Rants & Raves

Rant: With all of the tragedies that have happened lately due to excess speed, one would hope that everyone would be more aware of the limits that a car, truck or motorcycle and its driver can maintain for safety. Apparently not. Just last week I was passed just before the Archie Moore turn as I headed up to Ramona by a car with two young men inside going fast enough that I thought their vehicle was going to lift off the ground as they rounded the turn. They didn’t save any time, as I pulled up right behind them at the Dye Road light. Roads don’t kill; drivers do. Let’s all slow down. There’s a reason we have speed limits.

Rave: Congrats to all of the recent high school graduates! Good job. You just completed phase one. Phase two, college (or for some, a full-time job). Phase three, real life—the best part of all.

Rant: Ramona Library is one of the jewels in our community. To all of the parents/guardians who drop off children while they go shopping or to the gym or wherever, make sure your children are old enough to take care of themselves, know what’s expected as users of the library and can behave themselves. The library is not a day care center. Please respect all of those who use it.

Rant: Recent home burglaries have again brought back to the forefront that you need to be vigilant and observant and make sure you lock windows and doors at night as well as during the day when you’re not home.

Rave: To Ramona Fire Department/Cal Fire, Intermountain Fire and Rescue, Cleveland National Forest and Barona for their quick response so far to all of the many brush fires we’ve already had. This looks to be a long hot summer. Everyone needs to make sure that their property is properly protected.

Jeff Mitchell


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