Ramona Street Extension foes appeal to regional group

By Karen Brainard

Opponents of the Ramona Street Extension project appealed to San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Transportation Committee on Friday, Sept. 7, requesting that money not be spent on another design for the project.

The committee was scheduled to vote on the proposed final 2012 Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP), a multi-year program of proposed road and transportation projects that includes TransNet funding.

This photo shows a portion of the Ramona Street extension site leading down to Warnock Drive. The project is listed in SANDAG’s 2012 Regional Transportation Improvement Program. Sentinel photo/Karen Brainard

In the RTIP is the Ramona Street Extension, a project that would connect Ramona Street from Boundary Avenue to Warnock Drive, where a dirt road currently exists. The draft RTIP shows TransNet funding for the Ramona Street Extension totaling $3.853 million.

Ken Brennecke lives along that stretch and has been vocal about the many problems that he says will be created by building the road. He spoke during the SANDAG committee’s RTIP public hearing and said he warned the members that, if they approved the funding for the extension, they would giving the county Department of Public Works money to throw away on another design.

The latest design for the road project was the fourth iteration. It was sent back to the drawing board earlier this year after County Supervisor Dianne Jacob walked the approximately one-third mile site and said the topography and an aqueduct contribute to construction challenges.

“The real problem is there is not a real good design,” said Brennecke.

He referred to a report, prepared by Citizens For a Rural Ramona (CFARR) on the “Infeasibility of the Proposed Ramona Street Extension Project.”

That report, he said, was given to members of the SANDAG Transportation committee. It rebuts claims that have justified support for the project, and covers concerns and impacts to affected homeowners. Brennecke also brought a model that he designed showing the road topography and challenges, but said the committee did not have much of a response.

Ramona Community Planning Group Chair Jim Piva and Secretary Kristi Mansolf attended the SANDAG committee meeting. Piva said he pointed out that the road extension has been supported by the planning group since 2005 and is backed by the Ramona Unified School District Board because of school traffic congestion in that area.

He said statements given by the opponents at the meeting were misleading.

“I think some things were taken out of context,” Piva said.

The transportation committee unanimously approved the proposed 2012 RTIP, which will go before the full SANDAG board on Sept. 28.

Brennecke said CFARR was scheduled to meet on Monday night and would discuss the next steps.

“We’re not backing down under any circumstances because we can’t afford to,” he said.

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5 Comments for “Ramona Street Extension foes appeal to regional group”

  1. Too Many Cooks

    Why don't they just lay down some gravel and be done with it. Post disclaimer signs at both ends and drive it if you choose.

  2. Angry Resident

    Come on Piva! The RUSD supports this project! Of course they do. They created the nightmare we all live with every single stinking day. Can't get in/out of our driveways due to the congestion created by the new school on Boundary! RUSD was told it was a bad idea to build a new school that wasn't needed and that there was already a traffic issue that they were going to compound by %1000 percent. All this just because they wanted to snub everyone who knew better. I suppose you buy their argument that we should all vote to approve the $66 million bond in November.

    • Guest

      Yeah. Since RUSD is so great look at the mess they created when they made the ingress/egress in the same driveway at one location at Ramona & Rowley for the Ramona Community School. Just today I was stuck two blocks back on Ramona Street south of Hanson because the parents block the entire north bound lane trying to turn into the school to pick up their kids. Whoever thought this was a great idea is an idiot. Just think, when the RCPG gets it's pipe dream of putting through Ramona Street extension what a mess it will be.

  3. Fed Up

    If the RCPG is so hell bent on this project then it should be done right, not piece meal it. Ramona Street should be widened, flattened, for line of sight all the way from Boundary to Hanson with curb, gutters, sidewalks. The visibility on Ramona Street is horrible with inconsistent lane widths badly angled intersections (Ramona & SD Ave for one) and hills, etc. Adding more traffic will compound the issues that already exists especially with the speeding traffic the occurs all the time. The county has a habit of doing little chunks of projects and never completing a roadway project. San Vicente Road will once again be one of them. They will stop just east of Wildcat Canyon Road leaving about a half mile of roadway not completed. The stretch they won't be completing has had numerous fatalities over the years but whatnthe heck. Let's just leave it alone for now or maybe forever. The only reason some of these planners want this done is because there's something in it for them.

  4. Honest Resident

    We must complete this improvement for our town. Let's not permit a few misguided people who only have their own self-interest at stake to become obstacles to required progress. This is a long-overdue road extension. The blockers are just greedy and don't want us all to share in vital improvements to our community. Stop Blocking Ramona Street!

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