Deputies arrest four suspects in string of hot prowl burglaries

Two juveniles and two adults were arrested Saturday in connection with a series of burglaries over the past months in Ramona and San Diego County Estates, sheriff’s officials said.

Sheriff’s detectives and deputies served four simultaneous search warrants in the Ramona area about 7:40 a.m., according to sheriff’s Lt. Julie Sutton.

The warrants were served in connection with a series of hot prowl burglaries, where the occupants were inside a building or residence while items were lifted, Sutton said.

Numerous reported stolen items were recovered and several adults along with two juveniles were arrested, Sutton said.

Sutton said additional arrests are anticipated, and the investigation is ongoing.

Detectives will contact victims as evidence becomes available for release, Sutton said.

The suspects, all Ramona residents, are believed responsible for the string of hot prowl burglaries that have plagued the area since January of 2012. Sgt. Brent Strahm reported that 18-year-old Garrett Jackson and 19-year-old Skylar McGee are the two adult suspects in this series.

Two other adults, 52-year-old Bartt Coates and 25-year-old Kevin Murphy, were also arrested during the warrant service on unrelated charges, Strahm reported.

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9 Comments for “Deputies arrest four suspects in string of hot prowl burglaries”

  1. Les

    Now, lets get rid of the rest of the tweekers in Ramona!!!!!

  2. Rock Bottom

    Hopefully lil gangstas Garrett and Skylar will get bent over in the slammer, they both so pretty. And old man Coates won't be selling no more drugs. They be bad.

    • Local

      That Skylor kid, is nothing but a punc. He has been in trouble before. Not supprised he was involved in this. I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.

  3. gary

    I hope these little thieves spend a long time locked up. Sounds like they need it.

  4. NeverEnding.......

    Glad they caught these idiots. They can't do anything right, lol. However, as far as ganstas…hahahahahaha…..wanna be's maybe. If you took the Ramona punks and dropped them in a big city….say Los Angeles…..they wouldn't last even one minute! I'd love it! Take all our bad ass wanna be's and drop them in Los Angeles! Hahahahaha….or New York City…..or some place where the real bad asses will school them. ROFL!!!!! I grew up in a big city, Ramona makes me laugh when it comes to bad ass wanna be's!

  5. Nice work, Sherrifs! Thank you.

  6. Rub Dub

    Right on!!!! Clean up my town. It must have been those SADLE Team guys again..Good job!!!

  7. Tired of Tweekers

    So the child motocross champions are now just common criminals, and got caught.

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