Sheriff stages weekend safety detail at Cedar Creek Falls

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The Sheriff’s Department is conducting a safety detail at Cedar Creek Falls in Julian and Ramona this weekend. It started Saturday and continues through Sunday, July 15, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Members of the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Unit and Off-Road Enforcement Team (ORET) on ATVs and quad runners will join sheriff’s deputies and the U.S. Forest Service in patrolling the trail. They will contact visitors to ensure they are prepared for the hike, as well as give information about weather conditions and hazards associated with the trail. CHP will be on site to enforce parking rules.

Sentinel file photo

Sheriff’s and U.S. Forest Service personnel will take appropriate law enforcement actions on violations of local, state and federal laws, which can include a citation up to an arrest.

The increased law enforcement presence is for public safety. Sheriff’s ASTREA has been called to rescue hikers twice this week on the Julian side of Cedar Creek Falls. On July 9 at 5:30 p.m., 19-year-old Lynn Thu Tran of Escondido was found unconscious with possible signs of heat stroke. She was airlifted to Palomar Medical Center but did not survive.

On July 10 at 2:30 p.m., ASTREA responded to a call of two distressed hikers with a dog. The couple only needed water and were able to walk back on their own, but their dog needed rescue. While transporting the dog, ASTREA was flagged by another group of hikers. The rescue crew found a 79-year-old man sitting against a rock complaining of weakness and dizziness. He was hoisted to an ambulance at a nearby Cal Fire station. The man and the dog will recover.

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6 Comments for “Sheriff stages weekend safety detail at Cedar Creek Falls”

  1. Bryan Herness

    If that group did not come and make the falls as accessible by re-doing the trail, this would not be an issue.

  2. Guy

    ASTREA is always having to save sorry hikers. Does anyone have common sense these days? If you're not in shape, don't hike to Cedar Creek Falls in the summer time. Idiots.

  3. First why was the Sheriff at the Ramona trail head for Cedar Falls? Isn’t it closed? Second, why did they reopen the Julian TH during the summer when it is simply unsafe to hike. I am a long time resident and hiker of Ramona and it never fails to blow me away how ill-prepared some hikers are. I know that in the Natl Parks you are fined if you go off with not enough water and end up having to be rescued. Whatever happened to accountability? And the “party” down at the falls is something akin to animal house. Littering, having illegal fires and drinking alcohol in concealed containers. Oh and bringing your dog and not having enough water them, that is simply abusive. The USFS needs to spell it out at the TH’s, not enough water and you are fined.

  4. Shane

    I'm sick and tired of being punished for the failure and lack of common sense of others. The trail-head should not be closed because it's Summer and/or "unsafe to hike". The people who cannot determine whether they can handle the length of hike or temperature conditions should be punished for their stupidity. If you are unprepared and need to be rescued, then you pay for that rescue, period.

  5. Mike Bodman

    Hikerchick and Shane both hit on something that is NEVER mentioned in these little stories and that is "accountability." Why are the tax payers taking a hit for other people's stupidity and wreckless endangerment of themselves and their animals? Where is the accountability??

    If you don't have the most basic of common sense, or if you are that selfish that you are going to require a civil servant to come and rescue you from a situation that YOU put yourself in, then YOU should be the one picking up the tab. NOT tax payers.

  6. Rational Human

    To continue Mike Bodman's comments on personal accountability, we should apply the same level of responsibility to fat people. My health insurance premiums shouldn't pay for fat people and their fat fingers. Tax the fatties!

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