3rd Street Grill moves to Daniel’s West

3rd Street Grill’s mobile kitchen sits in the parking lot at Daniel’s West on state Route 67. Owner Jim McWhorter plans to reopen there in two to three weeks. Sentinel photo/Karen Brainard

By Karen Brainard

3rd Street Grill, the colorful mobile kitchen that sat at Main and Third streets, has moved to Daniel’s West, a convenience store at 17718 state Route 67.

Ramonan Jim McWhorter said he hopes to reopen 3rd Street Grill at its new location in two to three weeks.

McWhorter said he is teaming up with Daniel’s West owner Dan Vengler.

“He’s a good businessman,” McWhorter said of Vengler. “He’s fair. He’s honest. We feel like we create synergy together.”

3rd Street Grill opened in February 2010 and business did well until October 2011, said McWhorter. Then, within a month, business dropped to a third of what it had been, he said. Rain also hurt the business because it primarily had outdoor dining.

He plans to move some of his tables under the oak tree at the new location and will be able to use the covered patio dining area at Daniel’s West.

McWhorter also intends “to take full advantage of traffic in the morning.” Plans include a coffee cart and adding non-messy breakfasts-to-go for commuters.

Some of his signature items, such as the Baldwin Burger and sweet potato fries, will remain on the menu, he noted.

McWhorter bought the property at Third and Main in 2007 with plans for a full service restaurant in the 100-year-old house on the site. The downturn in the economy and numerous obstacles led him to open the mobile kitchen to bring in revenue while refurbishing and updating the house to meet code requirements. The house formerly held an Italian restaurant.

McWhorter said he finally had to walk away from the property, even with thousands of dollars of improvements invested, and it will revert back to its previous owners.

Faced with making payments on the property or paying his employees, McWhorter said he chose the people who worked for him.

“All my employees got paid every dime they earned,” he said.

McWhorter is excited about his new venture and new location.

“It’s a positive thing. It’s going to be successful,” he said.

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  1. Mario & Keri

    Jim, we wish you the best of luck and look forward to the breakfast on my way down the hill. I hope I speak for all Ramona, we'll support you where ever you are… not sure if you need to change the name now though… keep making amazing food.

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