Human trafficking, Prop. 35 on Republican women’s agenda

Intermountain Republican Women Federated will hold its annual Harvest Table Fundraiser as well as hear a presentation about human trafficking and Proposition 35 at its meeting on Monday, Oct. 22.

The meeting will be at Barbara DeGraw’s home at 3889 Daley Flat Road in Julian.

The Harvest Table Fundraiser will begin at 10:45 a.m. and will feature baked goods, jams, fruits, and vegetables.

Guest speaker Sally Westbrook, a Realtor with TL & Associates in Ramona, will share her passion for human trafficking. A Soroptimist since 2002 and a past president of Soroptimist International Ramona, she introduced the National Human Trafficking Program to the local club and serves as regional membership chair and a District Leadership Council member for Soroptimists.

In the real estate industry for approximately 20 years, Westbrook began her career in the mortgage industry. She is a Ramona Chamber of Commerce director and received recognition as the chamber’s Ambassador of the Year for 2009.

As a member of San Diego Association of Realtors, Westbrook served on the Government Affairs Committee and was recognized by Assemblyman Brian Jones for her community volunteer service.

In addition to human trafficking, she will discuss Proposition 35, an initiative to increase prison sentences for human trafficking convictions, on the Nov. 6 ballot.

Reservations for the meeting must be made by Monday, Oct. 15. Cost is $15.

Intermountain Republican Women Federated welcomes members, spouses, and guests from Ramona, Julian, Santa Ysabel, and surrounding areas. Those with last names ending in A through L may call Alicia Gonzales at 760-788-3626 for reservations. All others may make reservations with Sean Tenwolde at 760-788-6645.

For more information about Intermountain Republican Women Federated or the Oct. 22 meeting, contact Sallie McKelvey at 760-789-7332 or

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3 Comments for “Human trafficking, Prop. 35 on Republican women’s agenda”

  1. Norma Jean Almodovar

    If you really want to help ALL victims of human trafficking, rather than attempt to persuade adult women that they are victims, decriminalize consenting adult commercial sex. Then there may be sufficient resources to assist those who are victims of human trafficking into domestic servitude, garment manufacturing, agriculture etc. and the more than 8,000 victims of rape in California alone, and over 80,000 reported rapes in the US each year, and the over 12 MILLION victims of intimate partner violence each year in the US. But for most of these ‘anti- traffickers’ the only victims who count are the poor, illiterate prostitutes who don’t know they are victims. Women like me who stubbornly refuse to accept our victimhood because WE ARE NOT VICTIMS other than being victims of societal hypocrisy and police corruption. IN fact, the Ohio State Attorney General’s Office report issues in August of this year stated that the number one buyers for sex from juvenile AND adult sex trafficking victims were LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS. So definitely we ought to give law enforcement agents even MORE power to extort and rape prostitutes of all ages so that YOU can feel good about your ideological crusade to abolish all prostitution and pornography, whether or not adult and consenting.

  2. hem

    Interestingly enough, Norma, Prop 35 does not seek to abolish prostitution. It's purpose is to increase the likelihood that human traffickers are prosecuted in California courts. We're talking about the man who, say, tricks vulnerable teens into a relationship and then forces them to sell their bodies for sex; he keeps her captive by using regular beatings, psychological abuse, rape, and control of her money and identification cards. This IS happening all over California; I've spent countless hours building relationships with survivors of sex-trafficking, learning the rules and culture of "the game."

    One solidly good thing about Prop 35 is that by making the definition of "human trafficking" more precise, it increases the likelihood that actual traffickers will be prosecuted. Currently in California, it is difficult to prosecute slavery. Really. It's hard to believe, but it's true. Of the 50 girls/ladies I worked with last year, I know that 4 of the perpetrators were sentenced to prison time.

    California hosts 3 of the nations top 13 cities for child commercial sex acts (as seen in the FBI's 2010 TIP report).

    Let's get the bad guys/gals. Vote YES on Prop 35!

  3. yesen35

    Bravo Intermountain Republican Women Federated and the Soroptimists for your work to combat human trafficking!!! Yes on Prop 35!

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