Timeout with Tambo: Understanding politically correct sports interviews

In just the second week of the college football season, and after the first week of the professional football season, I am already tired of all of the clichés.

Every interview is trite, so I have prepared a glossary so that you can understand the clichés. Too many people are trying to be too politically correct in interviews but are not afraid to act like idiots on the field.

Team Leader: Makes the most money on the team.

Team Spokesman: Since football is almost an all male endeavor, except for one high school quarterback, a few high school and college kickers and officials, and one NFL replacement official, I will not be politically correct (which I seldom am) and write spokesperson. A team spokesman is one of the players who went to a college where attending class was mandatory and who can speak in mostly complete sentences. He has not yet learned to eliminate such verbal fillers such as “you know,” and “um,” and “dah” from his speech but can be understood by many.

Big time players make big time plays: The too-highly paid college dropouts can actually do what they are being paid millions of dollars to do on occasion. Or all of the money that we spent to get this guy in school is paying off.

Let the play makers make plays: Encourage the drama majors to go into acting.

He is adjusting to a new offensive coordinator: He has to learn the new names of the same plays that his and every team runs.

Bad Decision: It didn’t work. If it did work it would have been a gutsy call or a big time player making a big time play.

Seasoned Veteran: A guy with enough gray hair to make his head look like somebody salt and peppered it.

Old School: Something done the correct way with no short-cuts taken or a school with ivy-covered walls and a library.

Blue Chipper or Prized Recruit: A high-priced recruit.

Everybody’s All American: With so many All America teams being announced before, during, and after the season, everybody is an All American on some team.

BCS: Needs no explanation or the B.

Bowl Eligible: The NCAA has punished the student athletes enough for the crimes that they didn’t commit so they can go to one of the over 30 bowl games. Or any team that can schedule enough patsies to win six games even if they don’t have a winning record, or not one of the 28 teams that will not go to a bowl game.

Hail Mary: In these days of political correctness it is still okay to offend us Catholics. The play is a prayer that probably will not be heard or answered.

Cinderella Team: The players have small feet.

They are trying to maintain their current BCS rankings: A team that is playing its starters and Heisman Hopeful in the final minutes of the fourth quarter with a 50-plus point lead over a team that has students who actually go to class.

Heisman Hopeful: A player who goes to a school that spends more money on a sports information director (publicist) than it does on its library so that he can win a trophy.

I hope that this helps you understand.

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