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People are taking in different ways

Hooray for perspective and point of view. Since no two can ever be identical, at least we are secure from stall and stagnation.

Even though I suppose I am one of the “entitled,” living on Social Security, I would like to question Ms. Leukardt’s May 3 Sentinel letter. Of course, I did contribute during my working life, but I’m probably outliving the amount and there are laws against terminating this situation even if I wanted to.

First, please don’t consider me, on the basis of one letter, “ignorant and foolish.” I would not call you “brainwashed,” even though many of your statements seems more than a little familiar. Can’t we both be “naive?”

Of course, as you point out, there are people taking advantage of entitlements paid for by taxing others. But aren’t there also people taking advantage of loopholes to avoid paying their share of tax? Unfortunately people will be people.

I commend your desire to aid others less fortunate. Doesn’t a reasonable system of taxation accomplish the same thing without needing everyone to be equally charitable?

I am obviously not political. Games don’t interest me. I’m into horses. But doesn’t it seem obvious that, when our government admittedly had a large surplus in its coffers, and after being guided in one direction found itself in frightening debt, a change of direction is indicated? And doesn’t reason indicate that, if it took eight years to get into debt, it would take at least more than two to get out?

I think it would be interesting to see our president at least given an equal chance to try. He does accomplish the miracle of making politics fun.

Edalee Orcutt Harwell, Ramona

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  1. ObamaGirl

    Our President is a politician NOT a magician!! Get over it, get over Bush. Obama 2012!!!!!

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