Detective warns public of hot prowl burglaries

By  Maureen Robertson

A string of hot prowl burglaries are occurring in San Diego Country Estates, and Detective Tom Seiver with the sheriff’s Ramona station advises residents to lock their doors.

A hot prowl burglary is one in which the burglar enters a home when its occupants are inside, Seiver said.

In the Country Estates incidents, the suspect entered homes via an unlocked sliding glass door or front door while residents slept. The first was in December, and the last was May 27, said Seiver. Most have occurred from midnight to 4 or 5 a.m. in the area of Rainbird Road, Four Corners, and Barona Mesa Road.

“It seems very impulsive, but it’s starting to escalate,” said Seiver.

In most cases, the burglar took money, small electronics, jewelry, or tobacco products such as cigarettes and a can of chew, said Seiver. But in one incident, the person or persons entered a master bedroom while a man and woman slept and took a wallet from a pants pocket. In another, a woman woke and saw a person standing in the kitchen, said Seiver. She yelled for her husband, and the suspect fled.

The detective believes more hot prowl burglaries have occurred than are reported, since some items taken are small, and victims “may be disregarding it or explaining it away.”

Seiver encourages residents to report any suspicious activity. He learned about a possible peeping Tom after the fact, because the victims didn’t report the incident when it occurred.

“If you see any suspicious activity, suspicious people on the trails in the middle of the night, report it,” said Seiver. “Report suspicious people loitering in the area or trespassing on property to the Sheriff’s Department.”

Reports may be made to the sheriff’s Ramona office at 760-789-9157 or Crime Stoppers at 888-580-8477.

If an incident is occurring, call 911, said Seiver.

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9 Comments for “Detective warns public of hot prowl burglaries”

  1. Guest

    Anyone who "hot prowls" my home will be leaving feet first in a body bag.

    • Oliver

      Oh, how harsh.
      Wouldn't it be more apporpriate to calmly talk the person into sharing a hot chocolate and call a crisis counselor, as it is obvious this person has had a difficult childhood.
      Yeah, right!

      • danny

        nope. i am the guy who will protect his family not give the person a chance to do harm. i got my guns ready for this person if they choose my house.

  2. kevin

    Come on over and try robbing me. You punks got guts, but no brains. Your brains ( what little you have) will have to be scraped off the walls….

  3. Robert

    Another good reason for having a dog in the house, this then would not happen so easy. Plus would help if people made sure doors are locked when going to bed.Sounds like homeless or teenagers up to no good.

  4. William

    Just happened off Corta Madre in the Estates on Sunday AM, went into the house just after residents fell asleep and stole their purse, riffled through their cars, attempted to get into at least one more house and broke into another car down the street. They scoped out the house the whole week and were spotted that morning at 2am walking away from the home. I even spotted them earlier that week between 11 and 10 am. Report anything suspicious, even if you think its no big deal, I wish I would have when I seen their teal / blue single cab truck sitting out front of my house. You have to love slugs, stop'em in their tracks every time. FYI there were dogs in this house, they are stealthy.

  5. Guest II

    This happened to me about 3 weeks ago while I was sleeping with my 3 dogs in bedroom with me. They came into my house through our doggy door and stole all my cash. Now we have our doggy door closed so no one can come through there. Pretty brave for the thief to come through a doggy door when they obviously know we have dogs. Everyone please be careful out there!

  6. William

    Apparently it has happened about 8 or more times since December in the SDCE. Makes me wonder why the word is not getting out to people, I think there should be more coverage on this in the sentinel and maybe even auto calls to all those on the reverse 911 list. Also why isn't there a place to see all police reports for a given area? The SDPD site only has like the last 5 or so and they aren't even that recent a few other places have some but not all. In this day and age we should have immediate access to information like this so that we can protect our families!!!

  7. enter alive....

    Beat these morons to death, someone.

    I agree, more coverage needed. Why do we never get the real news??

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