Nation’s fate rests in hands of ‘We the People’

By Darrell Beck

Like a blind man, David Patterson looks but he can’t see. So he claims he only sees “lunacy and partisan madness” in the tea party (Ramona Sentinel, 08-30-2012).

For the record, Patterson doesn’t attend the Ramona Tea’d forums so he must be trying to deceive the people, or maybe he confuses the peaceful tea party with the violent Occupy mob. If he did attend the Ramona forums, he might discover that the tea party isn’t a political party. It’s a voluntary movement made up of good, ordinary people who are doing what they can to influence the direction of our nation. It’s called “We the People.”

It began as a spontaneous reaction by lots of people who suddenly realized that something was not right with an Obama government that planned to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” This radical left turn provoked the people into action and resist Obamacare, unsustainable debt, and a government that was ignoring the Constitution and headed for a dictatorship. It was Obama’s tyranny that created the tea party.

The people didn’t want to be citizens of a nation where everything is free except for the people. The people wanted a smaller government, not a larger government. They pledged to defend individualism, freedom, property rights, the Constitution and the American way. They realized that to attain liberty and defend the nation we must support a strong military as prescribed by the Constitution.

Over the past three and a half years we have witnessed the fundamental transformation of America into a place that’s unrecognizable to those of us who believe in the Divine Creator, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the rule of law. Obama is pushing America into a dark corner where success is punished and failure rewarded; a place where we are divided by race, class, and creed; a place totally unacceptable to the spirit of the Founders, the Greatest Generation, the tea party and all other law-abiding patriots and Americans.

Since January 2010, Ramona Tea’d has held 29 free public forums featuring many nationally recognized guest speakers including David Horowitz, the Rev. Jessie Lee Peterson, Sen. Russell Pearce, Brigitte Gabrielle, Roger Hedgecock, Brian Jones and many other notables. We have discussed dozens of important issues, thus providing insight and education to the public, especially about the people’s duty to protect the Constitution and those rights.

We know we’re on the right path as our efforts have generated howls of complaints and name calling, including plenty of enemies on the left who are hysterical because the tea party has been so effective that we “cleaned the House” in 2010 and plan to do the same in 2012. We will continue our efforts right here in Ramona at the Mainstage, by holding free public forums on the last Saturday of each month sponsored by Ramona Tea’d (taxed enough already),

The fate of the nation is now in the hands of the people. For those who want to stop Obama from fundamentally transforming America into a banana republic and a nation of helpless victims dependent on government, we have one last chance to save liberty and preserve the Constitution, and that will happen when we go en masse to the ballot box on Nov. 6 and defeat Obama and replace that corrupt regime with patriots who believe in the Constitution, our liberty, our property rights, and the future of free America.

Darrell Beck is a Ramona resident.

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9 Comments for “Nation’s fate rests in hands of ‘We the People’”

  1. Proud Ramonan

    Amazing analysis and analogies once again by Mr. Beck. His righteous interpretation of the Constitution and dedication to the founder's guiding principles – or, in other words the ideals of promoting compromise, a stronger federal government to replace the articles of incorporation, separation of church and state, and representative democracy uncorrupted by political party or bribery in the electoral process – is right on the money yet again! Thank goodness for the Tea Party's unrelenting and uncompromising – "my way or the highway" – interpretation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! They even got such well-respected moralists and historians as Reverend Peterson, also known as the man who called slavery good for African Americans, and claimed that President Obama hates white people. What visionaries!

  2. M'Liss Comeau

    Why would anyone with a different point of view want to attend your tea party forum? Your arrogance and "holier than thou" attitutude prevent discussing anything other than your beliefs. Quite frankly,
    I would be fearful of my safety. It is people like you that will get people like me to vote against any person who is supported by the tea party.

  3. Oliver Woods

    Proud Ramonan, M’Liss Comeau, and Guest you really are dillusional, and I can only wonder why you are so accusatory when your comments are so hateful.

    And speaking of “Teabaggers” I’m surprised that the editors of this forum allow posts using this term to be printed as it is a vulgar term. Those using the tems know of it’s nuance.

    But, we only have to consider the source, eh?

    • Honest Resident

      Please stop with the Tea Party label! You're just a republican. There is no tea party on the ballot. The whole tea party thing is a corporate funded sham to stir up greater resentment against a popularly elected president whose policies are trying to stop the slide that W. put the country into.

  4. Honest Resident

    The biggest "Fundamental change" has been the super-rich turning the economy upside down for their benefit and fooling working-class voters into voting them lower and lower tax rates. Time to wake up. The tea party is a corporate facade.

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