Judge sentences Jackson to jail, probation for receiving stolen property

By Neal Putnam

One of two young men who pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property following a Ramona burglary was sentenced Nov. 29 to 30 days in county jail.

The sheriff’s department said Garrett Paul Jackson, 18, of Ramona, will be released on Dec. 7. The sheriff’s department has discretion and can cut some sentences in half if inmates are placed on probation.

El Cajon Superior Court Judge John Thompson fined Jackson $1,264 and placed him on three years probation.

Jackson had been free on $50,000 bond, but was remanded to jail immediately after sentencing. He received credit for one day previously spent in jail on June 23 when he, Skylor Rocky McGee, 19, and two juveniles were arrested on burglary charges.

Sheriff’s deputies had been investigating 23 home invasion crimes in Ramona and apparently most of them were committed by two minors in the middle of the night while residents were sleeping. The cases of the two juveniles are confidential and their names are not public record.

At the Oct. 3 preliminary hearings of both Jackson and McGee, a judge dismissed a single burglary charge against both of them on the grounds that they didn’t enter the residences and only possessed the stolen items that were taken by juveniles.

McGee also pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property and he will be sentenced on Dec. 13. McGee is free on his own recognizance.

In Jackson’s guilty plea, he admitted to possessing some items that were taken from Tina Hayes’ home in a June 2 burglary in the middle of the night. She testified that her purse, wallet, cell phone, and other items were taken, but someone found her wallet and driver’s license and returned it to her.

Jackson is serving his sentence in the George Bailey Detention Facility, which is near the U.S./Mexico border.

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11 Comments for “Judge sentences Jackson to jail, probation for receiving stolen property”

  1. big bird

    if he was sentenced to 30 days in jail, why is he only only serving 8? i understand that he got credit for one day previously served, and that the sheriff has discretion to cut some sentences in half, but that still doesn't equate to 8 days.

    • Local

      This whole thing is a JOKE. Jackson and McGee got to Juvenal's to Burglarize 23 houses and they get a slap on the wrist. Rest assured, these two birds will be in trouble again. Ramona residents need to LOCK everything they own up. One good thing, their plea agreements are FELONY CONVICTIONS. So rest assured, their lives are RUINED FOR LIFE. The only jobs they will be able to work at are Construction. YEAH So this is justice.

  2. Truth Hurts

    So there is basically no punishment for these criminals. Carry on, move along, nothing to see here. What a joke.

  3. haha

    Considering Garrett has been clean for 5 months, he got a reduced sentence. So why don't you know-it-all's shut the hell up and mind your own business before you start assuming you are all knowing.

    • Local

      What we do know, Jackson and McGee are CONVICTED FELONS!! Could not happen to a nicer people. Good luck with life. Nobody will hire them. These Punks got what they deserved.

    • Parent

      Mind our own business? Excuse me but this goes way BEYOND youthful mistakes. These were home invasions and its just pure luck that nobody (Criminals or Victims) were harmed during this. Had they picked the wrong house, the business end of a shotgun would of been waiting for them.

      People invading our homes is our business, and 30 days in Jail is far to lenient.

    • SDCE_Resident

      "clean for 5 months"?!? You mean while in jail, right? Pretty tough to rob someone's house from there. So you're just saying that short of killing another inmate he didn't do anything wrong while in jail. Is that a comment on his behavior or a lack of options?

      Can we make part of his probation be that he can not come back to Ramona for 3 years? I really don't care where he goes, as long as it's not here.

  4. big bird

    i made no assumption, just posed a legitimate and heretofore unanswered question.

    here's another — do you consider 5 months to be a long time?

    • Local

      Please, Ramona Sentinel, let us know what the McGee kid gets on 12/13/2012

    • Local

      Did the Cops check to see, if these two Birds stole the Christmas Decorations in the Country Estates. If they are low down enough to go into someones house and steel, they are low down enough to steel Christmas Decorations. I'm just saying.

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