Second man arraigned in hot prowl burglaries

By Neal Putnam

A second adult has been charged with burglary and receiving stolen property in a series of hot prowl burglaries in Ramona.

Garrett Jackson, 18, pleaded not guilty July 3 to five charges when he was arraigned by El Cajon Superior Court Judge Charles Ervin. He posted $50,000 bond after his arrest last month and remains free.

He is also charged with committing identity theft, possession of heroin, and possession of Valium without a prescription, according to Deputy District Attorney Shanish Aloor.

A preliminary hearing was set for July 17. The other adult charged, Skylor Rocky McGee, 19, of Ramona, has a separate preliminary hearing that was delayed from July 10 to later this month. Aloor said he wanted to consolidate the separate cases against both men, but for now they will have separate hearings.

Several juveniles were also arrested, but their names and case information have not been released. Deputies said the hot prowl burglaries occurred when residents were home asleep.

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24 Comments for “Second man arraigned in hot prowl burglaries”

  1. TiredOfYourSpawn

    This town seems to breed stupid people, especially young ones. Skylor worked at Stater Bros, so heads up people. I see when People leave Ramona, their lives really improve and take turns for the better, why is that, so weird. Seriously. I just don't get it. What is wrong with this town? Are they really products of their environment? Must be. All I can figure. Nothing to do….giant "kids" hanging out in parking lots, etc, spray painting, and drinking cough syrup. (that they stole) The buildings by Mc D's, bottles and bottles and bottles of empty cough syrup. Take out cartons, various stolen food items, where the hell are the parents? Get your spawn under control instead of putting them off on the rest of us. DO SOMETHING FOR THEM NO MATTER IF THEY ARE 18. YOU HAVE ALREADY FAILED THEM——BADLY!!!!!!!! WAKE UP PPL!!!!!

    • Anna

      Behind the medical center by McDonald's there were like 10 Delsym Cough Syrup boxes and bottles, empty and all over the place. AWW the little lovelies must have needed some medicine eh Don??? Watch think???? I wonder if they were stolen from Rite Aid or CVS? Where I wonder??? Also some one spray painted "smoke weed" and a bunch of "fu** you's" Why don't ya'll get out this weekend and have a clean up????? You guys need to walk more maybe.

      • JDE

        I agree. If everyone is going to complain why not do something about it. Sitting around and whining isn't actually going to change anything.

  2. Don Erickson

    Dear TiredOfYourSpawn,
    For every bad apple there's a hundred good in our town. If you are tired of our spawn, please leave. We won't miss you and things may well take a turn for the better for all concerned.

    • TireOfYourSpawn

      Oh I plan to. Things wll never change here. It's been 20 years. It has only become worse. Don't worry I plan to. I don't live in denial. That still doesn't solve the problem now does it? Just keep those blinders on and pretend you live in a wonderful little town. Lol.

      For every hundred bad apples there is one good in town. The bad ones are laying all over Main Street so you should go clean them all up, mmmkay? Thanks.

      • JDE

        Just curious, where do you find that many horrible people? And why are you surrounding yourself with those people? My family has lived in Ramona for 19 years and Ramona has always been a nice place to live. Perhaps you are looking in all the wrong places. You do realize that there are criminals in pretty much any population in the entire world? If you want a town to be perfectly safe then you are going to have to leave the planet. I don't live in denial either. I surround myself with positive people. And guess what? Surprise, surprise, I live in Ramona too! The good people do exist. You just choose to focus on the people you hate. I certainly wouldn't want you as my neighbor.

        • TiredOfYourSpawn

          I don't surround myself with "those people" nor do I hate anyone. You shoudn't assume that I do. I don't have to look far. I am actually not even looking at all. That's that sad thing, it's unavoidable. I do think it's disgusting that ppl don't take respawnsibility for their actions, kids, etc etc etc. The spray painted town, the little punks bailed out by the parents that did the hot prowls…etc. I'm not talking about real criminals….I'm talking about the wanna be's, and the parents make excuses. I know crime is every where. However, Ramona has went downhill quickly, and you know it. There are good ppl, few and far between. I don't focus on anything, it is in front of my face, whether I wanna see it or not. As far as being your neighbor, I don't put a lot in that either, as I have seen far too many ppl stand by as their "neighbors" are harmed. Lol. No worries there. I wish I didn't see what I see but I do, and wrote exactly what I feel, as I have the right to do.

          • JDE

            Your earlier replies contradict this one. You say you don't hate anyone but you also have said "This town breeds stupid people, especially young ones." and "For every hundred bad apples there is one good in town. The bad ones are laying all over Main Street so you should go clean them all up, mmmkay?" and "YOU HAVE ALREADY FAILED THEM" I could go on… Thats sounds like a lot of hate and anger to me.

            Also, if you don't want me to 'assume' anything than why are you assuming I know 'Ramona has went down hill quickly'. I DON'T know that. I don't see it. The criminals listed in all these articles are people I've never heard of. The people you point to as 'wanna be's' and 'parents making excuses'-I don't associate with them. I'm not saying they don't exist but if you go to any city or country in the world you will find people like that. Its not just confined to Ramona. There are bad parts of town and there are good parts-just like every other place in the world. You're focusing on the bad parts. You are also making generalizations about the entire population of a city based of your 'opinion' aka not facts. Listen, I agree that it is disgusting that some parents take the back seat on parenting or that so many 'punks' completely disregard the safety and well-being of others. But that is NOT specific to Ramona. Its just a fact of life. Blaming the actions of a few on an entire population thats 'going downhill' is ridiculous. Again, its overgeneralizing (possibly stereotyping). You have a right to your own opinion but I have a right to mine.

  3. trappedherre4now

    That's the answer for today's parents. If YOU don't like it YOU change. How dare MY little darlings have to have manners and know how to conduct themselves, or obey laws. Why shouldn't they be able to roam the town and act like common trash? You are lucky to leave "tired" and even luckier not to come back. I totally see what you see around town.

  4. JusticeWillFail

    What’s next…his parents bailed him out and you really think they or our justice systems cares? Not at all on either count.

    They will be back on the street on probation with nobody watching them. They will be out local repeat offenders until they kill somebody.

    Then somebody will care.

  5. thetruth

    what the hell is wrong with people…kid made a mistake in gettin involved but he never robbed anyone…why does the sentinal have to print new articles daily tryin to ruin his life further by spreading lies that he was the robber?? and also to the people that talk about how they should burn in hell etc have u never made a single mistake in your life or what youre much worse than the people that were involved in this go get lives and go get real news stories sentinal editors

    • Local

      Are you out of your mind. That Skylor kid is nothing but a PUNK. I know for a fact that this is not the first time he has been in trouble. Was kicked out of School and was not allowed to Graduate with his class. Plus I also know he was arrested about 2 weeks before this incident for Drugs. I cannot believe Stater Bros hired him. Hopefully they have fired him. I also hope he goes down the road for a very long time. The Mother and Family lives in denial.

      • beenthere

        Do you know the family personally? If not, then you should not judge that they live in denial, you don't really know what they have tried or not tried. It's a very difficult situation to be in and if you haven't been there then you should not judge! Unfortunately, this town does have a huge drug problem, actually San Diego in general has a huge drug problem, but in Ramona we need something for the kids to do. This has been talked about for the entire 21 years that Ihave lived here. Maybe then they would not turn to drugs so often out of boredom.

    • JDE

      Kid made a mistake?! lol, this kid was in the possession of heroin and (unprescribed) Valium at the time of his arrest.. That's in addition to the identity theft and the robbery charge. He faces 5 charges. I'd hardly call that a 'mistake'. Sounds more like a pattern of behavior to me. You are either defending him because he's or friend or you are in a great deal of denial.

  6. Local

    Normal People don't go in houses and rob them. He is a druggie and is going to be a convicted Felon. I hope he gets major Prison time and lots of fines.

  7. thetruth

    you people are jacked…and no garret jackson was in possesion of heroin…mcgee had no drugs

  8. rediculous

    look to the parents (absentee and alcoholic)

  9. Not.Me

    Riiiiiiiight. So he can't think for himself? Wow. This town is a bunch of inbreds.

  10. Here's the Deal

    Here's the Deal…….Hey "local", you know for a fact that mcgee was arrested for drugs two weks ago? You haven't done your homework! Not the case. By the way, he didn't get kicked out of high school, he resigned from Ramona High and graduated from another high school because of bullying that admin refused to resolve at RHS. Maybe you're a teacher that works there in a "Leave it to Beaver' Family with two wonderful children that will never do anything wrong and all the toys to keep them busy. Think again and pray to God that your perfect little family won't have to go through anything like this. As you must know, unless you are also "PERFECT", your children will do more than you ever did and get into more trouble than you would have gotten into at their age. How about Miss Teen USA from Ramona that isn't mentioned anywhere in the paper for serving alcohol to minors? Or, maybe you're the neighborhood busy body that doesn't work or cook and has nothing to do but be in everyone else's business. If you've never had children you don't have a clue!

  11. Here's The Deal

    You worry about your yard and your house and maybe a cat and a dog and how thin you are. You think about your next plastic surgery instead of the pain your neighbors may be in. Maybe you should be a reporter if you think you know so much instead of condemning people you really know nothing about and never cared to really know, but have no problem spreading dirt .

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