Casino players can use slot machines to ‘vote’ for president

Santa Ysabel Casino invites players to have a bit of fun with its new $10,000 Pick-A-President promotion. Customers can receive a commemorative card featuring Obama and Romney, earn votes for their favorite candidate, and perhaps win a share of $10,000 on Election Day.

The promotion aims to celebrate democracy while taking a fun approach to an otherwise heated and contentious election season, said David Chelette, the casino’s general manager.

“We know a lot of people feel strongly one way or another this year, and we want our players to have fun with it,” said Chelette. “The candidates gamble on our futures all the time. Now it’s our turn.”

The event centers around a free commemorative player’s card that new and current customers will receive. It features President Obama and Governor Romney against blue and red backgrounds respectively.

“Many people collect political-themed memorabilia,” said Chelette, “and this is a keepsake that people will be able to continue to use while gaming to earn votes and long after the election has been decided.”

Once players have their special cards, they can use them to earn “votes.” These are not real votes but points that customers earn by playing various slot machines and table games. Customers visit a kiosk dressed up as a voting booth to make their selection and even flip-flop if they choose. A running tally is displayed in real-time, as if the precinct-of-Santa-Ysabel-Casino were reporting results.

To conclude the whole affair, players are invited to return on Election Day, Nov. 6, to watch the real election results live and to receive their share of $10,000 in free slot play. Between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m., people can still continue to earn “votes” and will activate their existing votes. The prize is unique among casino contests, because the share of the $10,000 is directly related to the amount of votes a player has, according to Marketing Manager Chris Thomas.

“Essentially the more votes you cast, the larger your share,” said Thomas. “Simple. We even have an Inaugural Party the following Saturday with free hot dogs. “Elections have always been a circus, so we are simply celebrating that—and giving away money.”

Pick-A-President runs through Nov. 6. The casino is at 25575 State Route 79 in Santa Ysabel. For more, see

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3 Comments for “Casino players can use slot machines to ‘vote’ for president”

  1. Jonathan

    Sometimes in life, things aline so nicely, and, with so many people now coming around to call out Mr. Romney on his dishonesty, this is beginning to be one of those moments of such reckoning – where you just feel justice at work. People need to understand that regardless of being Republican or Democrat, Mitt Romney never had anyone's best interest in mind. He lied and manipulated his way up the political ladder as far as he could get and got caught doing it. Flip-flopping, spinning, distorting, and manipulating are not ways to win anything, and regardless of what you believe politically – let that be a lesson to everyone. If you are a Republican, own it. If you are a Democrat, own it. An Independent? Own it. Stay true to yourself and stand up for what you believe in. Tell the truth. Mitt Romney: your behavior has been an embarrassment and a disgrace.

  2. ugh

    Are you (Johnathan) confused on the spelling? O-B-A-M-A has been an embarassment…. you are absolutely right!

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