Two teens injured in early-morning accident

Driver, 16, had provisional license, suspected of being under influence of alcohol

Two Ramona teenagers suffered moderate to major injuries in a collision on San Vicente Road at Green Haven Lane early Sunday morning, California Highway Patrol reports.

The teens, both females and both age 15, were taken to Palomar Medical Center.

The driver of the vehicle, a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, is a 16-year-old Ramona resident who had received a provisional driver’s license in June and is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, according to the CHP report.

Two other passengers in the car, a 15-year-old female and 16-year-old male, were uninjured, said CHP Officer Brian Kattke. The driver also was uninjured.

The accident occurred about 3:35 a.m. when the Camaro, eastbound on San Vicente Road approaching Green Haven Lane at an extremely high rate of speed, drove onto the center median and continued a short distance on the median, Kattke reported. The driver oversteered right, and the Camaro started spinning in a counterclockwise direction, sideswiping a parked Toyota Celica, Kattke noted.

The vehicle continued spinning in an easterly direction, striking two other parked vehicles—a Toyota Corolla and a Ford Ranger—and stopped in the roadway about 600 feet east of where it initially left the road, according to the accident report.

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105 Comments for “Two teens injured in early-morning accident”

  1. A.B.

    Why are 15 year olds out until 3:30 in the morning!!!!?

    • Local

      Where are the Sperm Donner's? Because Parents would not allow this to happen.

    • Angry Resident!

      I agree, Where are the Parent's! Too many parents are trying to be there Kids "Friend"..BE There PARENT They won't like you, but its NOT YOUR JOB TO BE LIKED… It's not the kids fault..They are being Teen's..Of course They think "something like this could never happen to ME!" Its the parents Job to TEACH Them the reality of the situtation(Consequences)…TEENS THINK THEY ARE INVENSIBLE! They do dumb things!

      Things like this don't happen when parents do their job! There is a Curfew for Teen's Why were they allowed to leave the house? THEY ARE 15 & 16 !! Its the Parents Job to Protect Them from them-selves! KIDS Dont Think! The Parents are at Fault! I hope the Kids are all OK, This poor boy's life is ruined, It was his parents Job to Protect him from himself…..

    • no one

      also why does a 16 yr old have passengers in the car ?is it a law no passengers under age 18 for 6months or a year ? I no where my child is at night and that for sure would not be allow he is lucky no one died ,but i hope he loses his license for a long time and should treated as a adult if he wants to act like an adult Shame on the parents for sure!!!The way people drive in the estates anyway is way to fast and running stop signs none the being under the influence ,my opinion it was the worst mistakes I made moving out in the estates….

  2. Ramonan

    Throw the book at that little turd

  3. Elise

    Why are 15 yrs old out at 3:30 in the morning ? Because they are 15 yrs old and teenagers.
    What did you do when you were 15 yrs -18yrs ?
    Unless you have all the facts or you know these kids personally.
    Please refrain from making a judgement call that you have no right to make.

    • Ramonan

      Here's what I know: a 16 year old with a provisional license is driving a car full of teenagers. It is illegal to drink if you are uder the age of 21. There is a curfew for minors, 3:30am is not it. Some missfit supplied these idiots with the alcohol. Other innocent people could have been killed because of the irresponsible actions of this driver. Last time I checked , San Vicente had a posted speed limit of 45mph. I think I have every right to "JUDGE" the situation.

    • Local

      You are the status parent that is breeding these. Kids today are just IDIOTS and the PARENTS allow it.

    • Parent

      At 15 , I was at home at 3:30am sleeping because I had chores to do the next morning. My curfew at 15 was midnight on a non-school night, and I still had to check in with my Mom so she knew where I was.

      15 is not even close to being 18. Don't even try to compare.

  4. Elise

    Why are 15 yrs old out at 3:30 in the morning ? Because they are 15 yrs old and teenagers.
    Unless you have all the fact or know these kids personally. Please remember they are
    only kids.

    • Hover_Lover

      I can assure you at age 15 I wasn't out at 3:30 in the morning. Stop trying to make excuses for poorly made decisions.

  5. mlp

    Call me old fashion…..but I think the parents of these children should get thrown in jail. What the heck are 15 and 16 year olds doing at 3:30 am and what are the parents doing? Well the parent answer is easy – nothing. Throw the book at the parents and all of them not jiust the drivers.

  6. Fed Up!

    Let's see. Driving a 2010 Camaro, out at 3:30 am, had minors with him that aren't supposed to be in car with him, by law, drinking. Wow, what didn't he do wrong? I'll bet parents bought him this nice car that most of us can't afford just to keep him out of their hair. Obviously there are other issues. The problem is he's a minor so nothing will happen to him just like the kid from Santee who took two lives. I can hear it now. The road is to narrow, the road has a curve in it, there shouldn't be a center median there and blame it on other things that had nothing to do with the accident. Do I sound skeptical? You bet! I've been through it before with drunk driving idiots and there is no sympathy from me with this punk. I hope the two girls make a full recovery and learn from this lesson. As far as the driver goes lock him up and throw away the key. Oh yeah, his parents too!

    • resident

      He was driving excess of 120 mph, with my loved ones in the car…I agree

      • Question

        What were your loved ones doing out at 3:30am in a car with a 16 year old drunk driver?

        • caring person

          Agreed. They didn't even know the kid who's car they got into. As far as peer-pressure, it has to go both ways. Maybe the kid was peer-pressured into driving in the car while drinking & maybe, according to the mom, the girls were peer-pressured into getting into the car. Can't have it both ways. Let the families deal with this. We all just need to offer up our prayers & thoughts to all involved

  7. Lovin_Ramona

    You know, kids make mistakes. Adults make these mistakes all the time. The driver is an honor student and has NEVER been in trouble prior to this ever. He made a very bad mistake and will be paying for it for a long time. His chances of now going to a good college are slim. This will show up whenever he applies for a job, He won't be driving for years. Not to mention the financial impact on is family. This is not going to be an easy road for a minor who made a mistake. People need to understand that parents can't watch their children 24 hours a day and kids do get into trouble. Anyone who DIDN"T get into trouble as a kid is lying to themselves. The difference is, this kid got caught and impacted several lives. Before you pass judgement on the family, know that they are extremely active in the community and the schools, and there is very good chance that you or your kids have benefited from their kindess in the past. They have done so much for our local schools and sports organizations and through this tragedy, they still haven't stopped. Think about what you say before you judge people you don't even know.

    • Helen

      Reread what you just said, that it is okay to drive drunk , to speed, to endanger people's life in the car and on the roadway, if you are an honor student, if your
      parents are active in the community, if you have never been in trouble before, if your kids have benefited from his parents kindness . . .Really, a mistake, no his decision, by taking the car out for a joy ride, after curfew, while drinking, with other kids in the car (who are not blameless, they got in the car), showing how fast he could go and that caused his car to go out of control because he was showing off . . .He got caught because he almost killed himself and four other people. I don't judge people let the courts do that. As far as the parents involved, maybe they will kept better track of their kids, maybe.

      • Lovin_Ramona

        Helen, can you tell me someone who is "active in the community" at 3:30 in the morning? Your statements are judgemental and I didn't say it was OKAY to do any of those things. I said people make mistakes. The law has consequences for those mistakes and this child will have to face those consequences. But people on this forum are making statements about a family they don't even know. It's inappropriate. I was trying to highlight just a SMALL amount of their generosity and giving nature. I couldn't even begin to list all the lives they have touched. They are a beautiful and caring and giving family and they do their best to teach their kids good family values. Sometimes despite your best efforts as a parent, kids do make mistakes. They do things we aren't proud of. That is all I am saying. Lucklily, they are the type of family that holds their heads high and doesn't worry about what the simple minded Ramona people think. They are far better than any of the people posting on this website, including the victims family that has gone crazy with threats of violence and anger. How classy and distinguished.

    • Ramonan

      Once he's 18, his records are sealed. He shouldn't be driving for years but probably will once he's 18. It scares the hell out of me that it could hit closer to home. I have conversations with my children all the time about drinking, drugs, sex, theft, vandalism. They know the difference from right and wrong. I know who their friends are and also the parents. If the parents lack what I believe to be good morals, my kids don't go over there.

    • Karina Benish

      I was also IN BED at this age… 10pm was my curfew except the night of Prom.. and it was midnight that night. NO child should be out regardless of what honors they have. I wouldn't let my Grandmother or my Mother out at this hour on this road…. nor do I drive San Vicente at that hour… it isn't safe or prudent. Any sensble person would call the parent or a friend to come pick them up. We have a rule, if you are too sleepy/drunk/feeling terrible to drive… call. You will be picked up and we will deal with the issue once everyone has slept. These kids got hurt because one or more of them broke the ;aw. Period. Driving while drunk or under the influence is a crime no matter what age you are. NO EXCUSES.

    • Don't Get Me Started

      Let's be serious here. Mistakes are things that happen mostly out of our control. This was a deliberate decision to drink (allegedly) and drive, have passengers in his car KNOWLING he wasn't allowed to and to be out past curfew. These aren't mistakes. These were choices that were completely within his control. Clue in parents.

    • puppyted

      Wonder if You would be this understanding if this kid had killed Your husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, or sibling. Driving Drunk goes so far beyond being something that can simply be written off as "a very bad mistake". Cheating on a test, not setting your alarm clock so you're late to work – those are some examples of "bad mistakes" that this kid might have made that we could excuse. Driving Drunk, at any age, is the choice to not only disregard the worth of your own life, but think you have the right to choose if other people live or die. This choice of playing at being God, is not something that can be excused as "a very bad mistake". I personally hope that this kid never drives again.

      • caring person

        Okay. What if it was your son or daughter who was the driver of the vehicle, or do you think that could never happen? I'm sure the furthest thing from his parent's mind was that their child was going to get behind of the wheel of a car while intoxicated. You were talking about God, my friend. God would not want us to persecute this kid or his family. We should all be saying prayers for everyone involved, not passing judgement.

    • Pissed Off

      Sounds like this was written by the parents of the boy. Figures!!!!! Still in denial and will always be in denial. Start taking responsbility for what the kid did. He knew what he was doing and he knew it was wrong. Just trying to impress a couple of girls. DID IT WORK?????? NOT!!!!!!!

  8. stiteser1

    So sad! As the friend of the 15 year old with seious injury's family… I can only say my prayers are with you. It's sad that people can be so judgemental as to the character of the parents. This young girl is good kid and the parents are good parents. But since they are teenagers, they make foolish decisions. Unless you keep a leash on your child you can't prevent everything. As a parent, you can only do your best to raise them and pray that they have a good head on their shoulders and character. But since none of us are infallible, we make mistakes. Some more costly then others. As for the driver, WHAT WERE THE PARENTS THINKING of giving/letting a 16 year old drive a car like a Camero? He could be the best kid in the world, but this is like putting a beer in front of an alcoholic. TEMPTING!!! I wonder if he attended the Smart Class at the high school or if he just thought he was invinsable?

    • Angry Resident!

      15 and 16 year olds should be on a Leash!….Hear of Curfew!….As for the type of car..I've known of people falling out of the back of Pick-up Trucks, showing off at a high rate of speed……ANY car is a Dangerous Weapon. Parents should make that clear! They are Kids, They will make mistakes as u put it…..if I guess killing or hurting someone is a Mistake? oops! As long as it's not your kid right! There is curfew for these reasons, The Parents need to wake up! Its their JOB to keep the Kids from Hurting THEMSEVLES and OTHERS…3AM is not Acceptable for this age! iF THEY WERE AT HOME THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED! Maybe they should do a little less for the community and spend more time with their Kids!!!!!

      • calmdown

        They were are home, you seriously don't know anything about the situation. Please just stop before you blow an artery. The girls snuck out of a home that had parents at home too……..seriously….get your facts together.

    • Momof3inRamona

      Judgemental!! I think at this point we should ALL Thank God there was no INNOCENT person killed in this accident and to think we should feel SORRY for those involved is Ludicrous…Myself personally I Would have NEVER Been allowed out at 3:30 am at the age of 15/16 NOR WERE MY CHILDREN!! But we also were never handed a muscle car at that age either!! We were expected to have a job and pay for what we could afford as well as the gas and insurance leaving us no time to be out at this ungodly time of night/morning!! My prayers are also with ALL involved but this is a VERY SERIOUS issue way to many people DO NOT take serious AT ALL!! Take a hard look at the senseless deaths of Ramona Teenagers and argue with that!!

      • gripyourself

        Do I hear a little tinge of jealousy for a 16 year old kid and his car. Look just because you can't afford to give your kids what this kid EARNED by getting excellent grades and working hard, doesn't mean you need to hate on him. Your point is irrelavent. The car didn't kill anyone……the poor decisions did. Other kids at Ramona high have the same car, in his class even. Get a grip.

    • Lovin_Ramona

      He did attend the smart start class. And how ignorant of a comment. Kids crash cars and do this all the time. It doesn’t matter what type of car he drove, kids race crap cars and they drink and drive in all types of cars. He drove a camaro because he is an exemplary student who got good grades and stayed out of trouble. People who are making hateful statements are doing so out of jealousy because they can’t afford to give their kids these things. There are other kids at Ramona high school with nice cars, it doesn’t mean they are going to run around and race them or crash them. That is ridiculous. Do kids think they are invinsible? Is the sky blue? OF COURSE THEY DO? Anyone heard of Ryan Morgan? They bought him the fastest motorcycle that manufacturer made. They ALL think they are invinsible because they are kids.

    • Karina Benish

      I had a race car for my first car (Rambler Scrambler with a 390 racing Hurst shifter). I didn't stay out past midnight, I didn't race the thing, I did have passengers because it was allowed, however, when one of my friends tried to climb out the window to do something stupid, I yelled and braked hard until the car stopped, my friend came back inside the car with his upper body, and I had read him the riot act about being stupid in MY car… I didn't want to lose the priviledge of driving… so I didn't act like an idiot. Nor did I drink and drive… I was 16years old.

  9. Hooked_On_Phonics

    Good grief, people. First off, learn to spell! If you're going to post in a public forum (especially with such judgmental tones), try to look like you're somewhat credible. Second, kids do this all the time and have done so since the dawn of man. It does not make them bad people; it makes them hormonal, impulsive children. There will undoubtedly be hell to pay for ALL of the children involved. Yes, I'm referring to the girls, too, as they were not forced into the car, were they? And third, this is directed to Lovin_Ramona, this will not show up on anyone's adult record/background check. If it did, half of Ramona would be unemployed.

  10. Justice Never Sleeps

    Let's have some names, Ramona Sentinel. Minors or not, we need to know who is drunk driving around at 330 am. Honor student… great folks… for sure.

    • caring person

      The boy is a minor. No way should his name be in the paper. I just don't get how judgemental everyone can be, without knowing all the facts. Please, please, leave these families alone & let them work out what's going to happen next. You're just added fuel to the fire & helping noone. We feel for both of the families.

    • caring person

      NO NAMES. They're minors. I'm sure he isn't the only kid that has done something they regret. And he is an honor student! but he's still a 16yr. old with alot to learn. Unfortunately, this is a hard way to learn. Hopefully the girls will remember not to sneak out of the house & get into someone's car at 3 in the morning.

  11. Local

    LOL One can only hope that this kid and his family PAYS and PAYS dearly. I'm so sick and tired of hearing from the families and friends of these screwed up kids that gee, THEY MAID A MISTAKE. What a joke.

  12. Local Resident

    personally i think every person in the car is just as responsible. i go to school with him and hes a good kid, just made a bad decision. he shouldnt have drove drunk but the other kids shouldnt have gotten into the car. and its also another reason why i think every person should attend every 15 minutes at the high school. the kids in the accident we only sophomores and freshman. none of them saw the assembly and the toll it takes on you and realizing how important it is.

    • CheerTrash_of_Ramona

      the driver did attend the class and the passenger as well. The driver was coerced to pick these girls up. These are not the angels their parents want to believe. They were coming over to the driver's house to drink themselves. They were also seen out just weeks after the accident walking around the streets of the estates at night. These girls' parents better take a look at their concious and stop letting their greed drive them. Two of the families are broke and have no assets of their own, so they are looking for a nice payout from a good family. Makes me sick. The sad part is, they can NEVER take what this family has, because it isn't money that makes them who they are.

  13. TooMuch

    Can anyone in this town spell??? MAID a mistake? Really. Made. THERE? Really? Their. INVENSIBLE? Really??Invincible. No wonder the kids are morons, they are falling right from the trees. I can’t even read these postings! Caps and punctuation running wild! Keep your kids off the road and in school, and take yourselves back their too.

  14. Ramona Mom

    I have to say I agree, all of the occupants of the car are just a responsible. They were all out past curfew, no one put guns to their heads. A facebook post by one of the girls parents berating the driver and naming him was in my opinion wrong and self rightous. All of these kids made a foolish mistake.

    The best thing that can come of this is a teaching moment for all of our children how important it is not to drink and drive and especially not to ride with someone who has been drinking.

    • mother of victim

      From the mother of the victim and the one who made that post, I am sorry I bashed him like that on facebook. I was in the moment of complete panic and when I realized what I had done I deleted that post. By that time, everyone already knew who it was, it was no secret. I am still dealing with the fact that my daughter has some brain damage. She knows she made the biggest mistake of her life getting into that car and will learn from this. She was not in my care that night, she was at a friends house, I am not responsible for my daughter getting into that car. I know the story of what happened and thats all that matters. Those girls hurt, were the innocent ones and the only ones to get hurt. I just hope our teenagers in this little town we live in can learn from this terrible thing. Lets just all be happy that we are not planning 5 funerals right now.

      • Hover Lover

        While I do agree with some of what you said, you are responsible for your daughter. She is still your daughter no matter where she was.

        • Fed up

          So when you drop off your children to spend the night at a friends house I guess we should bring a pillow too? Get real buddy!!

          • caring person

            As I said before. Unless you're going to sleep with your 15 or 16yr old, you can only do the best you can in showing them the right path to go down. I know the driver & his family & these are some of the most non-judgmental, community conscious, people I've ever met. They're devasated about the event that took place. These are good parents, who's son decided he was going to go out & drive when he shouldn't have. Sounds like alot of people out there could use a dose of humanity & just thank god, nobody died.

      • Lovin_Ramona

        You are also responsible for your public statements. People say your true character shows under times like these. Notice the other families are not running around sending death threats and acting like animals. You should gather up some self respect and set a better example of how a parent should react. Of course you have those feelings, you are human. But there are 5 victims total in this situation including the driver (and don't even forget the families that are suffering too). All persons involved have these feelings but we don't post them on a public forum, especially when there are minors involved. You are an adult and you are judging a child for his decision making skills. Your decisions as an adult are questionable as well. Remember that. Did I see above that possibly you made a mistake? I guess even you are capable, huh?

  15. resident

    I have been to the 15 minutes thing at the High school, I attended Ramona High school. I agree it should be shown to everyone. I am close with the children in the car. No one should have been in the car, that is correct. They shouldn't have been out at 3:30 in the morning. But Loving the ones I was close to in the car, I am thankful they are alive. I am angry at the fact they put themselves in this position and I know they will be regretting it for a very long time. The driver might have been a good kid, but he should have known better then to put others in jeopardy by getting in his car and driving them….He did not have that much alcohol in his system to cloud his judgement that much. He put someone I love with all my heart in danger….and could have killed a lot of people with his stupidity.

    • rlg

      "He did not have that much alcohol in his system to cloud his judgement that much…." how enabling you are…shame shame!! ANY alcohol in your system is too much to be behind the wheel of a car, either for an adult, let alone a MINOR…. PERIOD!!! No drinking, no driving and how do you feel about driving and texting? I do agree, those that live in glass houses should not cast stones… BUT, do not enable an individual, no matter what age, to drink and drive… PERIOD. This "accident" may have saved the future lives of 5 individuals, may have not, but it was a lesson and for some (1) a financial lesson and for some (2) a physical lesson and for the remainder passengers a personal lesson… whichever catagory those kids fall in, lesson learned? Maybe..Maybe Not… and it doesn't matter their scholastic achievements, their financial status, their volunteer work… this could happen to anyone, anytime as a result of poor judgement and the result of consequences to their actions, whether those actions be negative or positive and in this situation, it was a negative outcome that could have been much worse… this was just a "freebie or an eye-opener" for those kids, parents, siblings, friends… this was no accident when any level of alcohol is involved, none age discriminatory… bottom line, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE !!!

    • In_the_know

      Just keep in mind, the driver has a lot of family in town and is also very loved. We just are choosing to show our love and support in private. There have been families supporting this driver and his family non-stop since this event. There were 3 sets of parents at the house that night and this still happened. You people make me sick, you cannot pass judgement unless you know all the facts. THE FAMILY doesn't even know the facts. the Schmitz have been posting 3 different speeds of the driver and the CHP hasn't even finialized their report. Show some class and self respect. Let the courts and the LAW do their job. You think your daughter is a great loving girl, well we could line the blocks with people who love and support the driver and his entire family. And we will.

  16. judy higgins

    Im a relative of the girl seriously injured. She doesnt drink and is a great student. Very shy loving girl. Unfornutiely she was peer pressured into that car and this kid who was driving drove faster and faster everytime she screamed for him to stop the car. It was going 125mph when it crashed and now this little girls life is changed. Has to take seizure meds now and her parents are worried sick. No you cant be there 24 hrs a day, but her mom is a great loving mom and her dad is a great loving dad. This girl has never been in trouble and is a straight A student. I dont have any symphathy for the driver.

    • Jes

      Why was she out at 3: 30am? If my daughter was out the late I’d be calling the police and checking hospitals. Assuming she was safe, I’d then I ground her for a LONG time. What is 15 yr old doing out at that time of night?!

      • judy higgins

        she was spending the night at friends house. Thats what the parents were told. I guess kids shouldnt have a social life anymore.

        • Jes

          I didn't say that. Don't put words in my mouth. I asked why she was out at 3:30 am. Reasonable question if you ask me. If you she was spending the night at friends house than thats great. I'd then ask why that friend's parents' let two 15yr old girls be out that late at night. Those are some not so good 'friends' to be spending time with.

        • anothermom

          Kids should be taught that peers who try to pressure you into doing the wrong thing are not friends… my child called me at 2 am one time because her friends were going to sneak out and tried to bully her into going with them. Instead she called me and I picked her up.

        • Hover Lover

          Kids can have a social life, but parents should still be asking the "who, what, when, where and why" questions. And they should know their children's friends and their parents! If I did something stupid because I gave in to peer pressure, my mother was grateful that I was not hurt, but you better believe she didn't make excuses for my behavior and there were consequences!

          • accountability

            Why is it fair for you to continue to make excuses for your daughter's involvement and you take no accountability for her actions, yet you expect this driver to "get what he deserves?" Everyone needs to take responsibility for thier part in this situation. Fair is fair. Your daughter wasn't exactly innocent and neither was anyone else (The driver and remaining passengers).

        • Judy_in_Denial

          Judy – the precious girls were on their way TO THE DRIVER'S house…for what? A 3:30 am Tea Party? C'mon….they have admitted they were coming over to drink themselves. Their greedy parents have convinced them to lie so that they can look innocent in police reports. They didn't act so innocent that night did they? Peer pressure caused them to get in the car? THEIR FRIEND arranged the whole thing and pressured the driver to go pick them up when they knew he had been drinking. THAT was coordinated bya friend of J.S., a kid who she still hangs out with! Nice! C'mon….wake up! If that is the case, we can say the same for the driver, his actions are excused because of peer pressure. SOmehow you think it only applies to the girls?

      • Fed up

        She was staying the night at her friends house with a mom who was supposed to be watching her!!!

      • fed up

        Know the facts before you judge, she was spending the night at a friends house that night, that family was caring for her…

        • caring person

          Well, obviously the family wasn’t caring very well for her. If you’re daughter is so smart, then she should have said NO, & not go out & get into the car. I don’t mean to sound so insensitive, but geeze, the girls were not without blame too. Death threats? You’ve got to be kidding me. I hope the parents called the police.

    • upset

      I was told the girls wanted to come out and join the boys. so how is that peer pressure? I was also told none of the kids were bad kids…. im sure to each parent ..their kids are not bad because they dont know what they do when they are not with them. Bad grades don’t make a kid bad, being late 5 min for curfew doesn’t either… drinking under age and being known as a person who drinks a lot does. What happened was not a mistake. they didn’t accidently drink or accidentley drive. No child should be out at that time. and why didnt the parents know what was going on? If some one died… no one could tell the victims family it was a mistake…. i know. i lost someone to a drunk driver. A murderer only has to murder once to be considered that…before that I am sure they were not a bad kid

  17. mad mom

    sorry folks…bad choices by all involved. however, bad choices or not, it could have been my family that those kids could have plowed into. i truly believe the parents are at fault, all those kids should have been in bed sleeping, not out drinking and driving. i'm offended and pissed off by the truly enabling parents in ramona who think "not in their back yard". come on parents…grow some huevos and stop trying to make your kids your friends. you have a responsibilty. my kids had a curfew, if they were 5 minutes late, they were grounded.

    • ignoramous

      And who watched over them while you slept? These kids snuck out of the houses that their parents slept in. While they were all home sleeping. Seriously what do you not understand about that? This was not a case of kids staying out all night or not HAVING rules. They obvioulsy broke the rules.

  18. Tell_it_like_it_is

    Seriously Ramona?
    You "ramonians" need to get off your high horses literally; all of you are alcoholics and coke heads that's your identifier around the county. I'm sure when you were all minors none of you ever snuck out behind your parents back and rode around with your friends… Oh wait that’s right when you turned 16 you all got horses for your birthday. This is a sad situation anyway you look at it, but it could of been a lot worse. Everyone in that car made a mistake there's no denying that, but to blame the parents who most likely didn't know they were drinking, let alone driving around at 3 in the morning is just ignorant. My heart goes out to all the families involved, and I hope everyone learns from this.

    • Jes

      Way to generalize and stereotype. Do you normally blame an entire community for the mistakes of a few individuals? You just as small minded as the people you are mistakenly accusing. Learn some logical reasoning. Pot, kettle, black.

      • Tell_it_like_it_is

        Yes I do blame the entire community, they have created a culture for underage drinking. When I was in high school in Ramona that's what everyone did every weekend, especially the football team. Ramona adults are notorious for drinking and driving its not a generalization look at the statistics of how many people living in Ramona over 18 have DUI's… I'm not saying its your fault all I'm saying is that you all have set a bad example and created this culture where underage drinking is the standard.

      • Country_town

        More than a few is who they are talking about let's be real. Did you read about that heroin bust recently. C'mon, the drugs and alcohol related crimes in this town run rampant. The only thing greater in numbers is the amount of horse poop.

  19. mother of victim

    Ok I happen to be the mother of one in the hospital. I know she made a bad decision getting in that car and she knows it. She had a bad feeling before getting in. A friend of hers called the girls and was wanting to hang out with them and said "their was a car waiting for them down the road. My daughter asked the person on the phone many times " "has he been drinking", cause we wont get in the car if he has" they were told NO. They didnt know the person driving. yes they should not have left. Its called PEER PRESSURE. They wanted out of the car, he just thought he was cool speeding all through town. From what I understand, during that whole evening, he was trying to get other girls in his car to show off. Nobody knows the whole story ok. I know it, and I know my daughter is suffering, still in the hospital and has definetly learned a lesson from this. My daughter was at her friends house for the night and I had no idea that this would happen. I could not stop this in any way. Teenagers are going to be teenagers and be sneaky. Peer pressure will always be a part of being a teenager. Lets all just be happy that no one died in this horrific accident. For those of you who know my family, know that I have already buried 2 children(babies) . Do you have any idea how I felt getting that awful call at 4 in the morning? trust me, I don't wish that on anyone.

    • concerned parent

      my heart and prayers go out to the families of those girls that are affected by this….and hope for a speedy recovery. May god bless them

    • Jes

      I'm so sorry your daughter is going through this. I hope she heals well. I can't imagine what this feels like to you or your daughter. It sounds more like she learned a difficult lesson in a horrible way. You and her will be in my thoughts.

    • motherofateen

      So sorry. I hope your daughter recovers quickly and learns a lesson from this. Thank God no one was killed. As a mother of three teens I know exactly where you're coming from. You can't watch your kids 24/7 and yes, when they are "supposedly" spending the night with "friends" is when the trouble starts. Been there, done that! To anyone posting your judgemental comments that hasn't gone through the "teen" years yet………..just wait!

    • teal young

      God bless you and keep your child safe in his arms until healed from this tragedy. As parents none should judge, as truly it is just as you say; they are still children after all.

  20. caring person

    I wish everyone would stop playing the "blame game" & realize all of the those kids shouldn't have done what they did & thank god nobody died. I sympathize with the girls that were hurt & with the driver who, without a doubt, made a bad judgement call. These are 16 yr olds we're dealing with here. Driver shouldn't have been drinking & out in a car at 3am & the girls shouldn't have gotten into that car, & shouldn't have been out at 3am. The girls learned a lesson in "peer pressure", (no one put a gun to their heads, making them get into the car) & the driver will pay dearly for driving while drinking. Our prayers are with all of those involved.

  21. Angry Resident!

    I Quote "My daughter was at her friends house for the night and I had no idea that this would happen." ?? Sleep overs at this age are a little over the top "Elementary School Kids" do this…These Kids are in HIGH SCHOOL.. Kids will be sneaky & tell you that they are at "Ambers" house & LIE! They even have there friends call their Parents & Lie pretending to be A "Parent" or THE "Parent" of their Friend! Where was your daughters friends Parents? Did you talk to them before she went there and make it clear she was not to leave, at any time? That she was there for the Night. Where were the ADULTS?

  22. Angry Resident

    This is not an excuse! It's a cop out! Peer Presure is a problem, has and will always be a problem, but just because So & So does it, it doesnt make it Right! Your Job is to Protect her Even when you have to be a Mean Mommy and tell her NO WAY! Come on Really? Sounds Like your the One with the PEER Presure Issues, "Cool Mom"…I'm sorry for the loss of your babies, I really am, but Im sick of hearing about these young kids getting into such horrific circumstances, I don't even know your daughter and I care deeply, I dont wish any of this on anyone, You, Her, Her Father, Her Brothers, sisters, & friends, or the community shes growing up in! I would'nt be writing this, If I did not Care! She is our next generation, Thank God! none of the kids in this accident were killed or mamed… I hope they all learned a lesson about PEER Presure,,, is it worth it?

  23. Angry Resident

    Its your job to say "I don't care what they do, we dont do that in our home or under my watch!" " I need to meet your friends Parents and have an understanding or there will be "" to Pay! " If they can't respect my rules / or the LAW on Curfew! You won't be going there.. End of Story! "She made a bad decision" SHES 15 She WILL make Bad Decisions, Expect That?? SHE IS NOT AN ADULT YET… Wake Up!

  24. in-the-know

    Just as you say there is peer pressure, there is peer pressure to drink, there is peer pressure to drive fast, these kids have peer pressure all around them. Don't be so ignorant as to think your precious angel daughter is the only one who suffers from it. All these kids experience it, all these kids made a mistake. Just as you thought she was safe and home, so did the parents of the driver. BOTH of you were wrong. Something to think about: The driver has the physical make up and body weight of an adult. He is a large football player. His BAC was UNDER THE LEGAL LIMIT for an adult his exact same size. So if he was an adult he wouldnt have been in trouble, he would have been under the legal limit. Think about that. The problem here was the speed. I spoke with a close relative at CHP. His speed caused him to loose control. Once alcohol was mentioned, then it automatically changed the course of the investigation because he is a minor. But blood alcohol levels are based on number of drinks and weight. He made a stupid mistake and very serious one. But then again, many, if not all of us have as kids.

  25. shame_on_you

    Are you serious Ramona Sentinel? You won’t post where this alcohol was purchased? That’s big news and all these parents need to know and be forewarned. How sad that you have filtered my message. It is entirely relavent to this matter. These werent’ the first kids to purchase alcohol without an ID either. Shame on you!

  26. sad

    Thing like this happen all the time. Most of you have missed the big picture in failing to realize the importance of nobody being hurt. Im sure this has never happened to any of you…. Then again, spending most of your time judging others on a public forum would not allow time for you to make a mistake… as for those tooting their own horns on what they did when they were young and how the NEVER got in trouble, even when driving a muscle car, don’t be so narcissistic. This is not about you or anyone on this forum other then the families that this has impacted. Congrats on bad mouthing the children involved, as if their lives havent been changed enough. Im sure your opinions really matter people… to you. And thats it, so the next time you decide to pass judgement on people you dont know, think about how stupid YOU look to the rest of the world

  27. Deny

    It really makes me SICK to hear the judgmental tone, Jeez like you all out there have perfect kids that never do a darn thing wrong. WOW! REALLY?

  28. Vic

    Granted this is a bad situation for all involved. All you who are posting judgmental statements, what were you doing at 15 and 16 during your summer? Think about that and now make a statement.

    • caring person

      I'm glad we're not the only family who feels the way, denny, vic & sad feel. My god, people, these are kids we're talking about, not grown adults. We all made mistakes at their ages. Nothing was right about this situation. Nobody should have been behind the wheel of the car, drinking & with other kids in the car. The girls shouldn't have gotten into their car when they didn't even know the boys. (sorry, there's got to be blame there too). None of these kids should have been sneaking out of the house, but unless you're going to sleep with your 16yr old, they'll find a way to go & do what they want to do. Please stop judging only the driver. Stupid, yes!! Dumb kids, absolutely!

  29. Ramona Mom

    Really people! The parents are responsible for this? The teen years are some of the most hellish we as parents have to endure. I know this from experience, trust me. Can you account for every minute of what your teen is doing when they're with "friends"?You can teach your kids only so much before peer pressure takes over. They do think for themselves and don't always make the right choices…………that's where they learn and grow. Quit with the judgements when you don't have a clue.

  30. Grain

    To mother of victim,
    You really shouldn't feel like you have to explain yourself to a bunch of nameless people on a message board. This is the internet, people are going to post their opinions, but you don't have to answer them. I am sorry your daughter is hurt. I pray she recovers fully. I will bring her up in prayer at church tonight. Some serious things going on, and I think that you are blessed to still have your daughter here to love and hold. Thank God for that. What happens between you and these other families is no buisiness of ours.

    • guest

      Well, Grain, I beg to differ with you about "what happens is between you and these other families", because if my family or I were on that road with those drunken, underage, provisionally licensed teens, it could be one of US who lie injured or dead.

    • accountability

      Can you bring up in prayer that she find a more forgiving and self respecting way to express her anger as well? Instead of posting derrogatory information and death threats against the driver? That would be great too.

  31. r.s

    Father of 4 kids in Ramona, I 've lived in Ramona for 36 years, all of my kids grew up in Ramona, in all the years of having kids out and about, too many deaths, and injuries, to teens and adults alike, I have come to realize one thing, LOVE THEM RIGHT NOW WITHOUT JUDGEMENT, We don't have any control of life's grabbag. Hug them, keep them close as you can, if you do, it won't control what can happen .Who needs love than a child , We can just love , enjoy, the moment we have with these great kids.

  32. MamaBear

    Heres a thought…Lets pull together as a community and stop judging one another.Lets be grateful that we have 5 teens alive today.Lets this be a learning experience for all.Drop a card to those involved. Make a donation to Madd, the program every 15 mins, or make a meal for one of these families, pick up your phone and tell your loved ones you love them today.As a mamabear of a teenager, they do make mistakes and so do their peers in our tight family community of Ramona.We need to pull together.. not apart

  33. Pissed Off

    …all you people that are defending this … who was driving under the influence and out at 3:00 a.m in the morning, driving with a provisional driver’s license. What is wrong with you parents? You are lucky no one died in this accident that never should have happened in the first place. Your son is okay yet the girls he hurt will probably have a lot of problems to deal with the rest of their lives. Yes, we all make mistakes but this MISTAKE never should have happened in the first place and I blame the parents. If the parents would have been “parents” and been there for their son as “parents” and guided him in the right direction, this would never have happened. When I was 16, I didn’t have all the technology crap or a car that the kids have today. Nothing was ever handed to me on a silver platter and I earned and paid for everything I had and respected my parents. I did not act like a pathetic loser and hurt my parents by doing something I knew was WRONG.

  34. Pissed Off Continued

    Start taking responsibility for the choice you made when you got behind the wheel of your car under the influence, getting into an accident and hurting two innocent girls. Get a life and grow up and parents, start being PARENTS. Watch your children.

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  36. SanVicenteInn

    I wonder how her employer would feel if they knew she was posting derrogatory slander and death threats against a minor? Wonder if she would still be employed?

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