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Obama’s clock will be cleaned

Not only will Obama lose the election, but he will get his clock cleaned.

Because his political party has displayed such a void of intelligence that is equivalent to “drinking the Kool-Aid,” I believe the public will boot them out of the presidential office for at least the next 4 terms. Had they had the ability to call lazy, incompetent, and tyranny by name, the public would be more forgiving. But they won’t.

It’s hard to lose a job, have a home foreclosed on, see retirement distributions severely diminished, earn next to nothing on a savings account, or have to face the fact that they can’t afford the college education that they had always envisioned for their child. That child will have bitter memories of that for the rest of their life.

Carolyn Dorroh, Ramona

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2 Comments for “Letter to editor”

  1. Elated

    I think you meant ROMNEY!!!!!! Next time you might as well throw in the white hood and noose. By the way, what does crow taste like? Or how do they surgically remove your foot from your mouth? Hahahahahahahahahah! Dumb tea baggers.

  2. Zorro

    Do yourself a favor and turn off Fox News. It makes one stupid.

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