Detectives investigate shooting death

Homicide detectives are investigating the fatal shooting of a 34-year-old man at a home in the 1300 block of Walnut Street about 3 p.m. Sunday, according to San Diego County sheriff’s Lt. Glenn Giannantonio.

The man went to the home and got into an argument with the homeowner, who told investigators the man was a stranger to him, the homicide lieutenant said in a statement.

As the man and the homeowner fought, the homeowner’s adult son grabbed a gun from the home and ordered the man to leave at gunpoint, Giannantonio

said, adding that a struggle for the weapon ensued.

“The man was shot by the homeowner,” Giannantonio said.

Medics flew the man to Palomar Medical Center, where he later died. His name was withheld pending notification of his next of kin.

The homeowner and his son were cooperating with investigators and no arrests had been made as of early Monday, according to Giannantonio.

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9 Comments for “Detectives investigate shooting death”

  1. Ron M.

    Another shooting in town. Every week it gets worse and worse. people say it is bad everywhere … it is worse here.

    The root cause is drugs. Somehow Ramona became a hot bed of drugs. Awhful, just awhful

    Guess we will find out who is using drugs and who is dealing drugs at this house in the next couple of weeks. By then there should be at least two more herion busts like at the thrift store or herion users beating and robbing homeless addictes at circle K.

    After many many years here, it is time for me and mine to leave before we become a statistic. moving down the hill and I hope we never have to drive the 67 again. My kids are getting old enough to drive, notice the homeless drug addicts on main St. and now the schools have gotten really bad and they are talking about the State taking them over? what nexrt?

    • anne tiger muller

      I just read your comment, its funny i thought the same thing but I was living down the hill and moved up the hill. Poway has a major problem with oxi cotton and heroine. The crime is bad there too. It is getting wose everywhere. We can only teach our children, guide them and watch over everything they do. Good luck there is crime and drugs in every town. So sad.

    • Ramonan

      If you think your kids will be safer down the hill, you are in for a big surprise. There are druggies and homeless people everywhere. The info I have is that only Hanson Elementary is in the hot seat with the state. As a parent you have to teach your kids right from wrong and set boundaries. My children see the druggies and the kids who party and have made conscious choices to not be like them. BTW, no "H" in awful.

    • Musicmandaddy

      What a hipocrit you are, in one breath you accuse these people of being drug dealers and of heroin to boot, while saying it’s time for you to leave so you don’t become a statistic, and you speak of all the homeless duggies walking the street. How do you know this wasn’t a homeless heroin addict attacking an innocent residence?

      • Musicmandaddy

        They say they didn't know this person, they say he was acting irractic, he was asked to leave the property, got violent with the homeowners to the point that a gun was branished and they say he still wouldn't leave. Then this person tried to take the gun away and it discharged killing the suspect. Sounds to me like justifiable self defence. Maybe it does to the police as well because no arrests have been made and the homeowner and his sons have been released. Don't just jump to conclussions without all the evidence and so far this is all thats been released. But Ron your right about one thing you'd better move before it happens to you and your family and people accuse you of selling heroin, maybe you can move to Escondido where it's safer!!!! lmao

  2. BlindedByStupidity

    Well, if the man was in the home without permission, what do you expect. I would have done the same. When ordered to leave…he should have done so.

  3. Guest

    I too would have done the same thing. thank god for the second amendment.

  4. Musicmandaddy

    This to me sounds like a perfect example of a case of self defence or an accident because this man was intent on taking the gun away from this homeowner. so think about it, would you let a crazed person who came on to you property, Threatened you family, wouldn't leave when asked several times, started a fight with you and one of your sons, then when your other son shows up and asks him to leave at gun point he tries to take the gun. Now just saying he got the gun from the homeowner what do you think he may have done with that weapon, maybe kill the homeowner or one of his sons? Hell I would have shot the guy way before that

  5. MR. M.


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