James Dukes Invitational Results

By Lynne Knowd

Almost 300 Ramona and Julian elementary students attended the first of four races in the Quadruple Crown Race Series, held at James Dukes Elementary School on Nov. 7.

The Quadruple Crown Race Series is a combined effort of four sponsoring schools: James Dukes, Mt. Woodson, Barnett, and Ramona Community School.

Fifty-five fourth grade runners react quickly to the gunshot, signaling the beginning of the one mile race. Photo/Lynne Knowd

“Our goal is to get all elementary students excited about staying active and give them a purpose in doing so,” said organizer Denise Beals.

“Regardless of their reason for running, we were amazed by the smiling faces at the starting line,” said coordinator Breeanna Purcell.

All elementary schools were represented in the first through sixth place finishers in the one-mile races. Top honors went to James Dukes and Mt Woodson schools, as each had 12 winners, and to Ramona Community School which had 14 winners.

Bradley, a Julian Elementary student, gave his thoughts about the afternoon race: “It was really good to get cross country experience. James Dukes is a great school for putting on the race.”

Each of the 282 runners earned participation ribbons for their efforts. Students who run all four races will earn a Quadruple Crown Race Series t-shirt in May 2013. Students can still register for the next race in February. Go to Eventbrite.com and search: Quadruple Crown Race Series in Ramona.

Following are the results:

Second Grade Girls

1st: Hannah Damm, Ramona Community School,  9:40

2nd: Madison Marriott, James Dukes, 10:11

Race coordinator Denise Beals awards Riley Colvin and Jeffrey Ramsthaler their third and fourth place prizes at the James Dukes Invitational on Nov. 7. Photo/Lynne Knowd

3rd: Hayley White, Ramona Lutheran, 10:16

4th: Annabelle Allison, Ramona Community School, 10:43

5th: Madison Mahaffey, Barnett, 11:17

6th: Lydia Dean, Montessori Children’s Elementary, 11:23

Second Grade Boys

1st: Travis Petton, Mt. Woodson, 8:06

2nd: Connor Klein, Mt. Woodson, 8:09

3rd: Collin Klein, Mt. Woodson, 8:47

4th: Diego Ramos, Mt. Woodson, 9:18

5th: Andy Purcell, Barnett, 9:24

6th: Gage Wilson, Mt. Woodon, 9:30

Third Grade Girls

1st: Mary Loring, Barnett, 9:31

2nd: Maddie Knowd, Ramona Community School, 9:31

3rd: Yvette Martinez, Mt. Woodson, 9:34

4th: Jadyn Hogan, Julian Charter School, 9:35

5th: Paige Beals, James Dukes, 10:01

6th: Addecca Lewis, Ramona Community School, 10:17

Third Grade Boys

1st: Colter Purcell, Barnett, 8:46

2nd: Billy Martin, Ramona Lutheran, 9:06

3rd: Mason Wrenn, Barnett, 9:09

4th: Christopher Allen, Ramona Community School, 9:09

5th: Chris Ruff, Ramona Community School, 9:29

6th: Zach Reiling, Ramona Lutheran, 9:33

4th Grade Girls

1st: Rachel White, Ramona Lutheran, 8:35

2nd: Ryan Din, Julian Charter School, 8:38

3rd: Elizabeth Denny, Julian Elementary, 9:11

4th: Samantha Sublett, James Dukes, 9:28

5th: Riley Gotowala, James Dukes, 9:29

6th: Emma Tunnell, James Dukes, 9:40

4th Grade Boys

1st: Trent Conley, Mt. Woodson, 8:13

2nd: Noah Miles, Ramona Community School, 8:23

3rd: Gioacchino Silva, James Dukes, 8:24

4th: Anthony McManus, James Dukes, 8:33

5th: Brendan McGuinness, Ramona Community School, 8:52

6th: Derek Pearce, Hanson, 8:59

5th Grade Girls

1st: Grace Knowd, Ramona Community School,  8:11

2nd: Amy Brown, Ramona community School, 8:13

3rd: Sidney Din, Julian Charter School, 8:37

4th: Faith Spieker, Ramona Community School, 9:23

5th: Maggie Schuett, Julian Elementary

6th: Meryl Hubbard, Mt. Woodson

Fifth Grade Boys

1st: Kian Hogan, Julian Charter School, 7:38

2nd: Dusty Flack, Julian Elementary, 7:51

3rd: Hunter Pietila, Ramona Community School, 7:57

4th: Aidan Reilly, James Dukes, 7:58

5th: Kyle Klawiter, James Dukes, 8:10

6th: Matthew Wrenn, Barnett, 8:18

Sixth Grade Girls

1st: Carley Reese, Barnett, 8:26

2nd: Kendall Purvis, Mt Woodson, 8:39

3rd: Carmen Ocampo, Ramona Elementary, 8:48

4th: Lexie Waples, Ramona Community School, 8:49

5th: Andrea Alcaraz, James Dukes, 8:51

6th: Ryan Alcorn, James Dukes, 9:08

Sixth Grade Boys

1st: Jacob Jovien, Ramona Community School, 7:29

2nd: Jack Clough, James Dukes, 7:35

3rd: Riley Colvin, Mt. Woodson, 7:37

4th: Jeff Ramsthaler, Mt. Woodson, 7:37

5th: Oscar Gonzalez, Julian Elementary, 7:38

6th: Cameron Klein, Mt. Woodson, 7:43

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