Sheriff’s team recovers stolen property, arrests four

Deputy Jaime Rodriquez arrests transient Billy Wayne Henson on charges of possession of stolen property. Sentinel photo/Karen Brainard

By Karen Brainard

A special team from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department arrested four people in Ramona late Thursday afternoon on charges of possession of stolen property in two Ramona cases, reported a deputy with the team.

Inside a unit in an industrial complex at Olive and Maple Streets, law enforcement recovered a stolen motorcycle and items taken from a Ramona church.

Taken into custody were Arthur Joseph Marin, 40, Tamara Lee Delar, 19, and Michelle

Sentinel photo/Karen Brainard

Francis, 29, all of Ramona, and Billy Wayne Henson, 35, a transient, according to reports.

Deputy Jaime Rodriquez with the Sheriff’s Department’s SADLE Team (Sheriff’s Analysis Driven Law Enforcement) said this is the second week the team has been in Ramona investigating burglaries in San Diego Country Estates and the commercial area of Ramona. The team plans to work in Ramona certain days over an eight-week period, he said.

Sentinel photo/Karen Brainard

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13 Comments for “Sheriff’s team recovers stolen property, arrests four”

  1. Guest

    Good job Sheriffs!!! Keep rounding up all these tweekers and their loser accomplices.

  2. Guillermo

    woot woot!

  3. Julie Kiehne-Lamkin

    I applaud the work of the special team and any individuals who provided information to them. Me and my family live in Ramona less than a mile from where they recovered the stolen property. I know from travelling on Olive St. past Maple yesterday multiple times for camp, work, shopping, gas how long the special team was there. I truly hope the victims of the stolen property (private and Church) get their property back soon. All of us neighbors need to watch out for each other on the trespassing, burglary, etc. Thank you Ramona Sentinel for publishing this.

  4. yay…keep nabbing those bad guys.

  5. Dub Rub

    Go Sheriff's….Whoot….Whoot…It's just for decoration!!!

  6. onewhowonders

    Thank you to our sheriff's team. We certainly are hoping for less crime here in Ramona. Now if we can just get the Hot Prowlers caught before someone shots them……….

    • CATT49

      Getting shot might be the best thing for them. Maybe not dead, but hurt would be good,. It certainly would be well deserved. If someone sneaked into my house, in the middle of the night, they'd take a couple loads of snake shot in the butt.

    • onewhowonders

      YES! YES! They arrested the hot prowlers today and have DNA evidence. Convict those bad boys. Thank you for all of the work from the sheriff's office. Yippeeeeeeee!

  7. mike

    yes yes yay ramona is no longer danerous dont go back to leaving doors unlocked though
    just cause these guys where caught doesnt mean

  8. NeverEnding.......

    There are several others out there just like these. Just bc one doesn't look like a thug, or someone who would stab ya in the back in a heartbeat, doesn't mean you're safe. Lock up, always. You can't trust anyone these days. Ramona has gone in the crapper for good, you can see that, everywhere. I see it, and I am not even trying to.

  9. Ren Faiz

    Have any of the people posting comments made it past the 4th grade?

  10. ramonian

    you r all judge mental people , the majority of theses people r human we all hav made mistakes in our lives , get a grip . people do change. it sounds like the most of u people r stuck up, and think ur better than everyone. well i got news for u do not judge ur neighbors. u just might need some help one day. and they do have feeling just like every other person in this world. the majority of these comments seem to be problems of ur own as well, before all go judging other people, think about whats kind of skellatins u hav in ur closets.

  11. Tammy

    You know what I was one of those people in thatthe arrest and I was homeless living at that place with everybody else and not me nor Billy had any part of a lot of the stuff in the stolen property we were just living there cause we need somewhere to stay so don’t believe what you hear nmy read in this poorly investigated paper because not all of it is what it’s made out to be. Billy might look scarry but hes a good person. Ya wev made mistakes n r truely remorsful 4 them but we didnt steal from no body we just stayed where we could at the moment

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