Matthew Hedge living as transient

In early 2009, state considered moving
sexually violent predator to Ramona

A man who seven years ago became the first sexually violent predator from Atascadero State Hospital to be released into San Diego County was living as a transient in the Lemon Grove and Spring Valley areas today.

Matthew Harvey Hedge’s sexually violent predator designation was lifted by a court last week, and he no longer is required to wear a tracking device and “is free to live and go anywhere,” the Sheriff’s Department reported in a public notice.

However, the 49-year-old ex-con still must notify local law enforcement of his whereabouts every 30 days.

In November 2005, Hedge was released into the San Diego area after completing a post-incarceration behavior-modification treatment program. He was located to a trailer on the grounds of Donovan State Prison in Otay Mesa.

Two months later, he was returned to Atascadero after violating terms of his outpatient program by speaking to two girls at a local treatment center, lying to counselors and admitting to having had a deviant sexual fantasy involving a child.

In early 2009, California Department of Mental Health attempted to move Hedge to a 3,750-square-foot house in the 3300 block of Highway 67 in Ramona, less than a mile from an elementary school, two preschools, a Sunday School, and at least two school bus stops. The community, including the homeowner, protested, and the state canceled its efforts.

Hedge was convicted in 1989 of molesting two boys and two girls. He served a prison term, then was sent to the state mental hospital for treatment.

Megan’s Law permits law enforcement agencies to advise the public about the presence of sex offenders in communities as a means of helping residents protect themselves and their children from potential harm.

“This notification (about Hedge) is not intended to induce fear,” the sheriff’s advisory stated. “Rather, it is our belief that an informed community is a safer community.”

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  1. UwannaKnowMe

    There are several sex offenders out there, both announced, as well as unannounced. Do you think these pervs are really tracked at all????? Not very well…if at all. There are more than you actually know. Go with your vibes…mine have NEVER been wrong…never.

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