‘Uniting the races with truth’

By Jim Tapscott

The Democratic Party, now under the control of radical liberals, has been successful in its propaganda to depict conservatives, Christians, the TEA Party, and the Republican Party as enemies of those it has portrayed as victims. Blacks and Hispanics have been predominant in that portrayal over the years.

It seems they add a new victim every month. The truth is that this portrayal has been a fabrication, with the sole purpose of keeping the liberal progressive movement in power and in control of large segments of the government and education system.

We are moving from a constitutional republic to a socialist form of government. This is apparent, if you take an objective view of the exponential growth of government bureaucracies, spending, and regulations. This invasive growth is in all facets of government, but I want to address the issue of race and race relations in America.

It is imperative that we first understand the history of the Democratic Party and where it is now. It was the party of “Jim Crow Laws” and the KKK and fought any true freedom for blacks into the 1960s. It was only under the continued pressure of the civil rights movement, public conscience and the support of the majority of the Republican Party that the Civil Rights Law of 1964 was passed. Voting rights and education reform followed. That vote is a matter of public record.

Where is the Democratic Party now? They have morphed into the party of entitlements and social engineering. With the welfare system they have constructed, they created a “new plantation” in which too many people of color have bought into the premise, that without liberal white help, i.e. handouts and affirmative action, they cannot make it on their own. That has been facilitated by the new masters — Schumer, Kennedy, Biden, Dodd, Frank — and their black overseers, Al, Jesse and son, Rangel, Waters and Jackson Lee, to name a few. That is as racist and insulting as it gets. Why this is accepted without consideration of the cost both spiritually and financially is inconceivable to me.

Add in the support of abortion on demand, and you will discover, the harm caused is undeniable. You will find that blacks and browns comprise about 20 to 28 percent of the population but are approximately 39-plus percent of abortions. How did that happen? Here is another little history lesson. The woman who founded the organization that became Planned Parenthood was Margaret Sanger, and her views on race are clear. Planned Parenthood was her solution to limiting the birth rate of those “undesirables” in society. Run a search on her name. Her first centers were opened in black communities, with the blessings of black ministers. Since Roe vs. Wade was passed in 1974, over 18 million black and brown American babies have been destroyed, 50+ million overall. This would be called genocide in any other context, but “a woman’s right to choose” gets a free pass. Why is that?

The next example is the destruction of the black and brown family structure you will note has filtered down to all our families. Almost 70 percent of births in the black community are to unwed mothers. That same level is close in the Hispanic community. Overall the rate of births in all demographics is over 50 percent now. The problem is not just in the families of people of color. It is rapidly spreading throughout the whole culture. You have seen the movies, television shows, the lifestyles of the rich and famous who depict marriage as whatever they deem it to be or not at all. We changed divorce laws, denigrate men, redefine the family and then trash marriage because “there are so many divorces” or that marriage is denigrating to women. Over the past 50 to 60 years there has been a concerted effort to undermine the values that were the foundation of the family and social structure. A large part of that is the effort to push a “freedom FROM religion” rather than the “freedom OF religion” that is spelled out in our Constitution.

Another strategy is to keep us, Americans, split and against each other. And one of the most vilified segments of our society, by progressive/ liberals and least interviewed by the major media, are conservatives of color. Some of the names we are called cannot be printed in this article. It is an imperative that a victim/oppressor mantra is kept active so they, the radical left, don’t lose their power and influence on our purse strings.

I am not and will no longer be a hyphenated American! Should we celebrate the heritages from our different backgrounds? Yes! But we should do that together as one people — Americans.

In closing, I stand by my contention that the Democratic Party, which has been taken over by every radical element in the political spectrum, has done more harm to people of color and subsequently to all Americans as a result of their policies and agendas. We have a very small window to change the path we are on as a nation. So, I ask you, what are you going to do about it?

I will extend a challenge to anyone who disagrees with my comments, opinion and conclusions by inviting you to a forum sponsored by Ramona TEA’D Party on Saturday, June 30, at noon. The doors will open at 11 a.m. The theme of that forum is “Uniting the Races with Truth.” We will have two speakers, the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and Mrs. Delores Chavez. Both will be addressing the fabrication, obfuscation and outright lies that are a part of the progressive liberal propaganda machine, as it relates to race.

That however is not the only purpose of this forum. Our most important goal is to bring to our community a spirit of unification of shared values and goals. We are in dire straits at this time in our nation’s history. And if we don’t come together, we will surely sink separately. Whoever attends will be treated with respect and we will expect the same from all who come. Is this controversial? Yes. Is it needed? Yes. Is it hopeless? No.

If not now, when? If not us, who?

Jim Tapscott is a Ramona resident.

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3 Comments for “‘Uniting the races with truth’”

  1. Honest Resident

    I sure hope President Obama wins re-election. If people like you take control I can just imagine the attitude toward the rest of us. You know those of us with mixed families comprised of more colors of the rainbow than your two favorites – the "blacks" and the "browns". All your comments reflect a world view that takes us back 50 years!!

    No thanks. Civil rights are for everyone in this country – not just for those who think they can control the "whole culture".

  2. Oliver

    Thanks, Jim, for an honest depiction of reality.

    As for "Honest Resident" just let me say that our extended family is also multi-colored, yet they, too, never see themselves as a victim as progressives would like, and recognize the negativity progressives vent.

  3. Proud Ramonan

    Extremely disappointing, outrageous and inflammatory accusations and opinions. Mr. Tapscott's thinly veiled racism belongs in last century's propaganda material, not in Ramona's voice to the community. As a proud Ramonan, this type of behavior does not speak for me or represent the values this community embodies. Ramonans are about helping their neighbors, rallying against adversity, common causes and deeply rooted Christian values of egalitarianism and equality – not racism.

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