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Keep Ramona viable: Yes on Proposition R

Our schools in Ramona are in trouble. We have failing facilities, a bleak financial outlook and declining enrollment. For those of you that would like to save the $15-25 per month in taxes for the long overdue bond measure, you will probably be able to save even more than that if it fails. How, you may ask? With high gas prices, a school system run by the state, and deteriorating campuses, fewer people with children will want to live here. You can count on your property value dropping another 20%. Then you could have your property reassessed and pay lower taxes.

Someone willing to save $300 per year in taxes (more like $200-225 as it is tax-deductible) to ensure losing $100,000 in home equity deserves that fate in my opinion.

It is my observation and belief that 20-25% of people will vote against anything that costs them money in taxes. That means that a bond requiring a 55% vote to pass must get 55 out of every 75 people of the remaining electorate to vote for it. I encourage you to challenge your friends and neighbors to invest in this community and keep Ramona a viable community by voting “Yes” on Proposition R.

Scott Roulier, Ramona

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3 Comments for “Letter to editor”

  1. big bird

    Not sure how Prop R relates to gas prices, but higher property valuation really only benefits people looking to move out of Ramona. If I'm staying put, I don't much care if my valuation declines. As you note, I ought to prefer it.
    The school system is already run by the state. I really see no benefit in local control of the schools. It's a fallacy anyway. The local district just interprets and applies one state mandate after another. The state won't continue to gripe about everything it's telling itself to do (or will it?). Cut out the middleman and save $2.5 million per year in salaries. In 25 years, we'd save the same amount as this bond, and it wouldn't cost taxpayers a dime.
    What has the district done that the state can't? They've both created the same kind of fiscal disasters, and they're both seeking the same solution: more of our money.
    I will vote No on Prop R, and encourage my friends and neighbors to join me.

  2. Fed Up!

    Big bird I agree 100%. Never once has the passing of one of these bonds ever added any value to my property. It's just smoke and mirrors with these proponants. Let the state take it over. I no longer care. Also you can add the $150 that the state is going to get from us for fire protection annually ( nothing to do you fire protection ) and add it to this bond should it pass and I'm paying $400-$500 a year more and getting absolutely no benefit from it. If the district would have done it's job correctly to begging with and listened to the people in the past they wouldn't be in this mess. I have lived in this town for 60 years and have had it. I live on a fixed income along with many others in this town/county/state. Where does everyone think we are supposed to come up with the money? VOTE NO ON PROP R!!!!!

  3. Scott Roulier

    Fewer people want to move to Ramona because it is too far from San Diego given the high price of gas. Even fewer still will want to live here if our schools are lousy. Ramona is the only school district in San Diego County that has not passed a bond to invest in its educational system. A house is the biggest investment most people will ever have and I for one would like to make sure the value of mine doesn't go down even more. Your water bill will go up too as there will be fewer people paying for fire, water, and infrastructure. Too many CAVEs in Ramona (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) will vote NO; hopefully enought people will understand the state of the school system and vote YES.

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