Everyone’s a Bulldog this week

Ramona High School’s 2012 football team is making history. For the first time in 39 years, the Bulldogs are playing for the San Diego Section title. In 1973 they shared co-champion honors with Army-Navy. In 1970—that’s 42 years ago—they won the championship.

It wasn’t easy getting where they are today, giving the players, their coaches, and their families and fans all the more reason to pop a button or two. They’re playing in a tough league, something their head coach did intentionally, and they’ve been up to the challenge, despite mid-season injuries that kept some players off the field for a time.

Damon Baldwin, the team’s head coach, attributes the accomplishment “to a tremendous commitment by our players to be ‘all in’ and really just focus on the immediate and not look too far into the future.” He credits the team’s 16 seniors with helping the squad become a big family, and he describes all the players as extremely unselfish.

“Everyone understands their role and works hard at their role for the goodness of the team,” Baldwin said Monday. “My staff is also extremely hardworking and cares about our kids as people.”

As Baldwin points to others, Sentinel sports writer Bill Tamburrino credits Baldwin with keeping the team together during the injuries and three losses and “making them believe…He has a master’s degree in exercise science, so he knows how to get them in shape.”

Former Bulldog star Ryan Morgan, who died after a motorcycle crash in June, has been a great inspiration to the team all season, noted Baldwin. “We know we have Ryan Morgan, No. 10, up above us working and pulling for us,” the coach said.

Tickets for the game are $13 for adults and $9 for seniors and students. Parking is free. Advance tickets may be purchased at the RHS front office or on Nov. 28 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the RHS stadium ticket booth. The game on Saturday will start at 3:05 p.m. Fans should arrive from 1:30 to 2 p.m.

This team is the pride of the community. When the Bulldogs play Lincoln at Escondido High School on Saturday, it’s anticipated they’ll have as many as 6,000 Ramona fans in the stands. The 2012 Bulldogs have proven Ramona athletes can compete with anyone. Congratulations and Go, Bulldogs!

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2 Comments for “Everyone’s a Bulldog this week”

  1. Matt G.

    Not to take away from what those student athletes did, but the RHS wrestling team actually won CIF last year and there was hardly any mention of it at the district level, the high school or anywhere else.

    While I applaud the football team, I am disappointed with the school district and the staff at RHS for the nominal mentions received by the wrestling team last year for their win.

    It is sad to hear all the rumors and whispers about how the wrestling coach and football coach don't get along and because of that the wrestling team suffers financially and receives very little recognition for their efforts and crowded dual meets.

    The wrestlers deserve more recognition for what they bring to RHS, which is actually winning titles with almost no financial backing or support from the high school or district.

  2. Matt G.

    Not to take away from what those student athletes did, but the RHS wrestling team actually won CIF last year and there was hardly any mention of it at the district level, the high school or anywhere else.

    It seems that the football team gets a lion's share of the money from the district in spite of other sports doing better than football.

    It is tough as a parent and athlete to hear all the whispers that the football coach / athletic director and the wrestling coach don't get along. The only ones that suffer are the athletes.

    Pound for pound, the wrestling team has a better winning record than the football team and gets less than a $1,000 per season for their efforts and almost no recognition for their accomplishments. It costs the wrestling team at least $6,000 per year to compete in near weekly competitions and tournaments.

    The wrestling team fills the stands on the nights of their tournaments just as much, by percentage, as the football team and neither the district nor the school offer up money for new uniforms; they are donated.

    I am by no means taking away from the great accomplishments of the football players, many of whom are wrestlers, but it is time the district and high school "share the wealth" with all the sports; some of which actually WIN CIF.

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