Letter to the editor: It’s NOT the road

Reading the letters regarding San Vicente Road is kind of like the national discourse about the terrible tragedy in Connecticut before Christmas. In that terrible event, it was not the guns to blame, but the court system that refused a mother’s pleas to commit a dangerously deranged child, thanks to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). Regardless, we blame the guns.

In our town paving our scenic byways into four-lane highways and reducing our individuality to that of “just another suburb” (like Poway) won’t do a durned thing to reduce fatal accidents. Indeed, they’ll increase.

Who’s driven the four-lane portion of said road inside the Estates at the speed limit? How many “sports sedans” go ripping by in excess of freeway speeds? And, where it goes from four to two lanes, do you “speed limit drivers” get almost run off the road? Don’t you have frustrated speeders riding your rear bumper all the way into town?

Let’s solve two urgent town issues with one simple and practical “fix.”

How about profitable “speed limit cameras” placed strategically along San Vicente, and why not Route 67 and 78, too? These cameras can be relocated frequently, and they will catch and photo the speeders who happen to cause most of the fatal wrecks. These systems are free from the vendors who simply collect a percentage of the “take.”

Given fines in excess of $500, and were the net proceeds directed to Ramona Unified School District, the district just may find enough new revenue to avoid state takeover, and reduce their enormous loan debt.

Pyrrhic justice, what?

Joseph Halsted


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1 Comment for “Letter to the editor: It’s NOT the road”

  1. Mike

    Speed itself does not kill. Driving faster than your capabilities including the weather and your car's design is what gets you into trouble. But I am less concerned with the traffic accidents (they are few by the way). I am more concerned about the narrow pipeline that currently exists. We need enough "bandwith" to handle the current population and we do not have that for the day to day travels let alone the emergencies. Lets not waste everyones time and money with the current plan. Either add lanes or leave it alone.

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