Man, 19, jailed for allegedly beating homeless man

A 19-year-old man is in custody Tuesday on suspicion of punching and kicking a homeless man in Ramona and leaving the victim unconscious in an abandoned house late Monday afternoon.

An initial report alleged the suspect used a hammer in the attack, but no hammer was involved, sheriff’s officials said Tuesday.

Tanner Hendee, also a Ramona transient, was arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon based on witness accounts, according to San Diego County sheriff’s Sgt. Daniel Vengler.

Paramedics responding to a 911 call found the victim lying on his back in the abandoned house at 105 11th Street just before 5:30 p.m. Monday, the sergeant said in a statement.

The victim was flown to a trauma center suffering from head and possible spine injuries, but he did not appear to be in life-threatening condition, Vengler said.

The motive for the attack was not reported.

According to the sheriff’s website, Hendee is scheduled to be arraigned in El Cajon Superior Court Thursday afternoon.

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27 Comments for “Man, 19, jailed for allegedly beating homeless man”

  1. steve bee

    so pointless, this man did that deserve this and this 19 yr old kid threw his hole life away,what a shame and to his parents

  2. Concerned Mom

    There is alot more to this story. But very sad stupid Tanner took advantage of a passed out drunk. There was no hammer involved either.

  3. Concerned Mom

    Also want Ramona to know that the Sheriffs department detained many under 18 kids and didnt contact parents. Also questioned these children without a adult or lawyer present!

    • Guest

      Concerned Mom, you should learn and understand the law before posting. The sheriff department can detained and question someone under 18 without mommy or daddy being there. Remember you did not say arrest. I am sure Tanner will pay for this for a long time.

      • Concerned Mom

        Ummm according to the Deputy DA no they can not! Not to mention DETAINED in handcuffs in a cop car for more then 2 hours with no phone calls to parents.
        And yes Hope Tanner pays for this for a very long time!

        • Guest

          Once again you are not correct. A Law Enforcement Officer can detain and question someone under 18 without a lawyer or parents being there. The Juvenile has the same rights as everyone else. He or she can state, I have nothing to say if they choose. Big differents between arrest and detain. Being handcuffed in back of a police car does not mean you are arrested.Sounds like you have something against our local police.Thats ok, don't call them if you need help!!

          • Concerned Mom

            LOL i wouldnt call them it would take hours to respond anyways!

          • Guest

            Lol all you want. Hopefully you will or have raised your children to respect others and respect police officers. My son put his life on the line
            being a Police Officer, dealing with scum of the earth every day. Everyone has a story to tell about cops. If you need help please call. Just let them know how you feel about Police Officers.

  4. Concerned Mom

    Alot more to the story then told of course. Also the good old sheriffs department detained many minors without one phone call to parents. Also questioned them without a lawyer or parent present!!

  5. Terry

    I grew up in Ramona and I cannot ever remember this kind of stuff going on.. What a shame

    • Maria

      Terry, I moved up here when I was 7 and am now 47 and I agree this kind of behavior did not go on back in the day. Seems like the last 15 years or so crime has gotten progressively worse. I see all kinds of youngsters running the streets long after they should be inside. Where are the parents? Why is it up to everyone else to watch others kids? Oh I forgot, they are busy blaming everyone else for the actions of their little angels.

  6. Disgusted

    Exactly. A complete shame. Nice job in raising a complete LOSER, Tanner's parents. Maybe if you weren't so worried about showing off your tattoos and buying your smokes and booze, he wouldn't "allegedly" beat people. Have you seen this guy's Facebook page? Good grief. Way to embrace everything negative to look cool. A "Family" tattoo? Really? Please. How ironic. Enjoy your new family in jail, buddy, which you probably think is pretty cool based on all the absolute dead-end crap you pay homage to on your Facebook site. I can't tell you how disgusted I am at parents today. In their desperation to stay young, they ignore the problems of actual youngsters. For instance, at the soccer park a couple weeks ago, I saw a hooker mother, covered in classy tattoos (including a pot leaf on the shoulder and a very classy SD on the neck – you know who I'm talking about), wearing her toddler daughter's shorts and a tube top, all while calling her tween son a sh*t and threatening to beat him ONLY because he was desperately looking for attention from her and apparently annoying her.

  7. Sad

    Change, change, change. An attempted bank robbery, a murder, two homeless men beating up a third, and now this. I have lived in Ramona for fifty years and feel sad when I read these stories. At least we have an excellent Sheriff’s Department right in our town to help his control this madness

  8. Concerned Mom

    LOL the sheriff department up here is a joke. These homeless and also these kids run the streets all the time drunk and drugged out. And nothing is done! Not to mention main street is a good damn race way!

  9. wtf???

    Cant believe a man is beaten and someone is worried that teenage kids were questioned about it. Is that what this world has come to? Blame the police because they caught the perpetrator? If that was your father or son who was beaten would you want the police to question the witnesses??? Good job to the Sheriff's office! Keep up the good work and lock up the rest of the idiots, thieves and tweakers that are ruining this town.

    • one that knows

      Heroin is the reason all these kids are pieces of ***, AND I know for a fact the cops were pointed to the guy that supplies the kids with it and they sat and did my 50 years of living here it was never allowed for kids to be on heroin.
      is this piece of *** possibly the real murderer of the lady that was killed on H st.
      because i did some research myself and the cops are letting some details NOT be made public.
      that with the allowing of the heroin dealers destroy our town seems well fucked up.

  10. RealityCheck

    @disgusted…….LOL LOL LOL LOL You just described so many jacked up moms in this town. Thanks for the laugh! I agree with you.

    Terrible story, and terrible all the crime that has been occuring. The apples don't fall far from the tree.

  11. sharla

    Concerned Mom, you need to PARENT! OBVIOUSLY if these teens were detained for questioning,they were associated with this OBVIOUSLY troubled kid. Dont be worried about them sitting in a cop car being questioned, be worried about WHY their hanging out with someone who could beat a unconscious man! This is insane, you have an issue with law enforcement clearly, but if that were your child he had beat hammer or not, I'd think you would want everyone possible to be questioned whether involved or NOT! Thend This guy is a coward and runs and hides?? Astrea was up here for what almost an hour because Tanner is man enough to almost kill a man, but not man enough to own up?? Good job parents!

  12. Helen Cawyer

    I think everyone should just settle down a little bit. If the cops questioned some under age kids, it does not mean they knew the suspect – perhaps they were just in the area at the time and MIGHT have seen something. The cops are wise enough to know that often the kids know more about what is going on than adults do (who tend to mind their own business and ignore stuff a lot). If the kids were "detained" or taken down to the station, then I absolutely think the parents should be notified. After all, it is their job to know where their kids are, right? – At least that is what everybody here is stating.

  13. Helen Cawyer

    This Tanner person was already nineteen! That is considered "of age" nowadays, people. Parents have no legal rights to control kids of this age; one reasone why crime is so rampant today! We need to put the age of majority back up to age 21 like it used to be, and hopefully begin to get our country back. This 18 are of majority is a complete farce and a failure, perpetrated by a bunch of politicians who needed the votes way back in the 1960's.

  14. guest

    Of the ten years i have been in Ramona. Its been in the last five that i have seen the most change. I lived in an apartment complex on Montecito where the homeless commonly enter and exit the riverbed (they live in). Im sad and disgusted that we have so many in this little town. i dont think ramona residents realize how many of them are 18 – 25, and younger (male and female). Do you know where your sons and daughters stay when they are not staying with you? The homeless in ramona are not all mid-aged drunk men. Our sons and daughters are in trouble. . . . and yes, heroin is a huge problem and it only takes one time to create an addict.. . . desparate to "get well" every single day. . They just dont know what they are getting into at age 18. Please keep your kids at home as long as you can and dont turn your back just because their 18.

  15. guest

    WE the people have allowed this to happen!!! I have never seen such a poor excuse for parents!!! I cant wait to take my children out of this SCUM!!! I love the parents that are in complete deniel about there kids",Mine would never"!! Please yours are the worse.Tanner is Scum of the Earth!! I know first hand.The cops are just now coming around to busting these losers and im so glad they are!!!

  16. guest

    BTW. . . im sad for the man who was beaten. Im in agreement that criminals must be punished… im afraid for those involved and it seems the problems will get worse, and soon AND WE, THE PARENTS, SHOULD DO OUR PART INSTEAD OF BLAMING ANYONE, Parenting is inconvenient at times, that is a fact many of us seem to forget. and that creates extra work and higher risk for the police. _I WOULD BE MORE AFRAID WITHOUT THE LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS WHO RISK THEIR LIVES EVERY DAY TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE OF THIS TOWN.

  17. Meme

    You are all idiots! Tanner was a loyal friend and stuck up for what he believed in, none of you know what happened or the reason he targeted this guy. So when you come on here and call a 19 year old scum to this earth, you’re talking about someone that people cared for and are feeling sorrow for now that he isn’t able

    To live his life because he took something he had heard about this man too far…

  18. guest

    half of you dont even know what the hell youre talking about. you dont know what happened to lead up to all of this. yeah, it was stupid and wrong and hell pay for it. but really? tanner wasnt the only one to beat this guy. and he wasnt just some "homeless man", he deserved what he got and more for crap hes done. one of the so called "witnesses", a 16 year old or so kid, egged him on to go beat this guy, and even joined in and bragged about it to other friends later in the day that he kicked him twice in the head and blahblah, and when he was questioned, blamed everything on tanner and even exaggerated to make it seem worse.
    and there were not 8 witnesses. they all know exactly what went on. only a few kids were there to actually see this happen, and theyre either keeping their mouth shut to protect themselves or blaming it all on tanner. there was a big group of kids down the street that were all hanging out together, and tanner and a few went to that house, out of view.

  19. gary

    When you have a problem with a person such as tanner did you should call the police and let them deal with it. Seems reasonable. When you take the matter into your own hands like whats happened here, bother sides lose. Tanner….take this as a life lesson and maybe get some anger management classes as back up. Caring parents try to use this a learning example of what not to do.

  20. Erica

    i think a few of you need to refrain from speaking so horribly about and calling tanner such repulsive names such as scum of the earth. yes, tanner is a troubled kid. and yes, tanner does not have the best parents which resulted in an unfortunate up-bringing. but he is a human being! and a 19 year old human being at that! come on people, i will be the first one to say that what he did was wrong, and with wrong decisions come punishments and he should serve his time, but tanner is someone i know and to see some of these comments make my stomach turn. bottom line is that what he did was wrong, yes. but he is a child, a child who clearly needs love, direction and support especially since he has never received these things from people that most of us were fortunate to have, OUR PARENTS. we as parents need to learn to step up to the plate and raise our children and set them up for success, not failure.

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