Things are going to get bad—real bad

By Tom Stephan

Obama has been re-elected by the establishment. Things are going to get bad, real bad.

Here we go, Marxism, wars, debt, and poverty for the USA.

We had a guy, his name is Ron Paul, who was drawing five times the crowds to hear him speak than Mitt Romney. For example, 6,000 people showed to hear Dr. Paul speak at UCSD earlier this year, with no airtime or press.

Mitt Romney not long after had all the establishment mouthpieces blaring his eminent arrival at the stadium. A few hundred showed. All that were heard were crickets.

Ron Paul’s message of liberty was captivating. He was gathering support from voters who were disenfranchised with Obama’s lies regarding ending the wars, closing Guantanamo Bay, etc., as well as from Republicans, Independents and Libertarians. He was bringing us together more than any other candidate. That without almost without any press, just grassroots as the news corps and TV news blacked him out.

Any ink or airtime that did get through portrayed him as a weakling or marginalized him as a kook. He was within the margin of error at one point. This was scaring the people who really run this country—the bankers.

If you believed the mainstream news as in the larger newspapers, radio and TV, which the crony capitalists own, then you may have that view of him as well. The establishment created a template for you to think in.

We in the campaign call the mainstream news the “dingbat” news, because if one takes their “news” verbatim, well—

Next foot to fall was the RNC (Republican National Committee), which refused to yield the floor in state after state caucuses. This after Ron Paul delegates won fair and square. The RNC changed its own rules in the process—cheating— Even going so far as to assault delegates physically and having them arrested. Total tyranny. This was the one two punch for our campaign.

Well, the RNC got its guy in and Ron Paul out. Where did that get them? Nullified, that’s where. Good job, RNC! What losers.

A large following of Dr. Paul were young folk, especially Young Americans for Liberty or YAL. They saw what the Republicans and the Dingbat news did to Ron Paul. They are not likely to ever forget this heavy-handed takeover.

They are the new rising star and future vanguard of freedom that will rise up from the ashes of phony conservatism. They will usurp the blue hairs who are already gone with the wind in their lost cause.


Tom Stephan is a Ramona resident.

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5 Comments for “Things are going to get bad—real bad”

  1. Elated!

    Sounds like one whack job talking about another whack job. Good bye, good riddance!

  2. Halthzor

    Right! Ron Paul is the perfect candidate. So lets make a third party, and compete with the Republicans so as to further split the right and guarantee the victory of the left. But wait!?! We just did that, didn't we! Except that there was no formal declaration of another party on the right. We just stiff neckedly stayed home and refused to vote for anyone not perfect. Way to go. Now we have another four years of consolidation by the left.

  3. EnufAlready

    Obama haters, get over yourselves, the majority has spoken. Let it be. Move on.

  4. Halthzor

    It's hard not to hate a person and ideology intent on transforming our country into some form of socialism, whether or not the majority spoke. What has happened is that the parasites have realized that they can vote in a party that will promise them all the entitlements they want. Take a look at Greece and the other european countries. That's where we're headed.

  5. HaterzSux

    Oh my prejudice is alive in Ramona.

    Must be nice to be so clairvoyant.

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