rethink where are minds are when it comes to safety. SPEED does KILL!

    We would also think that the addition of a bike/horse trail from Warnock to Barrett Ranch to SDCE, would be welcomed, but not utilized due to the excessive speed of the road. We are one of the last Equestrian Community's in San Diego, we should embrace it.

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