Man, 19, charged with burglary remains in jail

By Neal Putnam

Skylor Rocky McGee, 19, of Ramona, is the first adult suspect who has been charged with burglary and receiving stolen property following a series of break-ins that occurred in Ramona while residents were at home.

McGee remains in the East Mesa Detention Facility on $50,000 bail following his arraignment last week in El Cajon Superior Court. The judge did not reduce his bail and set a preliminary hearing for July 10.

More charges may be added later. Deputy District Attorney Andrew Aguilar said McGee was “linked to (stolen) property in his bedroom” that was found by sheriff’s deputies.

The prosecutor said McGee’s first name is misspelled on the sheriff’s website of jail inmates, which resulted in an erroneous publication that said he had posted bond and was released from jail.

Aguilar said McGee’s first name is spelled Skylor, but the jail left out the y in his name. When he was first arrested, his first name was spelled Skylar.

Garrett Jackson, 18, of Ramona, was also arrested last week, but was apparently released without charges being filed, according to a DA spokesperson.

Two other men were arrested on unrelated matters and they have since been released from jail. More people and further charges could be added as the investigation continues.

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6 Comments for “Man, 19, charged with burglary remains in jail”

  1. Mr. Jim

    Wanna be gangsta Garrett Jackson must have squealed on his bros to be let out with no charges. Got any friends now G???

  2. MindYourOwnBusiness

    Or he just had nothing to do with it and was associating with the wrong people at the wrong time. Garrett isn't stupid enough to risk his life and burglarize his community like the rest of these idiots just to gain some quick bucks. If you knew him personally like you claim you do you would know this. It's also pretty pathetic the editors at the Ramona Sentinel included his name in all these articles just because you guys have nothing else interesting to write about. You are plaguing someone's name because he hung out with a few idiots that dragged him down in their problems.

  3. homie

    skylor mcgee never robbed any1 yo he just had property in his house that a minor robbed. since they cant release the minors name it seems like skylor did it all, skylor didnt do anythin get the damn story right

  4. Riled Ramonian

    It’s funny how the scum of Ramona are always backed up by their “:friends.” Most of the kids in Ramona nowadays are worthless pieces of ****, and they know they’re doing wrong; it’s you idiots backing them up that makes you idiots. There is only one reasonably right reason for you to back up a criminal, that is only if you are the unintelligent criminals mother or father. . . It makes me sick that you kind of people are taking over this town, we need to go back in time a little and actually punish our criminals. You steal, we cut off your hand, do it again, we cut off your other hand; you rape someone we put you down like a dog, it’s just that simple. People that have harsher consequences to face are less likely to commit crimes. I am all for this kind of punishment of people 18 years and older, I do however believe that as a child there should be less severe punishments.

  5. Reality

    Birds of a feather flock together. They are only sorry that they got caught. One is as guilty as the other, and I really don't give a sh*t what any friends, family, or anyone else has to say. You little losers are lucky the police caught you bc a victim would of had the right to shoot and kill you, and that would have been the better solution in this case. You will all end up in prison one day or another, so why waste time.

  6. Have fun in jail...

    It's a fact: If you sleep with dogs you get fleas!!! This kind of story makes a citizen nervous. I was ready for any punk that crossed my fence line. I too am tired of people that lie, cheat and steal. Do the crime…be prepared to do the time. Bravo Ramona Sheriff's Department for a job well done. No one had to get shot….just some well deserved jail time. BTW: Receiving stolen property is a crime, DUH!!! Stupid is as stupid does…

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