Director suggests board suspend medical benefits

By Karen Brainard

Ramona Municipal Water District Director Joe Zenovic suggested water board members suspend their option of district-paid medical benefits for two or three years to save money. Zenovic brought the item up after the board briefly reconvened its April 24 meeting, following a closed session.

The five directors have the option of signing up for medical, dental, and vision benefits through the water district and at no charge to them. Spouses and family members of the directors can sign up at the district’s group rate, said RMWD General Manager David Barnum.

Zenovic asked Barnum to put together an estimate of the savings.

“Maybe we can save some money,” Zenovic said, adding that it would also show goodwill toward employees and ratepayers.

Barnum said he will include his report on estimated savings with his budget workshop presentation at the next board meeting on May 8. Zenovic said he would like to have the item put on the May 8 agenda for a vote.

Barnum told the Sentinel that to suspend the medical benefits of all five directors could save tens of thousands of dollars per year. He said that three of the district’s five directors currently accept benefits: Zenovic, Bryan Wadlington, and Kit Kesinger.

The board meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 4:30 p.m. at the Ramona Community Center, 434 Aqua Lane.

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3 Comments for “Director suggests board suspend medical benefits”

  1. sandra j

    Last year, Joe Zenovic proposed raising compensation for all directors "to attract professionals to serve as board members."

    Now he wants to eliminate benefits any professional would expect. Why the change, Joe?

  2. Bill

    Good, a politician that is willing to do the right thing! Public service is not about getting paid! It is not about having all of us pay for thier benefits, it is about improving our town.


  3. Guest

    I've long supported raising the pay and benefits of elected officials. You get what you pay for and when you have unqualified volunteers making multi million dollar decisions, you end up with . . . well, you end up with the RMWD.

    In this case, Sandra J nailed it on the head. I'm sure Director Zenovic has alterior motives. Maybe it's to punish Director Kissenger who they are voting to censor Tuesday or prevent someone from running in the next election that might clean up the corruption in RMWD's management.

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