Letter to the editor: Let’s discuss school security

Last week the attorney general for the state of Arizona said he was going to try to change state laws to allow teachers to be armed, and Utah has already confirmed that they intend to train 200 teachers to carry concealed weapons.

In Utah you can get a non-resident permit to carry a concealed weapon that has reciprocity in 15 other states. In Arizona they used to have a law that allowed people to carry a firearm openly. Then they passed a law allowing anyone who can pass a background check to get a permit for concealed carry. Now Arizona is one of three states — the others being Alaska and Vermont — that allow citizens to carry a firearm without a permit or authorization from the authorities. In California it is up to the discretion of the law enforcement entity to determine who can or who can’t carry a firearm for personal protection.

I have talked to several school board members and a casual conversation with the Sheriff’s Department and was assured that they would support the community regarding the arming of teachers. I hope this is a beginning of a dialogue regarding school security and hence the larger issue of CCW (carrying a concealed weapon).

Dr. Gary B. Myers, OD


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4 Comments for “Letter to the editor: Let’s discuss school security”

  1. Dwayne

    Good luck on obtaining a CCW here in San Diego…has been tried by many and denied 98% of the time.

  2. Herve Auch-Roy

    We sure appreciate the help of the Sheriff Department to ensure our safety.
    But let's face it: some people finally managed to turn our country and our community into "The Land of Fear and Terror".
    Years ago, when we would go to a gathering, would it be a fair or a concert, a couple of guys would eventually get drunk, end up arguing and fist fighting. The result was always a couple of broken noses and teeth, sometimes a scar from a knife, but bystanders could go back home unharmed.
    Today, any argument potentially turns into a shooting and bystanders like us are not safe anymore.
    We are new Ramona residents, and by fear of being shot in an area where a good part of the population is now armed and many under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we don't attend any event: no rodeo, no concerts, no fair, no event where more than a few people would gather, nothing that could bring us closer to the community, because the risk is now too high.
    Will we soon need to carry a gun to go shopping to Albertson's or Stater Bros, go to the coffee shop, go to the library, even walking on Main Street in broad daylight, and be ready to shoot?
    It's hard to understand why gun ownership is a "right" that no law could ever restrict, while driving a car is a "privilege" that could be revoked at an time.
    Can someone explain this to me?
    I love this country, and I believe that it's time that we turn it back into "The Land of Freedom and Opportunity" for all.

  3. CA Smith

    For Herve Auch-Roy: First you need to review the difference between rights and privileges. Driving is a privilege, firearm ownership is a right. Do you support the placing of restrictions on voting, free speech, religion, etc?
    Perhaps you should also meet with a mental health professional regarding your paranoia. Rates of firearm violence are nowhere near what you seem to imply that they are. And they are higher in so called "gun free zones". Nor do I see drunken fights breaking out everywhere. I've lived in Ramona more than 19 years, attending many events, and have yet to see a drunken fight.
    If you want to see a return to "The Land of Freedom and Opportunity" the first step might be to review how you're voting, and stop the slide toward socialism/statism in this country.
    Perhaps you should move to a haven of anti-gunnery like San Francisco. You would probably fit in better there.

  4. CA Smith

    To Dr. Gary Meyers: Thank you for writing and being active on this subject. Your have written a good thought provoking article. More people need to think about this and realize the truth about firearms and responsible ownership. Thanks again for your positive contribution to our community.

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