How does bond affect Ramona’s future?

By Damon Baldwin

Well, it is late October and the upcoming election is close upon us. I have listened and read all of the arguments for voting Yes or voting No on the R Bond.

One thing that has not been mentioned is the “fallout” that Ramona will face in our future if we do not pass this much-needed measure. If we want our local businesses to stay alive and if we want our property values to grow and not deteriorate, we better see the need for improving our schools so that new families and people will choose to make Ramona their home.

If we do not pass this bond, what does it say about our community as it relates to how much we value our children’s future?

I believe I have read that Ramona is the only school district that has NOT passed a bond in the past. This is why we have leaky roofs, 1980s technology, facilities that are crumbling, athletic fields that were installed 50 years ago, structures and roofs that should be condemned in some buildings, etc.

I have spent the time walking the campuses of other North County schools that have used bond money to improve their schools. Let me tell you that the resources, facilities, and all the positive change that comes with passing a bond makes a family want to live and purchase a home in that area to send their kids to those schools. What happens when people do that? Local businesses thrive and communities live!

Proponents of voting No say that their property taxes will increase. Yes, they will, but so will the value of our homes when the infrastructure and quality of our community improves. More quality people will move here, which helps support our local businesses. If we do not pass this bond, what happens to our community in the next five years? Do people sell their homes and move away? If this happens, our property values drop and the reputation is that Ramona is not a good place to live. Will people who want to move here choose not to because they see a school falling apart so they choose to move to another area.

Local businesses will suffer as less people populate Ramona and the community takes a reputation that it does not want to improve itself. As parents, why don’t we want our kids to utilize the technology that every kid down the hill is utilizing? Remember, one day our kids will leave the hill and have to compete with those kids in college and the work force.

Why can’t our kids in Ramona have the same “tools” in their lunch box that all the others in San Diego have? Does Ramona have to stay so “rural” that we wear blinders to where the future is going?

If iPads and super computers are the tools of the future for learning, then I want my kid to have one in her classroom. If my daughter chooses to play sports to better herself, why can’t she do it in a modern facility or modern field that is designed with safety and performance in mind?

When we drive out-of-town people through our town, what is wrong with being proud of how our schools look and showing the “world” that Ramona wants the best for its community members and children, too? The community wants to walk and jog on the high school track every day and night. Well how about helping to insure that you all have one that is safe, clean, and modern.

I know one thing. The small increase in taxes that each homeowner will get from this should not be the reason one votes No. Look at the future and how this bond will protect our town and insure that our town is healthy and vibrant in so many ways.

Sit and think about what happens if we do not pass it. The rest of San Diego and potential families that would move here and support our businesses and help raise our property values by home purchasing will hear the message Ramona is sending. If we say we do not care about our children or the quality of our schools, then what does that do to our future and our town’s reputation?

Now, I know there are those out there who are going to blame past financial decisions the school district has made as reasons the school should not get this money; however, there is new leadership in place now and any mistakes made in the past should not hold our children of the future hostage.

Please, Vote Yes on R and give Ramona’s young a chance for a bright future and watch how this change can help all of Ramona. Let’s see what the local gossip says in five years after all the positive changes are made. We’ve never tried. Voting No in the past has not worked. Where has it got us? It has got us to needing Prop. R!

Think about it. Think about what a No vote really does. iIt will not be good! If you care about our Ramona education and our home values in the future, then vote Yes on R!

Damon Baldwin, a Ramona resident, is Ramona High School’s athletic director and head football coach.

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