Narcotics investigation results in nine arrests

By Maureen Robertson

A narcotics investigation that started in Ramona resulted in nine recent arrests, said Detective Tom Seiver with the sheriff’s Ramona substation.

Four of those arrests were Aug. 2 in Santee, where three former Ramona residents were taken into custody: Derek McLaughlin, 23, Dustin Woolsey, 31, and Joshua Dennis, 24, said Seiver.

According to the sheriff’s report, McLaughlin is suspected of possession of heroin for sale, being a felon in possession of firearms, and sale of heroin and methamphetamine; Woolsey is suspected of possessing a controlled substance, heroin; and Dennis is suspected of possessing heroin. William Tomisser, 22, also was arrested, suspected of being under the influence of heroin, Seiver said.

The four arrests occurred when officers served a search warrant at a residence in the 10200 block of Daybreak Lane in Santee, said Seiver.

During a search the same day in the 900 block of Hanson Lane in Ramona, Michael Gifford, 40, was arrested, suspected of possessing methamphetamine for sale and possession of heroin, and Tamara Delar, 20, was arrested for a felony narcotics warrant, said Seiver.

On Aug. 9, officers arrested Bryanna Ertman, 21, and Joshua Brown, both suspected of possession of heroin for sale, and Kyle Rodriguez, 19, suspected of possession of heroin, said Seiver. The arrests occurred about 4 p.m. in the alley behind Kahoots in the 900 block of Main Street, he said.

While the arrests may not be connected, they are the result of investigations started due to issues of narcotics being used and sold in Ramona, said Seiver.

The detective encourages residents to contact the Ramona station or Crime Stoppers with any information or tips about narcotics or other crimes.

“The public can call and report any sort of criminal activity,” he said.

Investigations sometimes take a great deal of time and effort, and, as in the case of the Santee arrests, start here and end in another community, said Seiver.

The sheriff’s Ramona station may be contacted at 760-789-9157. Crime Stoppers is at 888-580-8477.

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7 Comments for “Narcotics investigation results in nine arrests”

  1. You Can't Hide

    Thank you to the Sheriffs for taking out the trash. I love a clean Ramona.

    • Mike Hodges

      Yeah right look up all those people on the sheriffs web site. Over half of them are out and the other half will be out soon.

  2. Dwayne

    I agree. I must commend our Sheriff's, but our criminal justice system suck. They are back on the street doing the same. It's sad to see them arrested and then released and no punishment. Punish them hard now and maybe they will think twice later

  3. Grammy

    The current attitude is that if it is the first offense for drugs, it is okay to go easy on that person and require them to attend a "rehab" facility. Since this often doesn't work, that is why the druggies are back out on the street in a few days. Also, there are several "rehab" facilities in Ramona, and it may be that this is where the drugs are coming from to begin with. They need to be checked out thoroughly.

  4. recovering druggie

    Its not sad actually.they go easy on druggies giving them only a few chances to comply with the courts. After about 3 times getting caught back on the street using they will do some time. My name is only not In the paper because I bailed out that day and my charges are not for drugs so I did more time. But I’m currently working with the system trying to rehabilitate myself to live a normal lifestyle. Once a person realizes its the only way to be happy. They will stop using. Find a unboring way of living and see what the druggies out there are missing out on and it will work for you too. The courts and jail saved my life. And many of my friends. You just have to open your eyes to what they are trying to do to yours before you end up with half ur life behind bars.

    • big bird

      great testimony, rd! here's hoping your efforts are successful and rewarded.

      as for this week's arrest reports…quite a few repeat offenders here. concerned parents: familiarize yourselves with these names:

      Jones, Devin (M/W) of Ramona
      Reported On: 01/31/13 in San Diego County
      For: Other Drugs, Unknown

      Thrasher, Dalton (M/W) of Ramona
      Reported On: 01/30/13 in San Diego County
      For: Narcotics, Other Drugs, Unknown

      Espinoza, Jesse (M/H) of Ramona
      Reported On: 01/29/13 in San Diego County
      For: Dangerous Drugs, Other Drugs, Unknown

      Beahn, Daniel (M/W) of Ramona
      Reported On: 01/29/13 in San Diego County
      For: Dangerous Drugs

      Easterling, Dominic (M/W) of Ramona
      Reported On: 01/27/13 in San Diego County
      For: Narcotics


  5. jearuiz01

    good one

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