Four victims identified in fatal Highway 67 crash

Sentinel photo/Karen Brainard

Update: The county medical examiner has released the names of the four people killed in a three-vehicle crash on state Route 67 near Rockhouse Road in Ramona on Friday morning.  Two other people are in critical condition at Palomar Medical Center in Escondido, according to a  California Highway Patrol officer investigating the accident.

A total of eight people were involved in the collision, said CHP Officer Joe Nielsen.

Alexander Antonio Sebastiano, 20, from Poway, the driver of a Chevrolet Silverado truck, and a passenger, 34-year-old Madhu Manoharan of San Diego, died at the scene, reported the medical examiner. Two elderly people in a silver  Toyota Camry were pronounced dead at the scene: Josefina De Dios West, 74,  and Harold Eugene West, 78. Manoharan was pronounced dead after unsuccessful attempts of resuscitation, reported the medical examiner. No city of residence has been released for De Dios West and West.

A male  in his mid-30s and a female  in her mid-20s who were in the extended-cab truck are in critical condition, Nielsen reported. The occupants of the truck were co-workers in Poway, heading to Ramona for a non-work related issue, he said.

A women in her early 20s, driving a blue 2008 Toyota Corolla received moderate injuries with broken bones but was alert at the scene, reported Nielsen. With her was the 5-year-old daughter of her boyfriend who only received a seatbelt abrasion, he said.

Nielsen said the investigation is still ongoing but it appears the truck, northbound on Route 67, was traveling around the curve too fast for the weather conditions. CHP reported the stretch of road was was damp due to drizzle. Nielsen said the driver of the truck apparently lost control, overcorrected and came sideways across the southbound lanes. The truck, he said, was hit by the silver Camry which was traveling south in the right lane and then struck by the blue Corolla which was in the left lane. The accident occurred around 10 a.m.

Sentinel photo/Karen Brainard

Update: A head-on collision on a drizzle-dampened stretch of state Route 67 killed four people today and injured three others, including a 5-year-old girl, authorities reported.

The accident occurred about 10 a.m., when a northbound Chevrolet Silverado truck veered into an oncoming lane at high speed  and smashed into two southbound Toyota sedans near Rockhouse Road in the Rosemont area of Ramona, according to the California Highway Patrol.
The wreck fatally injured two men in the pickup and a married couple in one of the cars, CHP public-affairs Officer Brian Pennings said. All four died at the scene. Their names were withheld pending family notification.
A mother and her preschooler daughter in the other sedan survived the crash, as did a woman who had been riding in a back seat in the extended-cab truck, Pennings said. Medics took them to hospitals for treatment of injuries that were not considered life-threatening.
The accident forced a several-hour full closure of the route between Poway and Archie Moore roads. In the early afternoon, authorities were allowing traffic through the area over one lane.
It was unclear why the driver of the pickup lost control, though witnesses said he was speeding, according to Pennings. Additionally, the roadway was moist at the time due to misty weather, the spokesman said.

Sentinel photo/Karen Brainard

Update: Four people are dead and three have been transported to the hospital after a three-vehicle crash on state Route 67 just south of Rockhouse Road, reports California Highway Patrol.

The accident occurred about 10 a.m. Friday.

According to CHP Officer Joe Nielsen, a pick-up truck traveling northbound on Route 67 lost control and  struck southbound vehicles head-on. The truck came to rest on its side. CHP confirmed the deaths of an elderly couple and two younger adults. A 3-year-old girl with minor injuries was among those transported to the hospital, Nielsen said.  No other information was available on the victims. CHP is investigating the cause of the collision.

Nielsen said he arrived shortly after the accident. “The scene was pretty chaotic,” he said.

SR67 is closed between Poway and Archie Moore roads. Highway 67 is expected to be closed until about 1 p.m., said Nielsen.

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29 Comments for “Four victims identified in fatal Highway 67 crash”

  1. Oliver Woods

    May God rest their souls.

    This is a vicious highway with far too many ignoring the speed limit and road courtesy in their impatience. Please CHP make this a zero tolerance zone in your enforcement.

  2. sharla

    this area was EXTREMELY foggy this morning.

    • Oliver

      Don't think you were implying that extreme fog was the cause, as it wasn't. It was speed and a driver perhaps not adjusting to the foggy condition.
      Driving too fast for conditions, and that is what the law covers, not actual posted speed limit.
      Four lives and broken bodies.
      God have mercy.

      • lulu at bellus

        This is a sad site because the fact is it was slick out and foggy the person driving the vehicle was racing at excessive speeds and lost control of his trick. In return for him wanting to get where he was going as fast as he could be killed himself and 4 others I knew one of the people injured and they are doing great under the circumstances. And the woman in the truck has died from her injuries as well. Shame to all who think it was the fog. It was the stupidity of the truck driver showing off and trying to go fast. He knew better and to many people paid the consequences for it.

  3. kevin

    People going 35 is dangerous too!
    CHP enforce that to!

  4. Loretta

    I may not know these folks (perhaps I do) but I grieve for them and their survivors.
    Going "off the hill" thru this area always has me holding my breath as we pass one another, many in far too big a hurry, just a whisker apart.
    I agree with Oliver that more enforcement and zero tolernance should be the order of the day.
    For heaven's sake, folks, leave for work, or where ever, ten minutes earlier.

    • Donna

      Its people like you Kevin who make the roads dangerous not those who slow down to 35 when the road and weather conditions merit a slower speed like 35. Be patient and lay off the gas pedal.

  5. Debra

    PLEASE put up a center divide. This could have easily been avoided!

  6. Robert

    All I have to say is that the speed is 55, if you are afraid to drive the speed limit, THEN ALLOW OTHERS TO PASS YOU SAFELY, I see people block others and that just makes the problem even more dangerous!! I think CHP should get the speeders but DONT FORGET THOSE GOING 45 in the 55.. Thats just as bad as going 65 in a 55.

  7. judy

    the road is not dangerous…but the people that are driving too fast and/or texting, talking on cell phones are…I have driven this road for 40 years and never been in an accident…it isn't the roads fault.

  8. Jack

    Speed isn't always the problem here. We need center dividers. Many root cause of accidents are from people trying to get around slow drivers.

  9. Kim

    No one wants to get the news that a loved one is gone… :( Its just so sad. Prayers to all of the families..

  10. Ned

    I pray God provide comfort to the families of these people. This highway continues to claim lives due to head on accidents. It seems to me that a concrete center median barrier would have saved lives today.

  11. Concerned Mom

    As i read all todays posts, certainly I am sorry for their families but I am also enraged that this continues. It is time to be harsh and completely sick of seeing this same story over and over and over. Changes to the road will not fix anything. WE NEED MORE LAW ENFORCEMENT IN RAMONA and ON OUR ROADS to stop this senselessness!

  12. Debra

    Please put a center divide!!! This could have been so easily avoided!!!

  13. Elyse

    I drive the 67 almost every single day… and almost every single day people pass me like they have something more important than their very own lives and the lives of others around them waiting at home. I drive the speed limit and sometimes a little under the speed limit because of OTHERS around me freaking me out.
    I have lived here my whole life and it never fails…..someone passes me with dirty looks. I have kids, I have a hanging sign on my car that SAYS I have kids, but regardless of whether I have kids or not, people……this is not a joke, lives are not a joke. Please, please I BEG you to pull you head out of your rear and drive safely down this DEADLY ROAD.

  14. Larry

    Having been away for about 20 years recently returned to the area. One of the first things I noticed is the change in driving as everyone seems to be in a big-assed hurry. Living in SDCE, I take San Vicente Rd towards town where the road is ripe with great curves until Warnock, and ideal for all the ignoramuses that think that makes it a speedway. Same applies to 67 from Archie Moore to just past Rock House Rd-either way. You know, gotta get ahead of the car in front even though that driver is already breaking the speed limit. Geeeeeez, leave for where you're headed a bit earlier and chill out!
    I recall a sign slogan here from years ago (maybe it still exists) "Slow Down In Our Country Town." Would like to see them again as they just might make a point with some.
    My heart aches for these people and their loved ones on this Memorial Day weekend.
    That holiday will never be the same for them.

  15. Toffy

    Tragic, and horrific and so many families, and friends are facing all that goes along with something of this magnitude in their lives. Sympathies to those affected. We are also affected, living on the hill and driving the Grade daily, to just now and then. This is totally careless, stupid and senseless.
    SLOW DOWN AND ARRIVE ALIVE………but then the "OTHER" people were just driving on 67 minding their own business and BAM…they probably were just following the laws of the road, and BAM taken out by someone in a care less hurry. It is just not worth it….slow down all around and maybe luck will be on your side and you will arrive alive.

  16. Debbie Noel

    I have lived in Ramona for many years and have seen some pretty bad accaadents in that same area and other places on 67 This road has always been bad at any time. My heart and Prayers go out to the many familys left behind to pick up the peices and also to the many others and thier familys for haveing to help them cope with what they seen and felt.

  17. SVV

    That curve is a nasty one if one is speeding. You can easily pull a G or more and can loose control even if you are familiar with that section. In a wet condition one is asking for trouble. Stay alive, drive 55.
    My sincere condolences to the victim's families…a very sad situation.

  18. Helen Cawyer

    I have written to complain about this stretch of highway 67 but it was just ignored. It seems people coming up the hill want to speed up now that the road heads down. They hit about 70mph by the time they pass Woodson Road, and then they want to use the narrowing lanes to pass in! I now have a habit of staying in the right lane and putting on my brakes, so those jerks can pass me easily, and they do fly right by. The road widens considerably here but they just use that as an excuse to go even faster. The sign says "controlled by radar" or whatever, but I have never seen anybody get a ticket on this stretch of highway, so further widening will not help at all.

  19. lulu at bellus

    I have seen tickets handed out on this stretch but I agree the sheriffs department and highway patrol need to work together and get more of them out here. Because of senseless acts of someone in a hurry or just trying to show off for his friend many have died because he didn’t do what was right… And at that age even the 5 yr old would have known it was wrong…..

  20. Helen Cawyer

    I have often thought a divided highway, with a center meridian that could contain some oleander or eucalyptus trees in the middle, would be a marvelous entryway into downtown Ramona. They are slowly cutting down our beautiful trees along Main Street, but they never widen the road. This street could be called Santa Maria Boulevard, or something, and have turn lanes at each intersection. A good example of this is in S.D. Country Estates if anybody wants to go see. There is plenty of room out there now, and if the Chamber of Commerce would just back it, it would solve a lot of problems.

  21. Hikerchick

    Personally I am getting tired of seeing the CHP and the Sheriff's department trolling for tickets in the neighborhood streets in SDCE. It is not uncommon to see 3 different law enforcement vehicles within a 5 minute period. Is it because they think we can afford to pay the tickets? If they set up a radar trap on the 67 it would help slow down the traffic knowing that a speeding ticket may be in store.

    • Loretta

      Hey, Hikerchick, a great many of us would love to see a cop on every corner in SDCE to t icket those who use the streets as their personal racetrack. 45 and 50 in 25MPH residential zones is just plain stupid. But, perhaps you're one of the 45/50 crowd, and if you are here's hoping the law takes you down.

      In answer to your question, if you can't afford a ticket the answer should be obvious doncha think?

    • Oliver

      Did it ever occur to you that some of these officers live here? They do, and in my book that is a good thing.

  22. Louann

    Arizona had speed limit signs with cameras and if caught sppeding you get a ticket mailed to you courtesy of the state. We need this on 67 as well as center divides. The speeding drivers are killing drivers going the speed limit.

  23. stacey

    Does anyone know the conditions of the survivors. The ones who were in the truck? I have never heard anything further. I am praying for every soul touched by that accident.

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