—Capitalism versus socialism—

By Jim Tapscott

There is war going on in this nation, a war of economic and social ideology. It is evident in local, state, and federal government.

We who live in California at times seem to be in the middle of the conflict. California had always been the birthplace of innovative ideas, earning its name as the “Golden State.” Today the gold is very thin and the gleam is fading fast.

We are being inundated with ads from Governor Brown asking us “to take a stand” for California. By “taking a stand” he is asking us to vote on a proposition to raise taxes “to save the schools and emergency services.” The ad tells us that he has cut spending as much as possible and now we must “take a stand”— pay more taxes. It is a lie! Spending has increased from last year and will increase as long as we fall for this deception.

Look up the budgets for the past years and you will see the truth. Tell me where you see a smaller budget. A huge part of that problem is the obligation to the public service unions, which has caused the bankruptcies of several California cities. They will not be the last. That particular issue will be addressed in the near future.

This mindset is at the heart of the war of ideology. Our governments continue to create programs, to institute regulations to save us from ourselves, and tell us what we can/cannot eat, what kind of transportation we should use, how we are to educate our children, and how we are to think. This is at the heart of every one of the –isms: Communism, Fascism, Nazism, and Socialism. Those who embrace these ideologies KNOW what is best for us. To undermine our Constitutional Republic they must replace personal responsibility, morality, and individuality with victimization, moral neutrality, and dependence on government largesse. Opportunity to achieve and excel is replaced by equal outcome. History is rewritten to fit the desired viewpoint.

In a capitalistic society you have the opportunity to succeed or fail, the opportunity to make bad choices and accept the consequences. In a capitalistic society you are not guaranteed success. In a socialistic society, the government decides what is good, what is acceptable, and what the desired outcome is. Failure of a particular program or directive is met with more control and more spending. The examples of these failures are too numerous to list. However I will list a few:

The war on poverty. How many trillions have been spent? Has the war been won? Why not? Will it be solved by spending even more money? Every day we hear pleas or demands that we spend more. Is the goal spending, results, or control? You make that call.

Department of Education: Has it improved our education system? Every year we spend more money and implement more goals, programs, and directives mandated by the feds and special interest groups. Yet our students’ scholastic abilities continue to fall behind the rest of the world, in particular in science and mathematics. In larger cities the dropout rate continues to rise and in minority communities it exceeds 50% +. The answers from the socialist: implement more programs and spend more money. Is that the answer?

EPA: This agency may be the most destructive to our economy than any other. Under the guise of saving the earth or endangered species we have destroyed whole industries in some areas. The steel industry was almost regulated out of existence and strapped to old technologies by the unions. The spotted owl decimated the logging industry in the Northwest. Saving the delta smelt shut down farms in the most productive agriculture area in California. Once thriving farm land has become a dust bowl. Unemployment in the counties affected is in the 30% to 40% range. This subject alone has enough examples to fill several novels.

Department of Energy: Somewhere back in its beginning, its purpose was to make us less dependent on imported energy. Have they been successful in that endeavor? Green energy schemes have been mandated. We have poured hundreds of billions into this industry. Was this cronyism? How many have gone bankrupt or did not deliver what they were supposed to deliver? Regulations spawned by EPA and supported by the Energy Department have increased the cost of energy 3, 4, or 5 times. Do you think our energy costs or problems have been solved?

It has been 30+ years since a new refinery has been built. Stringent regulations on coal usage are forcing the closing of many coal powered electric plants. What are they to be replaced with? Solar panels? Wind machines? Provided that the EPA would approve the installation of them, which will be a problem, how many of each would it take to replace ONE coal powered electric plant? Will they be cost effective? And of course, nuclear is out of the question, in their mind.

All of the above is a product of a socialistic society.

A capitalistic society and economy was what we used to have. Capitalism, coupled with unfettered ingenuity, a moral consensus, and the guts to take a chance is what brought this country to a position of leadership in the world. Why do you think so many want to come here?

That unique spirit is in danger of being destroyed from within, and with its demise will be the demise of our Constitutional Republic. I am not advocating that we remove all regulations. That is what the other side would have you believe. We need to use, dare I say it, common sense! That is something that has been lost as our society has succumbed to the “wisdom of the experts and elitists.” Every “crisis” is met with mandates and regulations that stifle ingenuity and excellence. I could go on forever but here is what I would suggest. We have a marvelous tool that American ingenuity has given us—the computer. Research what I have written and compare it to the socialist agenda. Make an informed decision.

In addition, you could attend Ramona TEA’d’s forum on Saturday, July 28, from noon to 2 p.m. The subject is Capitalism vs. Socialism. Our speakers will be Igor Birman, a Russian immigrant who defected from a socialist country to a capitalistic country and succeeded. He will tell you how that happened. Also, Mike Slater, radio talk show host from KFMB will MC and speak as well. It will be worth your effort to be there.

For more information go to www.ramonatead.com

Jim Tapscott is a Ramona resident.

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7 Comments for “—Capitalism versus socialism—”

  1. Wingnut

    A Christian-ish socialism… doesn't DO competing… its a cooperating thing. So to place a PROPER socialism into a competing paradigm (your war thing) shows that you don't understand proper socialism. You can't even ask the right questions because you are programmed into a competer's frame of mind… by capitalism. Even your versions of 'succeed', 'fail', and 'leadership', are defined monetarily, and contain no horse logic, human happiness, love, and fairness facets. And I suspect that you have not noticed that not a single other creature on the entire planet… uses economies. Poverty… is caused by price tags blocking access to survival supplies, and price tags… are a capitalism/economy caused thing.

    In my opinion, its the use of economies (money, ownership, price tags) that causes all the problems. Not one other living creature on the entire planet… uses economies. Why do capitalists? Are economies really needed? Are systems that promote competing… wanted/needed?

    Think about competitive systems as racing, for a moment, if you will. There's the old stale adage… "It takes money to make money". Now apply it to racing/competing systems such as capitalism/car racing. It takes a big motor… to win races. It takes winning races… to afford big motors. In other words, in capitalism and car racing, the folks who are good at racing… will always win at racing. The folks who are not good at racing, will rarely win. Now what if… the race was to see who could be the most cooperative (opposite of competitive)? First off, cooperators HATE racing… and its against everything they stand for. I should know… I'm a proud cooperator… and I abhor racing. A big-dog cooperator is altruist. They/we always look out for the others' needs/wants FIRST, and always place themselves last. Cooperators want to make sure that everyone crosses the finish line at the same time… and often, before THEY do. That's fairness/love. Although cooperators never compete, IF they did, it would be a competition to see which could put forth more effort to help others cross the finish line ahead of them. In other words, cooperators might compete to see who could be the most cooperative. Love-competing. Altruism (and Christianity/other love-based religions).

    So, when the USA and many other parts of the world… have decided that a competing/racing system is the proper way, then guess what. The folks who are best at racing/competing, will consistently be way out front. And since the folks with all these monetary and property winnings… are stern competers… they are unlikely to give away "their" (ownership) earnings to late finishers and to folks who hate/refuse racing… because that's not the way of a stern competer.

    In pyramid systems such as capitalism and even in playground pyramids (both always collapse and hurt those on the bottom)… the strife is to get a leg UP, not a leg down. Competer folks tend not to seek the nobility and pride of being a strong bottom-layer foundation member of a pyramid. They instead tend to seek the "heads in the clouds" monetary powers and luxuries of climbing high. And when many are racing to climb high, the tops of pyramids get top heavy, and put enormous excess strain on the bottom layer foundation people. The weight of the world's knees is on/in their backs, and they get crushed, and the racing pyramid collapses, just like capitalism's pyramid is doing. Wise mothers everywhere know that the kids should NEVER be allowed to build pyramids of people… its exploitive upon the strong foundation layers. Yet childhood pyramids are seen all the time, including in cheerleading… and rarely does a parent stand up and say STOP IT RIGHT NOW like we all know should be done.

    Don’t get yourself welded to a certain type of socialism, especially to a socialism that uses an economy. Think beyond the programming. You surely see the Columbian Freemason pyramid scheme symbol on the back otf the USA dollar… and you see the USA gov located in a district of Columbia and not part of the USA proper. Capitalism/economies are a sham/con… one whose inventors are long-ago dead of old age, so don't bother with the lynch mob mentality that you competer's love so much. Its now time to get clean of the tradition/programming… before the pyramid collapses. Think Team Earth… everyone on the same team and taking care of one another… and leave the competing mentality behind. It has failed.

    Best regards!
    Larry "Wingnut" Wendlandt
    MaStars – Mothers Against Stuff That Ain't Right
    (anti-capitalism-ists) (anti-economy usage)
    Bessemer MI USA

    • I was going to post something…..as I too am a Socialist, but it's not necessary. Thanks Larry ! ! !

      • Wingnut

        Hi Ghost! I tell ya… it sure is wonderful to get a positive reply for once. I get tarred and feathered pretty often… and I bet you've had your share of it as well. But our numbers are growing, aren't they? Needless to say, you've totally made my year… so… THANKS to YOU too, and all the very best! A Google search for 'abolish economies' to see many more of my wandering rants… as wanted… and if you've done some ground standing, feel free to point me to some urls… I'd love to read your words and ideas. You can also search for my full name and find my sparse webpage where you can get an email address, if wanted, too. Again, thanks for the kind words and wise ideals.

    • JRW

      If you are going to use the animal kingdom as an example, why don't you mention that the animal kingdom operates under the policy of survival of the fittest? Not enough gophers and rabbits? No Cyotes or hawks or spotted owls. Oh and what about the massive load of folks that will not contribute in the co-op program? Going to "let em eat cake"? There in lies the rub. Too many freeloaders suckling at the teet of capitalism. And all the schools need to do is give every student a test in ENGLISH for reading and math to determine grade level….At that point age should be irrelevent. I bet scores improve almost over night.

  2. Tracy

    The most ingenious product the U.S. has produced in ages is the “Made in China” label. You wouldn’t know a non-capitalist “ism” from a hole in the ground. I know one place I won’t be on Saturday – the Ramona Lame Stage.

  3. Keith Hansen

    Mr. Tapscott, you are right.
    The geniuses that have attacked you are proof that your premises are accurate.
    Don't back down.
    Keith Hansen

  4. Woody Kirkman

    Socialism works, just look at Greece, Spain, Ireland, California, Detroit, Chicago, et al.. It has worked extremely well at destroying morale, increasing those dependent on welfare, increasing crime, suicide and murder rates. (Chicago alone has a murder rate now of over 50 per month.) It has taken less than 50 years for socialism to bring the U.S. to the point of insolvency. Oh yes, socialism works extremely well. The problem is that eventually you run out of other people's money. (M. Thatcher) Rome is burning folks, put down your fiddles.

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