Rebuttal to ‘Another View of Nov. 6 Election’

By Jim Fontana

Well, I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Bisbikis regarding his observation that “there are many misinformed, and many more living in some alternate reality.” My only suggestion is that he take a careful look in the mirror.

Our country faces many very serious challenges. And most agree that America would be more capable of dealing with these challenges given a vibrant economy. Who better to boost our languid recovery than a proven businessman who also has governed a state and shown obvious bipartisanship?

So, call me crazy, but if I’m suffering from a serious illness do I consult a physician or should I call a community organizer?

On the subject of Christianity: Americans are protected by the Constitution so that they can believe in anything they wish or, in fact, nothing at all. But, as Americans, we need to remember the historical significance of the Judeo-Christian values upon which our great country was founded. Mr. Bisbikis has his head buried in the sand if he missed the Democratic Convention vote on putting God back into the party platform. Anyone watching that debacle knows that nearly half of those present voted “no.”

Are we a godless country?  As a whole, I don’t think so.

Mr. Bisbikis subtly plays the race card when he talks about slavery. Today most Americans are ashamed of that period and have moved their thinking past that awful chapter in our history. The Bisbikises of the world like to bring it up and perpetuate it as a reason for others who criticize our current president. The Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world love it because they wouldn’t have a job without the hate.

Most agree that our dismal economy is currently America’s biggest problem. So to fix it, let’s focus on — I know, healthcare! Healthcare is very, very important. But after four years we still have over 20 million of our citizens with no job or who are underemployed. Don’t you think job creation should have been the president’s first priority? (Would a proven businessman have made such a foolish mistake?)

Again, Mr. Bisbikis proves his earlier observation regarding “misinformed” and “living in some alternate reality” when he talks about our “current fiscal disaster” and how Obama’s hands, in his view, are clean. Most of us realize that the economic difficulties we face were in the making before Obama took office. But did Obama then focus on resurrecting our economy? Did he work hard to craft regulation that would encourage business growth domestically? Did he set in motion the environment for businesses to repatriate the $1 trillion they have stashed overseas so that jobs could be created in this country? Did he reduce corporate taxes so that our tax rate isn’t the highest in the world? Did he uphold the “Right to Work” in the Carolinas so that Boeing could build a new factory there? Did he approve the Keystone pipeline project that would quickly create many jobs (take a look at North Dakota where there is an economic boom, despite the president’s inaction)?

Well, no, he didn’t do any of these things. Instead, he concentrated on healthcare, a noble issue to be sure. But I maintain, it shouldn’t have been first on his to-do list.

The “entitlement society” referred to by Ms. McKelvey, I suspect, is the one where dependency on the government has grown enormously under this administration — by design, in my view.

Of course, just like the race card, Mr. Bisbikis wants to play the “war on ____” card (wealthy, poor, women, etc., you choose the descriptor) so as to mask the fact that the current environment in America encourages government dependence and discourages personal responsibility. Many people need help and should, by all means, get it. They should also be developed into individuals that outgrow the need for that help, if possible. As a country, we are perpetuating the problem. And correcting the situation does not seem to be a goal of this administration.

By the way, I myself watch a number of news sources, including Fox News. Has Mr. Bisbikis ever watched Fox News? Somehow, I doubt it. But he should.

Jim Fontana is a Ramona resident.

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