Ramona’s Trainer: ‘Tis the Season for the 3T’s

By Peter San Nicolas

This is the time of year the mall parking lots are full, the stores are bustling with customers, and the Internet is busy with online shoppers. It’s that most special time of year, the Christmas season!

I want to challenge you this season to share the 3 T’s:




Let’s start with TIME. Our time is a valuable thing. We only have so many seconds, so many minutes, hours, days, and weeks to live. What I challenge you to do this Christmas season is give of your time. That can look like a number of different things. You could help out at a shelter feeding those in need. You could, like the youth group at my church, head to downtown San Diego and hand out warm clothes and blankets. It could be helping that friend or family member move, or that elderly neighbor with the yard.

Let’s take a look now at giving of your TALENTS. We are all blessed with one talent or another. You may be good at some sport or some skill. You could share this knowledge and talent with someone else. You may be good at an instrument. Well, why not share that talent with someone this season? You could coach a young person how to play the piano, the drums, or the guitar. The key here is you have been blessed with the TALENT, now go out and share that with others.

Every Christmas morning after the once filled space under the tree has been emptied, and the gifts have all been opened, I sit back and think to myself we have too much stuff.  Don’t deny it. You know you do, too. Rather than spending your TREASURE on the things you do not need or could pass up, why not spend your funds in ways that would really affect other people? Why not find a family in need and provide them with a memorable Christmas this year? Call a local church and find some families that have requested help. Spend your TREASURE on creating a Christmas dinner, and getting some toys for their children. You do not have to be loaded with money to do this. There is always someone out there who could use a little help, just a little. You can really make a difference in their lives this year.

OK, Ramona, take the challenge and share the 3 T’s this Christmas season. Merry Christmas and I’ll see you in the gym!

Peter San Nicolas, Ramona Fitness Center owner, is an NASM certified personal trainer, Titleist TPI certified golf fitness instructor, and CrossFit Level 1 trainer. More: ramonafitness.com.

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