Positively Speaking: Get busy living…

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

— Andy Dufresne

The other day I watched one of my favorite movies, “The Shawshank Redemption.” It’s not a favorite because I like to watch movies about men in prison. It’s because it is a good movie about Andy Dufresne, a prisoner in Shawshank Prison who tunnels out, crawls through 300 hundred yards of sewer to gain his freedom.

Andy was a rockhound and knew about geology and how rocks are formed and broken down. All it takes is time and pressure to wear the rocks down. And that’s what Andy had—lots of time. A life term to be exact. So he slowly over time carved out a hole in his cell wall and eventually escaped dragging his freedom clothes with him.

So the movie made me think—what are we doing with our time. Are we busy living or busy dying?

Many of us in the world today are just busy dying. We spend hours in front of the boob tube wondering who will win American Idol, like it actually matters. Or watching people on a tropical island eating bugs and other nasty things trying to win 100k or whatever.

But what are you doing to “get busy living?”  You aren’t locked in a prison cell. Well maybe you are, but it’s a cell of your own making—the cell of in action, procrastination and regret.

What happened to all those things you were going to do? Write a book, take a cooking class, learn to fly. What happened? Why did you give up on those dreams? What did your inner voice say to you that made you stop reaching for the golden ring?

You can escape your personal cell. You can do what Andy did and tunnel out of your cell and into the freedom of your dreams and desires. Take another look at those dreams and drag them out of the cell with you—like Andy did with his freedom clothes.

This is your only life. What you do with every minute counts.

Like Andy, you must make every moment count. You have to chip away at what is blocking you from the life you dream about and deserve.

Believe in yourself

Use your time wisely

Plan what you want to do and work your plan.

Now get busy living!!

Steve Smith is a Ramona resident. Send comments to steve@stevensmith.org.

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