Ramona man, 55, dies in motorcycle crash

A 55-year-old Ramona man died in a collision with a van on San Vicente Road east of Wildcat Canyon Road Saturday at 5:52 p.m., authorities report.

The man, identified by the county Medical Examiner’s Office as Gordon Wayne Smock, was eastbound on San Vicente Road at a high rate of speed when, for unknown reasons, he lost control of the motorcycle and swerved into oncoming traffic, according to the accident report.

His motorcycle collided with a westbound van and he was ejected onto the roadway, said the medical examiner’s report. Bystanders immediately called 911, and paramedics who arrived confirmed his death at the scene.

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14 Comments for “Ramona man, 55, dies in motorcycle crash”

  1. Oliver

    Sadly, another dealth on this stretch of road. It amazes me why so many drivers think
    that the winding road is a raceway. Seems a great many drive "sensibly" until they
    hit the curves and then the speed begings along with tail-gating and "maddoging" the drivers ahead of them who choose to drive sanely. Then when reaching the 45MPH stretch coming into the Estates it gets even more exciting as speeds go up to 60 or more.
    Intterestingly, I'm yet to see the CHP out this way, but rather hanging in groups of 3 or 4 at the Chevron on Main St. instead. Love cops and would like to see a stronger presence.

  2. MEAgain

    Sad. I agree.People think it "won't happen to me". Wake up, smarten up, and use your heads.If you don't care about yourselves, think of those around you, who didn't ask to be on the road with a maniac like you.

    Don't let other drivers "maddog" you. If one is Maddogging" you, snap a picture of the license plate and forward it to CHP, it only takes a minute, then call 911 and report an Irrate driver, and they WILL get talked to, or more. Maddog or honk at me? I WILL go slower……. I risk my life for no one!!!

    • htnbumz

      SLOWER TRAFFIC USE TURNOUTS OOOO NO you got a pic of me. Lets send pics to the police of myselfs breaking the law by using my phone wile driving and puting others lives at risk. No officer he was the one breaking the law not me look at him "maddogging" me boo who

      • MeAgain

        Learn to spell before trying to talk about anyone. I don't use a phone in the car. I am never alone in the car. I don't go slow, and don't care about "maddogging". I was replying to another poster. Maddogging means nothing to me. Until you can underestand a conversation, stay out of it. Idiots that don't get it, will always be, just that.

  3. Ramona Girl

    Wow people, how about a sad day for family and friends of both parties? People do drive irresponsibly however let's be human and realize accidents happen and a family is devastated by this loss.

  4. MeAgain

    Wow People, how about you drive and be responsible, at all times. No one was happy about the loss, but so sick of people and their "high rate of speed". Wow, people, slow down, wow!

  5. Ramona Girl

    Your right taking pictures while driving and slowing down to piss people off is totally the right path. Good looking out. You should teach a driver safety course for San Vicente Road make sure everyone brings their cameras/cell phones and bad attitudes!

    • MeAgain

      Most ppl already have their bad attitudes, so that's no problem. I personally don't use a phone in the car, but as I am not alone, another person WILL take the photo if needed. A CHP actually said to take a picture of "the plate" once, as I wasn't the driver then, and the car in front was all over the road, got it now??? And yes they did catch up the the drunk ass. As for going slow, no, we drive the normal speed, but a honk, that will be ignored, or maybe I will slow down for "safety" if you honk it. If you are in a hurry….you should of left earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. MEME

    Why would the CHP be in San Diego Country Estates, most of the people that live there are or related to a cop. Can't give a ticket to another cop??????

  7. Oliver

    Okay, you two, lighten up.
    As you can see from my original post, I said "Sadly, another dealth on this stretch of road" and I meant it.
    The point of this whole issue is that if people would drive responsibly many of these "accidents" would be avoided, and it is unfortunate that many do not, and thus the problem. I don't agree that trying to take pictures while driving is any wiser than talking on a cell or texting, and driving responsibly could mean slowing down in situations where it is the prudent thing to do rather than one getting their juices flowing to see how fast they can drive on a curvy road, or otherwise speed where it is unlawful.
    FYI with skill as a professional driver, I could easily blow folks off the road in demostrating that skill; however, that would not be responsible or the smart thing to do, and it isn't for others, as well.

  8. Ramona Girl

    Well said Oliver

  9. MeAgain

    People need to read and understand before speaking. I guess I assumed common sense would tell you not to take the picture and call yourself, unless hands free.

    I forgot common sense isn't common.

    I never text, call, or take a picture myself while driving. My passengers will, or I, if I am the passenger.

    I apologize again for not remembering that common sense IS NOT common, by far. Thank you Oliver.

  10. EnufAlready

    Hi Denise

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